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11 October 2015


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Babak Makkinejad

"...historical/theological bone to pick...with Shiism"

What would that be?

Bill Herschel

Thanks very much for this clip, which everyone on this site should watch in my opinion.

I should not add anything to what he says, but he does not mention Kosovo, a so-called country created by the United States that is the center of heroin trade in the world as I understand it.

In Suffolk County New York the police are suing the big drug companies to try to fund the overwhelming battle against heroin addiction that exists in the county. And frequently heroin addiction does start from prescription drugs. But between Kosovo and Afghanistan, I think the United States would be better serving its people by halting the heroin epidemic than by trying to destabilize Syria. Putin is angry. I am angry too.

Yeah, Right

Well, at least now I know I'm not imagining it.

Again, thank you for the clarification.


yeah right
I will once again try to explain. Perhaps you mind has been badly affected by the COIN nonsense of the last decade. A large mobile force composed of well equipped ground forces and with sufficient air support can proceed from the Latakia are to Aleppo killing and capturing non IS jihadis and various CIA supported unicorns until Aleppo is relieved. That means freed of the present siege. Such a force can then proceed eastward until it reaches the YPD Kurds. In the process a great many IS jihadis could be processed into used people. unlike the situation in a COIN effort there would be no silliness about hearts and minds. As someone said here the only good jihadi is a dead jihadi. pl



I have decided that Abuabdullah is yet another provocateur troll. He is banned. pl

different clue


If the FLQ had achieved actual Quebecois secession from Canada . . . how then would an FLQ Quebec have reacted if the Cree Nation in Northern Quebec had seceded from Quebec in its turn?


In Persian they say to people like you "the observer, who sits outside of the wrestling mat, shouts to the wrestlers that they need to fight better", it's an idiom, much shorter in Farsi.


The is no "other side". The is only the right side and the "side of the Liver Eaters"


Other commentators have unfairly been sarcastic towards you. I truly want you to dream but stop for God's sake following the path of the Liver Eaters. Tassanun means way of the Tradition not cannibalism.


IMO, where does it say that Raqqa must be taken? it is far from the Russians coastal enclave, and is of secondary value at this time. One can flatten it using missiles, bombs (real, not barrel), and watch refugees...seek refuge, and squirters hustle away in all directions. The squirtiest among them Isil would be sppedily heading to their next enclave, and could be ID'd and be zapped from the air. The Iranian and Shia gunsels from Iraq, Kurds of all types, etc. can then advance to the center of the country from the east.


Lapsus ;-)


Assad and the Alawaites are not Twelvers.


The Syrian government could use a policy which worked for the Turkish government against the PKK. Destroying all political unreliable villages.

The population could be sent across the border into Turkey as refugees. I do believe that the Palestinians would acknowledge the effectiveness of such a policy.


Number 2 --- Oh, I forgot, what is your interpretation of sealing borders? Syria, Iraq, and Jordan, desert wise, are huge countries. Just go to an Atlas, cut out the Infamoso empty quarter, glue 5 or 6 together and you'll have an idea of what endless desert looks like, and can then ponder the sealing of borders with a tad more exactitude. Furthermore The number of roads to Turkey from Syria, and vice versa are increasing rapidly (see Google Maps), this is not so cute 19th century styled Swiss border posts can be established, the roads are to facilitate mutually beneficial Isil-Turkish trade.

As for the other countries you mention getting together sealing their borders, whilst forgetting about their interests, their abilities to do the above, to extinguish their established well paying corrupt practices. Good luck with that! If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Medicine Man

Except that in recent history Assad has led a government that did just that.



I'm sure this idiot is on someone's radar - he comes off as another typical takfiri taqqiyah tapdance.

As for being on DHS'? I don't honestly know


Abuabdullah is obviously a counter propagandist, and a skilled one, you should be proud to attract such types but NOTHING he says on whatever topic should be taken at face value.

alba etie

Bill Herschel
" The chair is leaning against the wall .. "

alba etie

If he is going crazy as a full on mass shooter - we can invite him down to Arlington , Texas for this - look how well that went for the wannabe jihadis several months ago
"Come & Take It "...


We can learn more from those that disagree with us than our echo chamber. I ask Abu Abdullah what his vision is? The path forward? The cantonization of Syria? What happens to the non-Sunni once the liver eaters and head choppers are in charge? What kind of Sunni is he? A Wahhabi, otherwise Salafist, or a Sufi? The Wahabbis, with their petro dollars, have transformed Islam and thrown large parts of it from modernity into the dark ages. A modern fall into a new "jahiliyya."

There was an interesting story in the Beirut Daily Star (behind a paywall but there are ways around that) about the bus service b/n Beirut and Raqaa. The Russians have probably put a stop to it by now. They all get rid of their cigarettes and perfume the bus when entering ISIS territory.

The women start putting on their chadors prior to the checkpoint. A cigarette brings a public lashing or a trip to an Islamist re-education camp. Mmmm, Obamer & Hillary Rodham need to take that bus ride. haha


Lots of projections here, but I have yet to see any evidence that ANY of the participants have the capabilities to sweep an area against determined opposition. The Russians certainly have such forces but not as yet in Syria. Whether they have the resources or the will to intervene in strength remains to be seen. As does the capability of their opponents to make it expensive. The various local forces involved are not world class military, but after four years of fighting they are no longer amateurs either.

Until I see what kind of hits the locals can land on the Russians or vice versa, I won't be projecting any major sweeps.


I would add that a Russian force doesn't have to sit in place inviting attack once it has finished dealing with all the various jihadi groups around Aleppo. That can be done by the SAA or various Syrian/Iraqi militias in the areas that aren't home to the Kurdish groups.

Once the border areas with Turkey are secured/sealed off then I predict something similar will happen around the Jordanian border with SAA troops linking up with the Druze. There will be no more external supply lines into Syria for unicorns, jihadis, Nusra Front or the rest.


"Second; it will be a campaign of Russians against Sunni Arabs. "

No, a great many Sunnis who are not gibbering Wahabi Lunatics, which is the vast majority of Sunnnis, are sickened at what the GWL do in the name of Islam. The GWL are very unpopular for how easily they can be provoked to scream 'Apostate!!!' at other Muslims & start chopping heads. So rest assured that Russian blowing up GWL in Iraq & Syra will mainly radicalize other GWL, who are pretty radical to start with.



Given it's the internet I would guess he might actually be a student at a university. This can't be the only website he visits/posts at. How do you say "welcome to the watch list" in Arabic?


He said twelver, and later he says he has a Yemeni connection. there are also fivers (Yemen), seveners (Fatimids). The Alawis are kinda Shia (they celebrate Christmas and Easter) and recognized due to a fatwa by the disappeared Musa al-Sadr. Druze have a connection w/ the Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim but incorporate elements of Neoplatonism.

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