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13 October 2015


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the Russians are protecting their Military base in Tartous, first and foremost. Which i believe is their only Military base outside of the old Soviet Union sphere. Other than that, I think Russia and America like to try and spoil each others plans for world domination :)


One hopes. We are all tired of ISIS and all that rot.


Of course but Russia and America have quite different "styles", don't they?


When did the RAF get A-10s?


What total waffle. You obvious haven't heard of the SAA Brigades led by Colonel Suhail al-Hassan, known as "The Tiger". There's still portions of the Syrian Army around


Well, one of the number of operational goals Russia hopes to achieve is to cultivate the Kurds as either a complement or an alternative to Assad. Russia and the Kurds had pretty good relations, going back to Soviet support for interwar Kurdish nationalism, and the PKK/PYD is still outright Marxist.

Pres. Putin explictly stated that he regards the Kurdish forces as legitimate.

A heterodox reading of the new "Union of democratic forces" that recently sprung up is that it effectivly serves as a mechanism for former "FSA" units to join the "Kurdish bandwagon" and get out of Russias/SAAs crosshairs.

The Kurds do not want to chain themselfs to Russia, or burn bridges to the USA (they appreciate that the USA and Turkey are at odds about them), so both pretend to be uninformed about actions that either does indirectly against the other, in order to make it possible for these actions to be "laughed away" at a later bargain.

The SAA meanwhile has so far not effectively legitimates the Kurds (it is doubtfull if the Kurds would agree to that anyway), but it would appear that various "non aggression pacts" are holding. I would guess that the SAA got some compensation from Russia, or that Russia sold them as a compensation something they would have done anyway, for that.


AJ Schmelyer

OK. Which is your name? pl


"When did the RAF get A-10s?"

A possibility would be that he was a RAF pilot on exchange with a US squadron. If he wasn't that leaves error in reiteration and outright fabrication.


"... , leaving the walking infantry (mostly reservists) behind to be mopped up"

They probably didn't want to get mopped up.

That would explain why the Iraqis commandeered that many motor vehicles from Kuwait - not so much because they wanted to enrich themselves (though they probably did do that, too), but to escape the US encirclement - anything with wheels on it was faster than walking by foot.

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