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16 October 2015


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Patrick a question for you. Were those Syrian or Russian AT-AT Imperial Walkers in the video? I have a hard time believing the Russians could transport enough of them through the Bosporus without amateur observers noticing them.

FB Ali

He has a website called Conflicts Forum at http://www.conflictsforum.org/

He posts his commentaries every two weeks, it seems. You can sign up for email alerts.



I'd say in spite of vs because of



Lmbo whut? No, there is no triple bankshot theory to get Obama off the hook. He's another globalist technocrat ditherer, not a subversive monkey wrencher. All of his actions are basically gut responses b/c he doesn't like Putin.

FB Ali

As you said, US foreign policy does not bode well for a "benign outcome". However, Vladimir Putin appears to have a cool head and a chess-player's vision.

China is also under a leadership that is not under pressure to play to a jingoistic, misguided lobby (as is the case in the US), and has shown a steady hand and long-term vision.

One hopes that the two of them together will save us all from annihilation.

J Villain

Amazing what you can do when you try.




Globalist secular hedonism.

The Marxists lost the economic war but won the cultural one.


Thanks FB Ali, after I posted I realized that I should have checked ConflictForum.

Strictly it does not matter, but I used some search strategies that usually help. Here is one:

Site Search conflictforum, Erdogan + "10.2015"


I am assuming he picked Lin up recently. As I recall her article was published in October. I used the way the time seemed to be rendered in Google site searches, admittedly since I did not have the patience to dig through all the articles that dealt with Erdogan.

Since this obviously is no direct quote, but something you prefer to quote: "re-Ottomanise northern Syria and Iraq". What would help me to find the context of his quote?



It seems that Russia is raising its military personnel strength in Syria to 3,000 and its sortie rate to 300/day. I expect that a Russian ground force will be committed to the campaign. It is amusing to read of US civilian officials and military leaders saying that they were surprised by
Russian intervention in Syria. How is it that SST was not surprised but rather predicted it? Also, the general officer nitwits in US Forces Europe say that they thought Russia was committed, indeed over-committed in the Donbas. What they missed was that a commitment of Russian materiel does not equal a commitment of Russian troops. pl

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