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02 October 2015


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Michael Hammill

“Does anyone seriously believe flooding a radical theocracy with weapons and cash will curb its appetite for aggression?”
Found this quote by Netanyahu in a Washington Post article on his UN speech. It has since been edited out, I imagine the irony was a bit too glaring...


It's pretty amazing how unaware people are of the historical tradition of some the memes they use in defending Israel. More aware that antisemitism may be everywhere around forever thus whatever helps? With Iran being the current epicenter?

I struggled with one of the intellectually weaker highly emotional supporters of Israel*, who in the early times of Mondoweiss admonished Phil of Abraham's promise, after his offer to help Phil to find another job failed, among many, many other curious matters ...

But this was one of the Israel's idea of how to win support he picked up on very, very eagerly too. We wouldn't even be able to communicate if not for: "It’s in your computers’ microprocessors and flash drives."

It may well be among the worst of all, not least considering that it shows disrespect for the many shoulders of whatever ethnicity todays scientist stand. ...


This year there may already have been two, quite possibly slightly opposing attempts at a clarification concerning the "definition of anti-Semitism" from opposing academic forces. Maybe I should check again, last time I checked my personal favorite there wasn't anything yet. ;)

* I do feel sympathy, but it feels some emotionalized supporters moved beyond communicative reach. And that really is a deeply sad story.

The Beaver

"Israel is the innovation nation" etc

Wonder if it is not Frank Lutz or Danny Danon, the new Israeli Ambassador in Turtle Bay , who wrote his speech. Sounds too much of the Megaphone drivel that has been published and used against the BDS mouvement.

Innovation nation using reverse engineering, US research papers and lately funds and grant from the EU even though Israel is NOT even a member of the EU. The same company who sold the PKK leader , via Mossad, to the Turkish govt back in the 90's has got its tentacles , via its former execs, in different start-ups.

Gordon Wilson

You may be interested in this Col. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/cafe/top-israeli-diplomat-publicly-admits-what-netanyahu-wont

I don't think it is anything new to the committee, but it pretty clearly lays out Israel's path to becoming an apartheid state.


Colonel - You are far too kind to Netanyahu.



I was trying to restrain myself. The TV dwarves screwed up and showed once that all the applause came from the public gallery and the Israeli delegation. pl

Babak Makkinejad


Full text of the "... the 400-page screed.." he referred to in this speech:




BTW, S. Power and all senior US dips did not attend the rant. November should be interesting. Two massive egos in action. pl


Reading the speech I could see my late unpleasant specimen of an uncle nodding approvingly. Netanyahu is playing right into the stale anti-semitic stereotypes the likes of my cranky uncle always held.

Good grief, how dumb can one be.

Besides, Bibi really could have mentioned just how much of Israel's marvelled innovation miracle coincided with the theft of intellectual property and the influx of Russian emigrants and a lot of formerly Russian money. That made a lot of capital available for R&D and investing in technology. Also, those Russians by and large got a decent education in natural sciences in the former Soviet Union.


Beaver, while Israel claims to have perfected the tomato, the USA still innovates and patents on a whole different level. See http://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/ac/ido/oeip/taf/us_stat.htm

285,000 applications just last year!


The innovation nation? In the tech world, they do punch above their weight, but tend to be niche players, doing really specialized technologies or providing small pieces of larger solutions. And it's very often things that are hidden from the end user's view.

This is the kind of stuff they do:


It's interesting work, but it's not going to change the world.

And for what it's worth, I had to look it up. The cherry tomato has been around since Aztec times. The Israelis developed an interesting cultivar, but it's commonly used for sun-dried tomatoes and is not likely on a supermarket shelf near you.

Green Zone Cafe

I just finished Field Marshal Mohammed El Gamasy's memoir, The October War.

It's a history of his leadership positions in the Egyptian military from the 1967 war through the Camp David agreement.

One thing that came through was El Gamasy's evident respect for his counterpart in military negotiations after the 1973 war, Ezer Weizman. Weizman seems to have wanted some kind of reasonable peace.

Wanting to know more about Weizman, I looked him up on the internet and found out he left the Likud bloc after clashes with Netanyahu over the Palestinian issue and formed his own pro-peace party. Not surprising.


Well, we should be understanding why "Bibi" engaged in this staring at the general assembly. Too bad the reaction to this wasn't shown on tv.

Anyway, he has had a rough month and is pretty p.o.'d, judging from his performance before the world body. His attempted frontal assault using congress as his shock troops and supported by (A)IPAC failed. His efforts to bring about "regime change" in Syria with the US doing the fighting and financing failed with the introduction of Russian troops. With this failure the grand design of gaining control over the Litani River watershed and annexing more of the Golan Heights with its oil reserves are doomed. So is any idea trying bring about a war with Iran short of a false flag operation like the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty.

Finally, this insult to injury, the raising of the P.A. flag at the UN.

I wouldn't want to be a servant at the Netanyahu house that evening!


Bibi also mentioned the PA only at the end of his speech. Of all things the UN delegates wanted to hear from him, notably those who are disposed towards Israel, was how he intended to work that issue. He barely covered it, and instead prattled on about perfecting cherry tomatoes. Essentially, he wasted everyone's time on speech that said nothing about what was really important. It was not the speech for the UNGA, but one for AIPAC or other Israeli supporters.


And just a few days ago, Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, openly declared that Israel has no intention of handing any of the West Bank over to Palestinian control. So much for a two-state solution.


Medicine Man

I'm reminded that a considerable number of Israelis actually want this guy as their leader.

The Beaver


This is interesting :
Andrea Mitchell twitter remark

Heard that both SoS Kerry and Ambassador Power were called in for a video conference meeting with Pres. Obama at the same time the speech was scheduled :-)

different clue

I am sure that Israel is "an" innovation nation, as many nations are. When Israeli spokes-folk attribute a uniquely unique uniqueness to Israel's crucial contributions in every field there is, they may well repel people from noticing genuine real-in-their-own-terms contributions that Israeli experts have made in certain fields.

Several years ago Walrus noted in a comment that Israeli agronomists have developed real discoveries and advances in water-conserving technology in agriculture. I remember reading that comment but would have to do a many-hours brute force search to find it. A reality-based Israeli spokesperson would mention that and leave it at that, for instance.

About those Israeli cherry tomatoes, I have had them and I have had other cherry tomatoes. Many years ago I was a seed saving member-subscriber of the Seed Savers Exchange. (But I was not very good at it). I got seed of a kind of cherry tomato called Ruby Throat Cherry. For a combination of high sugar content, reasonable acid sourness, and lingering tomato flavor-taste chemicals; those were the best cherry tomatoes I ever ate or ever grew. Shame on me for losing the seed. Too bad if no one else saved any seed either. The Israeli tomatoes were somewhat less sweet and less sour with some less tomato flavor, but did have an interesting smoky sort of undertaste. Also, their skins were very tough, meaning good shippability. So they seemed fairly good and interesting, and offered promise for further working-with. But they were not the best cherry tomatoes in my world. I haven't seen them since after that one year I saw them for sale. I wish them well, but there are enough cherry tomatoes in my world which are better one way or another that I don't miss them, even with the Ruby Throat Cherry possibly extinct.


Col: Yet some claim he's the "Leader of the West." See https://twitter.com/jaynordlinger/status/649636097635565568

To me, that's sad on so many levels.


Beaver: Question begging. Why should our leaders listen to the speech of the PM of a tiny nation?


Here is a 23-second clip from C-SPAN of Netanyahu from 9/12/2002 testify before the U.S. House of Reps that "if you take out Saddam and Saddam's regime it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region."


The Beaver

AIPAC ! sounds familiar
BTW : There is a good article on them in Bloomberg Businessweek


The meme sounds like Dan Senor and Saul Singer at it to me. They harped that tune in 2011 already.


Some folks go wanking, Bibi types goes have a speech.

Seamus Padraig

Bibi is God's gift to anti-Semitism.

Yeah, Right

Hey, cut the guy some slack: I hear that someone tripped over the power-cord to his teleprompter, so Bibi was left stranded for 40 seconds glaring around the room until someone found the cord and plugged the damn thing back in.

He wanted to say something off the cuff, sure, he did. After all, it's embarrassing to be just standing there like a dumbass, and everyone knows that Bibi is a sensitive guy prone to self-doubt.

But the only words that came to him were "cherry tomato", and he had to bite his tongue because..... you know..... he'd already mentioned those.

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