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22 October 2015


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This fellow does a reasonable job in producing maps:


Here’s another:



BTW, Bunker systems and tunnels that are hardened against 155mm artillary, are not proof against thermobaric's.


there seems to be a slight discrepancy between headline and text message.



Yup. I've seen these things used on troops in shelters. AYK the gas is heavy and it runs down into shelters before exploding. Works very well. pl

Patrick Bahzad


Just a side note but can't resist posting this, as it is too funny: two of the recent trolls here on SST just got owned big time, having their total ignorance of Arabic language exposed as well as their reliance on social media (although they claimed having many local contacts ...unlike us of course)

To a message posted on social media (as a joke) claiming that Jaysh Al Fateh had regained control of "tal funaas, tal mutakhalifeen and tal kharawat" (which basically means "bullshit hill, stupid hill and shit hill" in Arabic) one of these two clowns replied "locations please ? Wikimapia cannot find those places" ... Absolutely brilliant !

I won't mention your name, looser, but you know who you are ...


No the US is not that dumb

the Unready


Do you think the rebels caused that destruction??


Babak I do not see any scenario that would push the US and Russia into WWIII over Syria.


Which is probably the point of using them.


One strategy might be to drive a very large scale refugee crisis right over the border into Turkey. Bigger than the current one anyway. I think this would have an impact on NATO and its willingness to see a negotiated solution.


Ethelred the unready

I don't know if B thinks so but I do. pl


It's all stuff that blows up. And destroys everything around it - as it was designed to do.

I cannot see any particular difference between one weapon system and another in this respect. This is one reason why "going to war" or "engaging in a police action" or "no-fly zone" are all actions that seriously must be seen as a last resort.

the Unready


Can you tell from the pattern of destruction? I thought the government had far greater firepower.


Col will these devices clear roads of pressure plate IEDs?


PB: Do you have any idea what percentage of the "moderate" rebels might defect to the SAA? Others have.


J Villain,

COIN makes you stupid apparently. Not everything needs to be viewed through a COIN paradigm. This is not a COIN war. This is a civil war with outside agitators. There is no need to win "hearts and minds".



Don't know. You would think they might. pl



As Eddie Izzard has observed, you can kill people wholesale or you can kill them retail. I have seen both work effectively. Retail with small arms, mortars and rockets just takes more effort. I suppose a serious answer is to point out the absolute lack of credibility in the endless robotic statement by the Borg as to how Assad has massacred his people. All of that crap comes from the rebel news "observatory" in a basement in London. The truth is that no one knows how many people have been killed in the Syrian civil war or by whom. Propaganda is a mighty weapon. Description is a mighty weapon. Hey... you believe the BS. pl


I am virtually certain but wish to defer to others on this.

the Unready

No I'm more interested in the opinions of the the 40+ members of my extended family still in Aleppo (including my parents). They seem to think the government gives at least as good as it gets on the ground and they also have the (limited) airforce..



you asked in another post about the Syrian refugees turning up in Germany. I asked a friend. They said that the overwhelming majority of them are young men of military age. Hundreds of them turning up every day to the small town in northern Germany, greeting them as they get off the train. Aggressive, rude, dangerous were three descriptors my friend used, a young woman from the Middle East. A recent refugee herself in fact. She felt that they would cause problems, at some point in the future for Germany. That is very subjective of course but she has no axe to grind.

Babak Makkinejad

Saudi Arabia attack Iran....

Saudi Arabia attacks Russian airplanes

Saudi Arabia furnishes anti-aircraft missiles to the rebels...


Martin J

Sadly, I expected as much. The Borg spun these people into something out of a Walt Disney movie. pl



Do your relatives live in the government controlled part of the city? pl

J Villain

At the end of the day Assad needs to be able to govern what ever is left. There needs to be at least some willingness amongst the population to allow that to happen. What ever street cred he still has in Syria and he does have a fair bit would be completely lost if he was to start using TOS-1 in cities. Even indiscriminately flattening towns and villages would start turning the tide against him. Winning hearts and minds doesn't necessarily mean COIN. But if he acts worse than Daesh he is done.

There is also the international PR front to worry about. Look at the hyperbolic BS that Washington has been able to spread about barrel bombs. How long do you think it will be before Washington is talking about Assad using using weapons equal to tactical nukes and the American people eating it up?

Before 9/11 the press wouldn't let them get away with that. But it is a whole new world. I am so old I remember when the press used to report the news not sell it.

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