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03 October 2015


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Washington Institute (close ties to AIPAC (IIRC)) has a similar policy recommendation.


The contradiction at the end is glaring.

They suggest de-conflicting with Russia & Co while creating NFZs and arming everyone hostile to the Syrian government. That is going to end well.


Well then, it won't be long before the mainstream neocon pundits agree that the willingness to wage war against Russia is a sign of "responsible leadership".


"Al Qaeda represents the lesser evil"

Yes that became visible in reports, it was quite difficult to wrap once head around, the lesser evil, the more humane, but then maybe Babak can explain it to us via his larger Seljuk theory?


Someone called Charlie Rose a stalking horse for the neocons. The idea that AQ is a 'moderate' is totally nuts. Don't these people remember that AQ was the 'ultimate enemy' not long ago. A 'de facto ally'- those trial balloons need to be pricked as soon as they arise.
It would be interesting to hear the facts about the IAF F-15s getting run out of Syrian air space- did they get painted by fire control radar or did they get 'bounced' by Russian CAP fighters?


Sehnsucht nach dem Tod
The full poem is here. If you like German.
Or the English:
Suicide is Painless: http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/televisiontvthemelyrics-50s60s70s/mash.htm M.A.S.H theme song for the pop culture reference.
If you want the American comedy version about the Korean war.
The dude in Oregon was just doing a grande Suicide by Cop.
Happens every day. Micro scale and macro scale.
How about that MSF hospital we took out in Afghanistan by accident? Oops.
We humans are such strange creatures.


i need somebody to explain this Seljuk theory. Why is it just not a repackaging of Alexander the Great's Asian/African conquests?


"The dude in Oregon was just doing a grande Suicide by Cop."

John, one of the grand mysteries, I probably will die with is this. Not the only one for sure:

A schoolmate one year below me, but from the same little town, meaning I often met him on the train to high-school, was also the son of my family's doctor. As his father he studied medicine and apparently married a co-student, or met her after. They both worked in the same hospital not to far from the little town in the black forest were we met.

Now comes the stereotype of the story. Apparently his wife committed suicide by "air": all you need to do that seems to be to use a syringe and push air into your blood stream ...

OK back to the stereotype: What had made her do it? Apparently he had had all these affairs with nurses. Finally one was more efficient in her ways of getting the wife out of the way: she was pregnant.

What happened after is not quite a variation of Romeo and Juliet. He got into his care and took the opposite lane on the German Autobahn, meaning he confronted another car. That was the car of a newly wed couple on it's way to honeymoon in Italy. All three were instantly dead.

I may use the version of the wife, if I need to, but what makes a medical professional, supposed to safe the life of others, choose a way to take to take at least some along on his way out?


Oh well, there will not be an American NFZ in Syria. Россия и Путин
Rossiya i Putin, have set one up in the twinkling in the eye. It was also as easy as pie b/c they did it with the consent and at the invitation of the sovereign.



I wonder which candidate will have a stroke first if Putin and Assad issue a joint declaration of a "No Fly Zone" along the borders with Joran and Turkey. They won't even need UN approval. It is Syrian airspace after all. Joking aside is Hilary out of her freaking mind?


Well,strike Kasich off my list. He had seemed the most competent of the R candidates, imo. Now, with "stuff happens" Jeb and hot-head Kasich saying dumb things, are there any adults left in the room? Of course, strike Clinton too. Maybe it's time for Biden and Romney to save us all.


My source tells me that the Chinese warship has now arrived in the Eastern Med, not just there to fly the flag, and that Iraqi airfields are being readied for Russian use.

ex-PFC Chuck

I wish I could feel better about saying that this is a great post. It definitely is. It's just that it leaves me feeling frustrated, empty and foreboding about the futures of my children and grandchildren.

As you've pointed out in depth in previous posts Syria under the Baath/Assad government is a secular regime and, IIRC, the last such standing in the Asian part of what is typically included in the term Middle East. Uri Avnery is a 92 year old Israeli who, since not long after the Arab-Israeli war of 1948 in which he was badly wounded, has been working for a peaceful settlement between Israel and the surrounding Arab countries and populations. As you might expect he's not very popular these days in his homeland of 82 years but he still writes almost weekly in Haaretz and his essays are usually re-posted at the Counterpunch website. In his most recent offering he recounts his several path crossings with Nasser and the Egyptian leader's openess to a win-win accommodation between Israel and the surrounding Arab countries and peoples. He argues that this dream of a secular, Arab Middle East died mainly because of the of the American and Israeli short-sightedness that led us to ignore the fading but still glowing embers of secular Arab leadership left in the wake of Nasser's death.



It kind of reminds me of the 80s when every politician competed with each other on who could be more "tough on crime".

Clinton and the other establishment politicians have no convictions. They just have an insatiable desire for power. Unfortunately for the republic we are deeply enmeshed in identity politics. So everyone is bucketed, sliced and diced by all the consultants and politicians message their communication to emotionally wrap their target audience.

The question is when do these clueless power hungry nitwits miscalculate and box themselves into a corner where their ego will not allow them to backtrack.

ex-PFC Chuck

From the MSF press release on the Kunduz bombing:

"As Médecins Sans Frontières does in all conflict contexts, these precise locations were communicated to all parties on multiple occasions over the past months, including most recently on 29 September.
"The bombing continued for more than 30 minutes after American and Afghan military officials in Kabul and Washington were first informed"

Prepare for a misdirection/obfuscation op to rival that of MH17 in Ukraine.



The contradictions are frightening. It is insane to advocate a no fly zone over Syria. This requires an air superiority campaign against Russia which will immediately escalate to World War III. The Islamic State has no air force! Even when the Donbass rebels gained control of the air space over the Ukraine battlefield with missiles, despite all the western bluster, NATO has not flown close air support for this very reason. If Russia and Israel get into a dogfight, we are half way there.

Will corporate media even ask Hillary, Jeb, Fiona or Kasich why they want to start World War III? Or, why is America supporting Jihadists? Or, do they acknowledge that there is no such thing as a moderate Sunni Islamist left in Syria?

This is more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis. It is beyond aggravation that nobody acknowledges it.

There is a human pathology that John alluded to above. The need to drag others into the darkness with you.



Or, I don't know, stop pretending that everything must be done by Robert's Rules of Order and accept that preventing nuclear war "trumps" decorum.

There's one candidate who doesn't want to start a hot war with Russia and you think it's Romney or Biden? Ahahah. Better to Make America Great Again.


As Buck Turgidson said in Stangelove "I guarantee not more than 15 or 20 million dead (on our side)."

Here you go, PL, in the form of a John McCain campaign commercial from 2008:


I still find this funny as hell and can think of some others who would ride the bomb down including some who know better.


Here's a good time line with the dates hyperlinked of the Syrian mess.


The only thing I see wrong with it is he left out the Ghouta gas attack by one of the head sawer bands. Despite the evidence showing this the media insists on blaming Assad. What's worse is when someone like Bill O'Reilly makes this claim to someone like Ralph Peters who knows better Peters lefts him get away witht the lie. One more example of how crap becomes an accepted truth if not challenged.

Something I'll add to this list is the article by Sy Hersh, "The Redirection" from March, 2007, detailing the early origin in 2006 the idea of "regime change".


This is worth a re-read after all these years, especially when read to the state department Cable 06DAMASCUS5399 that lurkers can put in a search engine and pull up. Interesting reading, no less.

FB Ali

Not because of "American and Israeli short-sightedness". Because both preferred religious and/or autocratic monarchs, instead. These cared more about their own rule than their country's or people's interests, and could be much more easily manipulated.


Can anyone pinpoint who is advising HRC on foreign policy? I presume that it is an alumnus or two of her crack team that she personally gathered around her on the 7th floor - e.g. that Jake....something or other character. whom the NY Times wrote up


Can anyone pinpoint who is advising HRC on foreign policy? I presume that it is an alumnus or two of her crack team that she personally gathered around her on the 7th floor - e.g. that Jake....something or other character. whom the NY Times wrote up


Can anyone pinpoint who is advising HRC on foreign policy? I presume that it is an alumnus or two of her crack team that she personally gathered around her on the 7th floor - e.g. that Jake....something or other character. whom the NY Times wrote up


Can anyone pinpoint who is advising HRC on foreign policy? I presume that it is an alumnus or two of her crack team that she personally gathered around her on the 7th floor - e.g. that Jake....something or other character. whom the NY Times wrote up


Biden would be pretty safe, imo. Romney is risky considering his historically pro-use-of-force advisers. I like Webb, but he seems to have dropped off a cliff. Trump is a jack-in-the-box: he's a mystery.

different clue


How safe would Biden be, really? Isn't Biden's son involved with investments and oligarchs in Eastern Ukraine? Don't his investments pay off only if the Banderazis are able to conquer East Ukraine and make it safe for asset-stripping, land-grabbing, fracking etc.? How close would a President Biden be willing to approach to war with Russia in order to make all that happen for his son?



Biden and Romney are globalist puppets. Trump is the only candidate who thinks Russia bombing IS is a good thing and doesn't want US being world police.

He is not a mystery.

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