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09 October 2015


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Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.


ex-PFC Chuck

Been there done that. Take all the time you and she need. And best wishes.

William R. Cumming

P.L> My sympathy to the patient and caregiver. Falls are terrible.

FB Ali

Sorry to hear that. Hope she recovers soon.


Hope she heals quickly.



Godspeed on her speedy recovery.

David Habakkuk

Sorry to hear that. Hope she makes a rapid recovery, and is not too uncomfortable in the meantime.


I second that! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


Best wishes for as full a recovery as possible.

A. Pols

Ah, stairs...
Sorry to hear this.

Abu Sinan

Wishing all the best and for a quick recovery.

Babak Makkinejad

Ditto for me as well.


I hope she recovers swiftly

Trey N

Sorry to hear about your wife's accident, Colonel. I hope everything heals as good as new!

My wife and I are also on the + side of 60, and beginning to deal with health issues. I don't recommend old age, if one could avoid it while continuing to stay on the right side of the grass...

Medicine Man

Good luck and God bless, Col. I hope she recovers well.

Nancy K

I wish her a speedy recovery. I'm sure she has a wonderful nurse and handyman.


Wishing her soon better; and you well.

Ishmael Zechariah

Best wishes for a speedy recovery from us as well.
Ishmael Zechariah + spouse

Lord Curzon

All the best to the Long-haired General. Colonel, to your duties, fall out!

no one

Sir, Very sorry to hear this has happened. Wishing her a return to good health as soon as possible. I'm sure she is in good hands.


Hope she feels better Sir, best she can. All the best for a speedy recovery.


Dear Colonel,

Good luck. When my SWMBO was recovering from an ankle fracture a physician colleague suggested high levels of vitamin C, E, etc. Basically there are vitamins and minerals needed by the body to heal, and if they are not sufficient in the body's tissues, then healing is slowed. There are many such sources of information on the web.

The Beaver


Hope she is not in too much pain. Fractures are bothersome in some cases.

Balint Somkuti

Same here. Speedy recovery from far away.

Douglass Schumacher

Best wishes to you both Colonel for a quick recovery. I'm sure your many talented colleagues will keep the fires here warm until you get back.

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