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04 October 2015


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Babak Makkinejad

Why don't they show all that explosives?



"Don't forget. ISIS came out of Iraq."

No wonder Chuck is upset, someone actually told the truth. We can't have that when Chuck & Co. are in the midst of a propaganda campaign.


Am lazy - did the Russians enter Turkish airspace or only the five mile buffer zone on the Syrian side of the border

Kim Sky

A question: What do you think of retired General Wesley Clark?

Out of curiosity, I watched a few youtube vidoes of him the other day. I see that all the news and people that I listen to, seem to have entirely different "facts". He went to Ukraine, claimed that the Russians were acting just like Hitler did (prior to WWII, a little invasion here, and another one there), that we (the US) and the international community needs to stop him now before he really takes over eastern Europe etc. That the Ukraine army is a top notch organization, unlike the Iraqis, that they are smart and can read, and easily use advanced weapons. Etc...

If the "facts" are so different from what I read here, no wonder the government is behaving the way that it is?

Thanx in advance, if you have the time to offer an opinion.



by way of ENFORCING arbitrarily declared five mile buffer zones - under what conditions could we do that to canada or mexico?


Kim Sky

IMO Clark is angling for a job in some future administration, probably Clinton's pl


Clark has form in trying to start WWIII.


Hugh Shelton, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, later cited in a public debate "integrity and character issues" regarding Clark.


"Johnny Reims", if I may misuse you an MB direction,

So far I was fascinated by the "umbilical cord or gold" or a nexus of art with wealth. In other words a society without wealth cannot afford art. Or maybe the struggle with the one coining the phrase.

I can understand both your fascination of the context, Southern France, based on my fascination with the larger region, and hopefully not disappearing structures. I do have that too, for structures that vanished, but they weren't made of stone.

What I am not sure about is, if art makes them survive in Andersen's installations. Hopefully some of the towns and villages will survive, I love them too. I always loved this rough stone, without plaster. Although, yes I don't remember Lacoste. Did I ever pass it, I now wonder?

But Rothko, is a pretty different matter. Rothko leads you into a void without fast answers, below glossy surfaces. I was meant to write about Barney Newman, when I discovered him. Before that an artist friend had failed to make me understand what fascinated him about Rothko....

But never mind economics, the arts, and "European financial" politics meet in today's Russia: In the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art:

Yanis Varoufakis lecturing on economics "in the arts?"

Economics is a very stale uncultured discipline. Students of economics are thought to think as if economic life can be fully understood as fully independent of culture, art or music. To be a little bit more precise, it's a bit more like a military academy ... but you can imagine ... so you have officers in the military academy ... as part of their training one of the things they learn ... good manners ...comes in handy ... of doing your job at the battlefield ... good manners ... it's necessary to commit mass murder. ... Similarly with the world of economics. ... Culture in the world of economists is a good thing to have ...

I am advised by one member of the committee, I should pay attention on Yanis Varoufakis. But I have to admit, I have a had a problem ...

Babak Makkinejad


Russia's views:




Moral signaling in the face of a nuclear war with Russia. I'm glad your priorities are in order.



And people say he's not a serious candidate.

Good grief he's saying what people on here have been saying for years.


Thank you!

Kim Sky

THANX for input!!!

"angling for a job in some future administration"

Wow, that is a truly, truly SCARY thought. He is sooooo.... egotistical, repeating ALL of his "accomplishments" when delivering any analysis [which takes up half of his talk]. Attempting to appeal to the "left" and democrats. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!


Very good question. We will see what develops.


When mentioning work unfit for Saudis in Saudi Arabia, I couldn't help but recall the sordid tale of Egypt's epic culling of pigs in 2009.

In Egypt garbage colletion was a job unfit for Muslims, and traditionally a job for the koptic Christian minority, who then collected the organic garbage and fed it to their swine to later sell the meat.

The Eygptian health ministry then had the bright idea to kill all Egyptian pigs over the H1N1 outbreak even though the WHO pointed out the pointlessness. No matter. And so they did.

Deprived of their livelihood, the garbage collectors then stopped collecting the garbage - after all, what for? - and the garbage gathered in the streets, rotted and stank to the heavens. The fact that the killing was point- and needless only added insult to injury.




nick b

Mallows Bay on the tidal Potomac is to become a national marine sanctuary. This would be the first of its kind on the Chesapeake Bay.



Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

A lot of irresponsible policymakers are walking a lot of knife edges in a lot of places. It seems that with the neocon cabal out of control in DC, matters are going to come to a head. They're already faking atrocities and blaming Russia. If there's one thing Americans are expert at, it's marketing and propaganda.

We're going to find out before winter's over just how far they're willing to push on behalf of Israel and the Saudis.


*Spoiler Alert*

An excerpt from last night’s “Homeland” on Showtime of a briefing to the top brass at Langley by Quinn after two years on the ground in Syria:

QUINN: They're there for one reason and one reason only.
To die for the caliphate and usher in a world without infidels.
That's their strategy.
And it's been that way since the seventh century.
So, do you really think that a few special forces teams are gonna put a dent in that?
CROCKER: Well, what would you do?
QUINN: You offering me a promotion? I'm offering you a hypothetical.
200,000 American troops on the ground indefinitely to provide security and support for an equal number of doctors and elementary school teachers.
CROCKER: Well, that's not going to happen.
QUINN: Then I'd better get back there.
What else? What else would make a difference? Hit reset.
Meaning what? Meaning pound Raqqa into a parking lot.

It is tragic that a fictional television spy serial is closer to reality than the Washington Post.

Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

Their every failure has only redounded to their benefit, so it ought not be surprising that people like Petraeus (who should be in Manning's cell) continue to scheme their little schemes from the safety of the NGO merry-go-round. When they cause a catastrophe that's too embarassing, they just change their name and move on.

I'm still convinced that there is a thought out 'grand strategy' to secure Israeli dominance by reducing all neighboring states to hell holes. The Brzezinsky plan for Russia is being actively and openly implemented, which should go a long way to explain Putin's decision. From the perspective of Russia and China and anyone else the US and its dog wagging tail Israel has ever targeted, now's the time to make a stand or be reduced to either a collection of pliable client-states or wasteland ruled by warlords.

William R. Cumming

How settled is the Turkish/Syrian border? I understand Syria has long claimed land held by Turkey since the 1930's! Accurate?

Johnny Reims

LeaNder – strong proponent of Berliner Weisse


The artist mentioned comes from a town with lots of Waffle Houses and Dollar General Stores. Her interest in textile fiber design may have something to do with the fact that the carpet industry has a presence there as well but I dunno’ for sure.

But, my God, you should see her paintings. She did make it to Barcelona and Gaudi left her transfixed for hours, so I hear.

On a different topic, I am curious about the problems in Wolfsburg. In a very strange twist in my life, someone who works “there” showed the wife to be and me the sights of Hannover. Honestly, I have never met a finer person. Never. Probably helped that the wife to be speaks high German, as she learned it as a child in USA. As for myself, I speak high Southern…but only when at a Waffle House, which has been awhile, I admit. (It’s very funny to hear a German say , “Y’all”!)

Johnny Reims

Great. Hope you enjoy. At some point, when things are not quite as busy, I really would like to know what you think about the credibility of one, Marie Robin. No real hurry though.



On the subject of the latest gun control news, HC proposed a gun control program yesterday. Her campaign numbers aren't too good. Maybe she thinks this will win back some Sanders supporters. Sanders is from Vermont where just about everyone owns guns and so he isn't big on gun control. HC says she is for "universal background checks." What that means is that the transfer of a firearm between two private citizens would require a federal background check to be legal. Dealers who hold Federal Firearms Licenses already conduct such checks in any sale no matter where they are, including at gun show. pl

William R. Cumming

VP Biden expected to announce his candidacy Sunday in time for first Presidential debate for DEMS.



I saw that on the news this morning also. The "establishment" of both parties must be in a complete panic.I can only imagine what Obama is going to say Friday at Roseburg.

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