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14 October 2015


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Thank you Colonel for the work and thanks also for the works of the contributors. It can be recognized in serious professions that those who show promise, in this case for their analysis will attract scrutiny. Judge and prepare to be judged.



I have watched you appear on my counting widget from time to time. Auckland is an interesting place. I will keep good order and discipline here according to my idea of how things should be done. pl


Thank you for stating this. I have been a bit distressed by some of the nastier postings.



Thank you for keeping order and discipline on SST. You efforts are much appreciated as are the serious and informative commentary from the committee.


"Judge and prepare to be judged."

judged by whom is the question. Blue. I would be either black or white, both can include all other colors if you look closer and include light.

If you disagree, it would help to come out straight and tell us why you disagree, also what your background and thus the larger context of your disagreement is. In our current context, why you feel that a two front war against both Isis and Assad may be the thing to do.

I never liked the idea of trolls, strictly since I have no idea how one could differentiate between simple people that stumble in here, clicking their way forward in search of an answer, and the ones that seriously want to distract attention since they don't like Pat's or his contributors take on matters.

Could you tell me, if you belong to still another category?


I believe Patrick Bhazad's erroneous criticism of B was an outlier, he is usually a gentleman


Not qualified to comment on blog substance, I come to learn. Just want to mention that those who do comment here are a large part of the draw, and the comment quality is the highest I've seen anywhere.



Commenter quality here is high and I am going to keep it that way. Unfortunately SST is also a target for kooks, hasbara and other trolls and when I eliminate them it is for the purpose of keeping the noise to information ratio good. It is a feature of this blog that you can't understand the game unless you read the comments. pl


Dear Colonel,

it is my observation that most commenters at SST are interested in learning or providing insight that they feel will provide well, insight (and some banter). The trolls stick out because they are uninterested in learning. By his second post, Alahamwhatever clearly was uninterested in learning or sharing insights. Thanks for allowing that to play out (once), as it really highlighted the exceptional quality of the SST discussion, and thanks for not allowing it on prinicple so that it doesn't interfere with the discussion.

I tend to read the comments and also headliner commentary several times as they are worth it.

alba etie

Col Lang
We are all blessed by your Good , Order, & Discipline . Thank you for allowing many of us who are not professionals to learn here.

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