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06 October 2015


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William R. Cumming

A tell all book by a former Secret Service agent about the Clinton's did not help her attitude.

No question though she is a person that feels entitled.

Medicine Man

That Post article reads like a gossipy little hit piece. Is there something about New York newspapers that makes them specialists on this kind of article?


Pat's singular charm in eliciting the same feminine guile that won her Bill notwithstanding, there is abundant evidence to support the depiction of HRC as a harridan and nasty person. A former student of mine who joined the Secret Service somehow wound up on the White House detail during a portion of the Clinton reign. His testimony: all the Secret Service guts despised them both for the simple reason that Bill and Hillary treated them like dirt. The SS guys also simply saw them as very disagreeable people. I was made privy to some juicy stories, but must refrain from passing them along since the agent in question is still a federal employee. Let's just say that if you let your imagination run loose on the subject of Bill's dalliance with women, the results are likely to be close to the truth.



She and Bill are 60s people. What more need be said? pl


I hope Jim Webb can shine during the the debate. Not that agree with all his POVs, but I think he has a better chance to beat HRC and secure the nomination.


"She and Bill are 60s people. What more need be said? pl"

Indeed the last surviving members of Nero's entourage.


HRC's people contacted a campaign I was working on and asked if we wanted her to appear for us. My candidate wasn't crazy about her but … what the hell - sure. So it turned out that she was willing to do a very brief photo op at the airport with my candidate. OK. Why not? The local paper snapped the pix but didn't use ones with my candidate in the shot. And then a few weeks later, we got a bill from her deeply indebted campaign - several thousand dollars for air fare for herself and her staff for a trip they were making anyway.

Trey N

So,did you pay it?

SAC Brat

It might have been the whole group there. Around 2000 I was on an aircraft maintenance crew and one of the new guys had come from the USAF VIP squadron. Al Gore had chewed out this young airman for some seat problem on Air Force 2 instead of passing it down. What petty crap.


Colonel, Hey, wait! I'm a 60's person, and I hate them.

ex-PFC Chuck

I hope that Larry Lessig GETS IN to the debate. He's the only candidate of either party focused on leveling the playing field.

Christopher Fay

don't pay it



I can only hope that you have recovered better than they. pl

Robert C

Based on what we've seen from the SS the last few years, what gives them credibility?

Robert C


The Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch. So the answer to your question is "yes".


Hmm? That comment may make sense in our context. Does she still have a chance to make it? I wouldn't support her. Maybe a message that the campaign is trying to make her appear more close to the people then last time did the trick, among the more important political issues. ;)

But since I don't know Kessler, I took a look at Wikipedia and found this article by James Bramford on an earlier book:

Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect, By Ronald Kessler



Can't believe the Bush's with their vast wealth and connections didn't find that WH usher a replacement job.

Matt Drudge does not like Hillary, for sure. He says she's an older woman w/ a hypothyroid condition and does not need to be in the WH. He calls her a "brain in a jar." He also remarks that Sanders, Biden et al are geriatrics. Meanwhile, Deborah Wasserman Schultz, cuts out the young Dem contenders by limiting debate.

Personally despise Drudge, but always have read him since 1994 or so. Don't wanna miss out on anything important. His power should not be underestimated. I'm sure he cost Kerry the election.

Matt Drudge interviewed by Alex Jones.


Narcissistic personality disorder.


I think we paid some of it.



No. Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post two years ago.



Sounds like they were just following the presidential example.

robt willmann

A true story. Back in 2007, I was going to the San Antonio airport area and saw an SUV or two escorted by a few Sheriff's Department vehicles angle off the expressway and go to a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) at the airport owned by Raytheon. It had a small terminal and lobby to the side of the airport tarmac like those businesses at airports do where people take their private planes. I had helped the manager of the airplane maintenance and repair shop with a matter and knew a few of the people there. I tended to my errand and checked a little later. One of the ladies who worked at the counter in the lobby said that the little convoy included Hillary Clinton. She walked in the door from the parking lot, looked straight ahead, did not look at other people, did not smile at anyone, and did not greet anyone, all the way through the lobby and out the door at the other end to the tarmac area outside. A complete, nose-in-the-air arrogance acknowledging no one. That is Hillary Clinton.

It turns out that a rehabilitation center had been built near the Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston and its grand opening was that day. Apparently John McCain was also there and some Hollywood and entertainment people and, of course, some money people who funded it--


Hillary is the most dangerous of the largely dysfunctional group of presidential candidates, for foreign and domestic policy, even more than the neocon Marco Rubio, John Ellis "Jeb?" Bush, Crazy Carly Fiorina, etc. In addition to being a vicious warmonger, when she and Bill Clinton were in the White House was when the destructive "free trade" [sic] agreements were pushed through Congress -- the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) with its World Trade Organization (WTO). They also got through Congress the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which allowed the merger of radio and television stations so that most mass media is now owned by about six companies, and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, which repealed the Glass-Steagall law enacted after the Great Depression that had separated deposit banking, stock brokerages, finance companies, and insurance companies. Those type of companies then merged and we got the 2008 financial ripoff and what is in reality a new Great Depression.

Now coming before Congress for an up or down vote, with no amendments allowed, is the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP), the text of which we have still not seen, and it makes NAFTA and GATT look like nothing. I should say those of us in the unwashed masses have not seen the proposed law, but several hundred private corporations were allowed to participate in the negotiations with full access, but not us or our elected "representatives". Finally, the proposed TPP was put in a "secret room" where members of the compromised and cowardly Congress were told they could look at it. Predictably, they meekly went along with that unconstitutional act of executive fiat.

Both NAFTA and GATT removed Congress and the U.S. courts from the covered activities and moved issues and disputes under them to dispute resolution panels, which operated in secret with secret evidence. NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO operate like separate governmental bodies, and the magic language used was that they have "legal personality".

From a few leaks, the TPP is much worse, with most of it not being about trade, but about establishing a separate process and set of rules superior to countries and their governments and courts.

Have you heard Hillary speak out against the TPP and that it should not be passed by Congress? If she pays lip service to opposing it, she then should be asked whether if it passes and she becomes president, she will withdraw the U.S. from the agreement.

As an interesting side note, Vietnam has agreed to be part of the TPP. The U.S. government is getting revenge for the Vietnam War, because if the TPP goes into effect, Vietnam will have signed away its independence.

William R. Cumming

Perhaps it might be of interest that at least one more server of HRC has been discovered and FBI leaks indicate that the lower level server maintenance contractors are fully cooperating with the FBI.

ex-PFC Chuck

Another insightful look into the culture of the Secret Service and especially its presidential security detail, albeit from half a century ago, is Abraham Bolden's book The Echo from Dealey Plaza. After a four year stint as one of the first black officers on the Illinois state police, the author took a position with the Chicago office of the Secret Service in late 1960. A few months after his inauguration President Kennedy traveled to the windy city for a party function and as usual agents from the SS local office were used to supplement the presidential detail. Bolden's assignment was to cover a little used basement entry and hallway in the hotel. He was told not to expect much activity but to his surprise at one point the President came down the steps and hurried into the men's room. When he came out he stopped to introduce himself to Bolden, and when he learned that he worked for the local Secret Service office he asked if he'd like to serve as the first black agent on the presidential security detail.

A month or two later he went to Washington to begin his 30 day trial period. He was offered a permanent position on the detail, however he decided not to accept it. It wasn't the racism that led to his decision. He'd learned to deal with that, as most upwardly mobile blacks of that era had, by doing his job as well as he could and ignoring the slurs. What bothered him was the disrespect that most of the agents on the detail had for Kennedy personally, to the point of joking about not doing their duty if he was under immediate threat. So after the 30 days were up Bolden went back to his position in the Chicago office.

Two and a half years later, as he was listening and watching details of Kennedy's assassination emerge on radio and TV, Bolden was stunned by how closely what went down in Dallas resembled another plot on the president's life that had been uncovered in Chicago la few days before Kennedy was scheduled to attend the football game in Soldier Field between the Army and Air Force Academies on November 2. Two would-be assassins were arrested but two others were known to still be at large when the trip was canceled, on some unrelated pretense for public consumption, early the Saturday morning of the game. If the similarity of plot details (a tight turn at an intersection overlooked by the flop house room of the patsy – not one of the arrested plotters – plus other potential shooting positions) was not enough, what really troubled Bolden was his recollection of the violation or normal SS procedures when documenting the earlier plot. Instead of the usual, excessive amount of paper work typed by secretaries from drafts hand written by agents, who then proofread and noted any corrections, Bolden and his peers were ordered to submit their handwritten copies directly to the agent in charge. Furthermore they were ordered to retain no copies themselves, either handwritten or photocopied, and neither were any copies to be retained by the agent in charge after he forwarded his agents' reports to Washington!

In the days following President Kennedy's assassination Bolden tried to direct people's attention to the plots' similarities. Big mistake. When he didn't shut up he was prosecuted on trumped up charges and convicted on the testimony of a jailhouse witness who later recanted, and he was sent to a federal prison in Springfield, MO, for the criminally insane.



Shocking! What year was this?

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