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27 October 2015


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"She also says publicly that she was threatened with gang rape by Pakistan's ISI."

Macgupta123, to the extend I recall my first encounter with the phenomenon was in US literature. It's a vague memory, it may have been a side path on the more frequent topic:



Ok, I see, ISI threatened her with gang rape. As she says: Ladies, this is for you.



Now I am relieved that nowadays ladies are so much more sensible to the topic of rape. That's a big step forward indeed. But yes, gang rape adds a bit of emphasis.


Yes LeaNder, it was very educational to review those pro & con positions.

I had one of those, slap myself on the head "doh" moments when I realized that "fighting communism" was still important to a significant segment of the US gov and congress.

That triggered reflections on my youth when fighting communism was a very big deal, politically speaking, and how it permeated so much of American life. And here I had totally forgotten about it. To me now, that feels like an ancient fear that's no longer relevant. It's so 20th century ;)


"When did the US government become a "regime" rather than an elected government?" The question may have been intended rhetorically but watching its use by Western media overtime has been interesting in the propaganda process.
This seems to be a distinction based in the eye on the beholder, a la terrorist/free-fighter. By definition "a government, especially an authoritarian one." or "a system or ordered way of doing things." with Authoritarian as "favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom."
If the US is not one it would appear to be moving down that road.
The there is the Democracy/'Corporate Oligarchy' line in the US, the Democracy/Theocracy line in Iran & Israel, Monarchy/Theocracy KSA?
Pick your adjective and club someone with it, isn't that the name of the game?

Abu Sinan

I agree FB Ali. I dont doubt that Martin has been to Yemen and has a lot of knowledge on the subject, but I also dont doubt that he is very biased when it comes to Yemen. He is very anti Houthi, anti Saleh, and sounds like an average Yemeni Southern partisan.

Such a view point does not offer anything constructive or any way forward, just more of the same.

the Unready


Does anyone know why the circle in the Isis flag says:


instead of the opposite? I presume it's because they want Allah to be symbolically above Muhammad? If so, that is likely to be a foreign (non-Arab) construct because what Arab would write bottom-up? A minor point but it bugs me..


And these are the ones screaming that Iran has mad mullahs.

Babak Makkinejad

It is just calligraphic style - I recall seeing it on old coins - to fit the "Muhammad Messenger (of) God" into a small space.

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