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04 October 2015


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I must say that I've heard some things in the past few days that may make me change my mind if Sanders is out of the running.
He's correct in Russia, the hedge fund criminals and the ME disaster. I just don't think he can do all he says he wants to. He'll be assassinated first.


Create a problem to justify your crimes. An Israeli stone thrower. Imagine that.



CNN's Fareed Zakaria has a special "Liars' Edition" of his "GPS' program. His guests include Paul Wolfowitz, Philip Zelikow and Tony Blair. The first two talk about Trump's comment about 9/11 happening on Bush's watch. Zelikow dropped this gem when he said that one of the reasons for 9/11 was that the US was on a "peacetime footing". Blair demonstrates why he is worthy of his sobrique, "Phony Tony".

Additional lying is provided by Ben Bernanke who defends TARP.

After watching these folks the argument can be made that the US is run by the spiritual descendents of the Spanish Bourbons. Unlike them whom in their latter days suffered from inbreeding our version have no such excuse. They are nothing less than corrupt criminals.

There is a rebroadcast of this program at one PM, ET for those interested.


Ah, even better. Here is GPS show of this gathering of some of today's biggest liars:


This is a Marathon edition of Fareed Zakaria's "GPS" in lying. What make it notable is we have some of the world's biggest liars gathered together with one of the nation's biggest promoters of internationalism and other globalist nonsense.

Fortunately, "Wolfie" doesn't lick his comb after using it on his hair in this interview.

I am mistaken on something I wrote above. It was Wolfowitz who made the comment about being on a peace time footing, not Zelikow. This is an easy mistake to make as one is dealing with Zionists and liars. Instead, when it comes to FDR I do blame him for Pearl Harbor despite what Zelikow might believe.

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