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22 October 2015


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Ted Cruz, hell. What about Marco and ¡Jeb!



And while we're at it what about Shrillary and Grandpa Sanders?


perhaps the foremost expert on iran in the English speaking world.
richard bulliet, israel knows nothing about iran, and the 5 professors that do have some idea are all against war.


J Villain

The Israeli military and Shin Bet are mostly for the agreement as well and have real doubts Iran was actually trying to build a bomb. It is about time the world woke up to what a truly dangerous freak Netantahu really is. Americans need to stop bowing down before this man.


Shaun the americanjew

Isreal just uses this so they wont have to deal with the fact they are an apartheid country and that they'd better deal with the palestinian issue. Meanwhile they can shoot themselves all day long, mistaking anyone they see as a palestinian and killing them in the street. Its great they are shooting themselves, and predictable. Isreal is truly a beacon of light to the world, if your a Klu Klux Klan member that is, I suppose.






"[Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi, speaking privately for an Iranian audience:]'The main demand of the other side was to block Iran from getting nuclear weapons … We had no problem with that, and granted it to the enemy[USA]...The other side got what it wanted and can say that they prevented an Iranian atomic bomb.'

"By being able to declare that the deal has 'prevented an Iranian atomic bomb,' Araghchi explains here that the Americans achieved their primary goal. But for Iran, he notes, this wasn't a concession at all - in fact, it was already longstanding Iranian policy.
'We gave up an atomic bomb, a bomb which we did not want and considered forbidden,' Araghchi said."

alba etie

Secretary of State Clinton was an architect of the deal with Iran. And Senator Sanders has always supported the deal .


"I guess they rank with the Mufti as among the great anti-Semites. Wait until Ted Cruz hears of this. Just wait."

You haven't heard Huckabee yet. They're self-hating Jews, obviously, no wait, Kapos! Just like Obama, they are taking the Israelis to the door of the oven. Oy wey!


The level of discourse in the US amongst presidential contenders and pundits on this is beyond pathetic. It is all pandering and appeal to fear and emotion and zero substance.

Instead of watching US domestic tv I probably could take LSD as well.


And the people on this Commission have the disadvantage of actually knowing what they are talking about!

And idiots in the U.S. are still talking about giving MOPs and B-52 strategic bombers to the IAF. Not only does the IAF not want them, they can't afford them- and giving them to Israel would be a violation of the latest START treaty. That would really cause problems for the United States. And would be a terrible precedent to strategic weapons proliferation world-wide.


According to Jason Ditz at Anti-War.com
the US is to increase military aid 1 billion
annually for their support or rather their
non-interference of the Iran deal. A 33%
increase, although the total monies and
credits we allot them is hardly transparent.
As a commenter noted no COLA increase
in SS. Always money for our Isreali friends.

J Villain

Congress just cut the Palestinian money that is used to pay the Palestinian security forces by $80M. The reason why the US gives this money to the Palestinians is for them to provide security for Israel which the Shin Bet says they have been doing very well. By trying to hurt the Palestinians they are actually hurting Israel. But when your single decision factor is hate you seldom get good decisions.

J Villain

Just spotted this. Amazing how close Israel came to bringing the US into a war with Iran.



J Villian: As a side note, PA "security forces" actually have never provided Palestinians any security from the IDF or Israeli settlers.


The interesting thing with Israel is that the "Israeli deep state" is a lot more sane then the official Israeli state.

J Villain

Agreed. And by a long shot.

For any one that hasn't seen it I highly recommend watching the documentary "The Gate Keepers" it is available on Netflix. It is a series of interviews with what was at the time the 6 living former heads of the Shin Bet (FBI) in Israel. It is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Babak Makkinejad

Likely a deliberate provocation that Iranians ignored.

Babak Makkinejad

My sense of this has been that she was the architect of the NATO states' economic war against Iran. When that did not get the results that she expected and war was what was the next step on that escalation ladder, she left US government and Obama was left holding the bag.

I surmised that many expected Iran to fold - when she did not (in an analogous manner to what has transpired in Syria) all bets were off and we had these negotiations to formalize the recognition of Iran's rights by NATO states, Russia, and China.

different clue


But how then could the Rabin assassination have been facilitated and carried out without cooperation and assistance from at least elements of the Israeli deep state of that time? Has there been a real change of heart in the Israeli deep state? Or a change of personnel?


Why does the Israel AEC hate Israel?

Babak Makkinejad

You mean IDF?

They killed Rabin.



You are like the Irish or the Israeli Right who only remember their enemies. The IDF's upper ranks and the Israeli IC have long been inhabited by men of the Left who loved Rabin. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Nevertheless, I heard this from someone familiar with the Israeli scene in a matter of fact manner.

Yeah, Right

That is an important point.

All the calculations about Who Conceded The Most To Whom in those negotiations are inevitably predicated upon the assumption that the Iranians were actually hell-bent on building a nuke.

And, sure, if you start from that notion then, yup, the Iranians were the ones who caved in, precisely because they agreed to a JCPOA that prevents them from building those oh-so-desirable nukes.

But if the underlying assumption is false then that scorecard is wrong.

Obviously so, because then the agreement would amount to nothing more than this: the Iranians agreed not to do something that they had no intention of doing, and in exchange the West agreed to drop sanctions that were punishing Iran for no good reason.

In a word: a "farce".

Yeah, Right

But it's not just Netanyahu: the entire Zionist political class is in complete agreement that the JCPOA is a disaster, Iran is the World's Biggest Threat, and the only acceptable outcome is regime change in Tehran.

That is true regardless of whether they have a comfy chair in the Netanyahu government or are sitting on those crappy opposition benches in the Knesset.

Being in the Zionist camp = Iran is an "existential threat".

Not because Iran is an existential threat (it isn't, and never was), but because Israeli politics needs a bogey-man.

And up until Bibi tried running the Mufti up the flagpole then the Bogey-Man In Tehran is/was all they had.


The nuclear issue was just a contrivance to enact an economically damaging sanctions regime on Iran for the sole purpose of weakening Iran. Curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions, which were entirely legitimate within sovereign rights to nuclear technology capacity, was never the sought outcome. The pro-sanctions types hate the Iran pact not because of disagreement with its effect but because it neutralizes the facade for taking hostile acts against Iran for the sake of the committing those acts alone.

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