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20 October 2015


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Seems like rapes, assaults, and other violent crimes are up wherever they go with their iPhones taking selfies of their arrival in Europe. Doesn't look like they're trying to escape war as much as looking for all the gimmedats the Europeans can provide.



IIRC it was actually fire departments that laid the groundwork for NIMS. Its a good system that's worked well the few times I've had to active it.


"So while I'm not sure where the discrepancy between observable facts at train stations (almost all yung men) and official statistics (young men only 50% of asylum seekers) come from"

Maybe, you observable facts are not that hard. During the last weeks I have used trains between Vienna and Hannover twice, they were mostly occupied by whole Syrian families, the Syrians leaving the train in Hannover were families. The Syrians still waiting in the new Vienna mainstation were often families too, with an higher percentage of young men of course (my guestimate 1/3), therefore, the official numbers are not so bad IMHO.

IIRC for 2014 and first months of 2015 many of the refugees were Christians and Alawites, so I do not see an only opposition issue, the government loses too.

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