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11 October 2015


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Is there any likelihood of a Turkish military coup?


Enlightening lesson. Thanks


Chris Christie would do a NFZ, call Putin and tell him "don't test me" and would "shoot him down".

Hasn't served a minute of military service but says he'd deploy US troops in Syria if he has to but thinks it would be better to deploy troops from Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE (as if!)

Says he'll save the world from communist domination and the resurgence of the USSR because we spent untold blood & treasure to defeat it.

If you think I'm exaggerating -> http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2015/10/christie_on_syria_id_shoot_down_russian_jets_commi.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

Ex-PFC Chuck

US Paradrops 50 Tons Of Ammo To Syrian Rebels | Zero Hedge



One thing puzzles me. On the news there are reports of US parachute-controlled air drops that have landed in jihadi territory. Don't the supply pallets contain any demolitions that can be remotely detonated by the supplying aircraft if the parachute is seen heading into enemy territory ?


Thanks for the heads up! I listened to various versions of Katyusha at YouTube. Quite enjoyed this version with a young woman doing traditional dance moves to it... for those of you who prefer purity of voice, the Red Army Choir version is quite nice (it's linked on right side of page).

Katyusha dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoB4Vkvceo0

Translated lyrics:
Apple and pear trees were a-blooming,
Mist (was) creeping on the river.
Katyusha set out on the banks,
On the steep and lofty bank.

She was walking, singing a song
About a grey steppe eagle,
About her true love,
Whose letters she was keeping.

Oh you song! Little song of a maiden,
Head for the bright sun.
And reach for the soldier on the far-away border
Along with greetings from Katyusha.

Let him remember an ordinary girl,
And hear how she sings,
Let him preserve the Motherland,
Same as Katyusha preserves their love.


Very vocal guy from Brookings Doha has been discussing the "rebel" programs and FSA over the weekend and today on Twitter if you are interested.




Saturday, a series of tweets beginning here:





how does hip-hop reflect Russian culture?

Seems to me a patriotic song should echo the national heartbeat. Rap jangles the nerves.



It is interesting as I was working my way down thread I was going to comment that the guy was a HaZbara troll over a takfiri troll with this statement:

"It's never too late to forget that the original plan of the FLQ was to kidnap the Israeli Ambassador to the USA in a show of solidarity with the International Revolution"

The Nouveau Khan"s Delirious Dream of Domination is being dismantled so it must be a hard concept for true believers to wrap their thick heads around.

What is truly astonishing to comprehend from them is their belief in a Jihadi State north of The Land. If that were to happen these days of stones and shivs would be looked upon as good times. Madness or Frankists.


"Our weapon is love and humanity" is as virulent a slogan as "Gott Mit Uns" perhaps more so: with the latter there is always a possibility of doubt.


Yes. Vladimir was in Sochi yesterday awarding the First Place and Constructer's Trophy at the F1 Russian Grand Prix. From the TV pictures released of the meeting it looked like he made time between the start and finish to have a polite Come to Reality conversation with the Peninsular Princes.


More and more, and the more I read, it seems to me that the wild card in this tragicomedy is Turkey. What the hell are they doing? What cards are they holding?

Thanks to muzaffar Ali Tirmizey for pointing at the article by Dr. Lin. Lots of food for thought there. I would pay careful attention to her footnotes and references.

Still trying to work it out...I am still trolling around trying to find something about Turkish troop dispositions....I have a nasty feeling that something is "up".


قائمة المراقبةمرحبا بكم في I think


Alba Etie,

You'd think these people would learn, no?


The strategic mistake the Syrian government made- denying the Qataris the gas pipeline? Looking back- they should said, sure, everybody can have a pipeline, Iran-Iraq and Qatar-Saudi?




Probably about the same they learned from arming and training OBL.

Honestly I'd be pretty shocked if the Russians didn't have their helicopters equipped with enough ECMs to shut down your friggin watch, but we've got the same decayed brains trying to push the same ridiculousness all over again because "it worked last time!"



I believe Putin's exact words were "no plans for a ground component at this phase".


I have been reading about the protests in Turkey and the shenanigans that our buddy Erdogan and the goings on in Turkey. Military Coup? Whew, how would that play? I think that it could be a bit of a game changer.


Erdogan most certainly wants to stay and continue along the path...


I am sure there will be enough overall Russian influence. For one - the new artillery coming in is all typical Russian mass assault/slaughter stuff and has at least some Russian personal with it.

Fuel air explosives, clusterstuff - see here for a decent impression of the effects


Those Jihadis will shit their pants as anyone would under such fire.

The air/artillery/ground coordination will likely stay in Russian hands. Their style is visible in the above video.

One can currently also observe Russian tactical influence north of Hama where a cauldron is forming along the M5 highway some 40 km deep and 20 km wide. The bottleneck is getting closed from two sides right now. In a few days that will be a rat nest with no way out. Then the mass artillery will again come into play.

As far as I understand the major tactical planning is done in common commands. But the unit leadership within the brigades, battalions is local and, I believe, should stay so.

I think the Russian are smart enough to not babysit the Syrians and other units. Those units would hate that and learn nothing. The long term effect is much better when they are allowed to learn through their own mistakes. One only has to keep them away from making major f...ups.


BostonB posted the link to a CNN report saying 50 tons of ammo was delivered by air drops from C17s to "the Syrian Arab coalition". This is, I'm afraid where things could get a little interesting.

What are the chances that Russia sees this as direct threat to its interests or worse, ground troops in Latakia and Tartus?

What could the Russians do to frustrate our ability to resupply the "moderate rebels" by air, short of starting WWIII by downing a C17?

A. Pols

My opinion, and I consider it strictly opinion though maybe better informed than some, is that the Russians will feel the need to walk a tightrope on this. Hence would think they provide "armor heavy" but mostly just the armor and REMF backup. Will provide air support and attack helicopter close support, but otherwise (and this is critical) provide some cover so the Syrian Army can fight the rebels without interference from us and our "allies". The Syrians need a no fly zone, but one of their own....

A. Pols

That would be great, if the military hasn't been totally co opted by Erdogan's stooges....


OK, after having read the comments back and forth, I think there's a good handle on all of this. Erdogan and Al-Assad used to be pretty chummy. Bashir even had a popular state visit to Turkey. He also visited Spain, his family was featured in Vogue, and was tight with the French. Qatar and UAE were investing heavily in Syria. What happened?

The Qatar-Saudi gas pipeline was not approved. But an Iraqi-Iran one was. That was Syria's mistake- it should have approved both.

From Erdogan's perspective, we'll just go around Bashir. We'll create a statelet in your country and populate it with Uighurs and other ethnic Turkish peoples. Then we'll run the pipeline there. The vast profits from transit fees is what drives Erdogan. What drives the Europeans is that they see how dependent they have become on Russian gas and want to diversify, even if it shatters the middle east.

And the Israeli-Firster interest is in sowing chaos. Nobody to make peace with, dangerous neighborhood, nobody to give Golan back to, etc. Also not a strong Syria to contest the offshore gas fields.

America's role- offshore balancer. Wanting to be the only world hegemon and the power elites countering what they see as a rising Russia w/ Europe dependent on it for Energy. Ditto for China- offshore balancer to the rise of China. That's why we play footsie with the Uighurs.

The game of Great Power Politics is why Britain and France supported the Osmanlis/Ottoman Empire against Christian Russia in the Crimean War. It can be seen today where the ostensibly secular powers are backing the Islamists against another secular power. It's about keeping your power and establishing hegemony.

The means is a color revolution and after the inevitable crack-down, the weaponized Wahabbiya.

The Russian (and Chinese) strategy is to get them into pockets, salients, the Russians call them cauldrons, and pour concentric fire into them- Katyushas, fuel air bombs (we used thermobaric weapons in Fallujah), whatever it takes. Otherwise the Islamists will return to Russia and China and wreak havoc.

the links are from comments above. thanks for them, couldn't find the author again in the nested comments.

Ironic that Russia and Putin are the civilizational choice in this conflict. (sigh)


Col: The tone of opposition apologists is changing rapidly. See https://twitter.com/jenanmoussa/status/653647235922722816


Thank you.

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