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16 October 2015


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Does intelligence never look at itself and its government?

From where I sit, we are merely waiting for the pain to get high enough from the economic problems and the spark. Maybe Hillary will actually try to seize the guns.

In any case, here you all are, smart and intelligent and knowledgeable, serious professionals in a country is failing badly, focused outwardly. With your agencies and our military being a large part of the spending that is taking the country over the cliff.



"In my business travel overseas I have noticed a general perception particularly in Asia and Latin America of US government omnipotence"

I believe you, it's close to magical thinking IMO.

I observed that with some Kurds also: If only the US would make it happen, the Kurds would have a state and the Turks would behave and everybody lived happily everafter. Striking.

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