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16 October 2015


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ok. finally. (watch out everybody, things are going to pop everywhere in Pakistan.)


Thousands Flee Swat Ahead of Expected Fighting
Face-Off Between Taliban, Pakistani Army Appears Imminent

Thousands of panicked civilians began fleeing the conflict-ridden Swat Valley region Tuesday, fearing a full-fledged confrontation between government forces and Taliban fighters after the insurgents declared an end to their peace accord with the government.

Officials in the North-West Frontier Province said half a million people would join the exodus from Swat, where Taliban fighters are occupying hundreds of houses and other buildings as they prepare to resist an anticipated assault by Pakistani troops.

The rapidly growing crisis came as Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari began two days of intensive talks in Washington with senior U.S. officials and leaders of neighboring Afghanistan about how to combat the threat of Islamist militancy and terrorism in both countries.


aha! the information I've been wondering. (how did the taliban get the more sophisticated weapon? They are not exactly bazaar material.)

Need tighter control of these. very dumb.

Under this, when ANA troops are sent on patrol inside Taliban areas, they pay the Taliban to avoid being killed. The price is arms, ammunition or rockets, which is handed over and then reported as having been lost during an encounter with the Taliban.
In turn, when ANA arrests any Taliban fighters, they demand cash money for their release. If the fighters are Pakistani or non-Afghan, ANA takes a little longer to negotiate a price, but if the fighters are Afghans, ANA personnel will not take unnecessary risks. Either they strike a deal then and there and release the Taliban fighters, or within a few days they hand them over to NATO. The reason is to avoid direct confrontation with the Afghan Taliban and their tribal constituencies, which could cause problems in any prolonged negotiations.


"The Dictator's Handbook: Why Bad Behavior is Almost Always Good Politics" well worth reading. Summary: Corruption depends on the number of people you have to buy off to stay in power. Structures with large voting constituencies (true democracies, large militaries) end up being less corrupt than those with small voting constituencies (dictatorships, small republics such as FIFA, organized crime). Prescription: Increase the size of voting congresses.


I have forwarded this cogent analysis to my Senators and Congressman. Marketing theory says it takes roughly 10 impressions for a thought to start to get through. Please continue to promulgate sane policy to our leaders. Whoever has the best ideas, wins.

If you are reading this, why not take a few seconds and forward Col. Lang's suggestions to your Senators?

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