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11 October 2015


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"More likely Iranian" Maybe, but I think that a substantial Russian ground element is needed. In general a combined assemblage such as we are discussing needs to be steadied by the strongest partner.



How did the issue of your French-Canadian patriotism come into this discussion? "Irredentism?" What are you hoping to see restored? Is it Sunni rule in Syria? that would mean you are some sort of pre-Baath exile family. I have met many such. You find me amusing? Good. I aim to please. BTW the kind of operation that I am talking about would not be interested in the ethnicity of the population between Afrin and Kobane. You do not understand war. They will not be conducting a plebiscite any more than your jihadi friends have done. pl

alba etie

Bill Herschel
Wolverines !

Bill Herschel

My fear, and I should say one of my fears, is that Russian troops in uniform (which incidentally we have seen neither in Ukraine or Crimea) are just too juicy TV footage for the propaganda machine in the U.S. (am I permitted to say propaganda? well, when you hear exclusively one side of an issue and that one side is almost entirely ad hominem against one man, yes, I think I can say propaganda).

The crazies in the U.S. are jostling with each other to see who can be the biggest man to stand up to Putin. It's like a scene from a Sports Bar.

Volunteers, as many as possible. Russian troops, scares me to death. Do you really think Russian troops can be used in this war? Perhaps it is the question of the hour, day, year, decade, century.


Bill Herschel

"Do you really think Russian troops can be used in this war?" Yes. You are easily frightened. You think the Russians care abut our internal propaganda? pl


I was merely trying to preempt you in explaining my origin, given the oft cases of you analyzing posters by their internet location. The Arab side is Zaydi Yemeni. My irredentism stems from a historical/theological bone to pick with the modern incarnation of Twelver Shiism

Patrick Bahzad


Having a good laugh here, thx for it. Keep it up !

FB Ali

I remember your recent post firmly predicting that JaN will "soon be in the Russian's lap", ie, their base. Your new predictions here are more wishful thinking.

I suppose you also dream of an (FLN-liberated?) independent Quebec. Allied to the Sunni Arab 'triumphal' ME state? Not very likely, considering their attitude to niqabs, hijabs, etc.

Anyway, nice to dream. Dream on!



Zaydi Yemeni. And you favor the Saudi/Qatari jihadi war in Syria? remarkable. pl


It's never too late to forget that the original plan of the FLQ was to kidnap the Israeli Ambassador to the USA in a show of solidarity with the International Revolution. A man can always dream, just like a man can always dream about any polity lead by Assad asserting any form of political control over non-Shia areas


I do not think that the war in Syria is Saudi/Qatari any more than the current war in Afghanistan stems from 1980's Saudi support. In contrast to one of Babak's statements in the past week, I do believe that the "ulema", as opposed to the concept of "the Church", is a truly alive and well political force/sentiment


I mean't "the ummah" in that last post, of course

Patrick Bahzad

Just as a side note, what's zaydism got to do with 12er Shia ?
Guess i didn't get the memo ...
Other side note, I thought the quebecquois nationalists would rather eat dirt than speak or write English ... Weird but kind of funny


You keep it up as well, I've learned much from your posts and am greatly interested by the majority of them.

Bill Herschel

I am easily frightened. But if I think about it, I doubt that Russia would have come this far without being certain, as I commented before, that they could handle anything thrown at them. They certainly know more than I do, and their courage is unquestionable.

I've probably spent too much time reading The New York Times, for which I have the greatest respect, but which has proven over the past year still to have the dead hand of Judith Miller wrapped around the necks (a displacement upward) of their writers, all their writers. Every last one of them.

The Twisted Genius


Don't forget the cooperation that has already occurred among Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens and others under the Euphrates Volcano (or Burkan Al Firat) coalition. In Kurdish areas, the YPG lead the way while Arab militias of the coalition supported. Outside of the traditional Kurdish areas, these roles will probably be reversed. This is what will allow Euphrates Volcano to advance to Jarabulus and east towards Afrin and south to Raqqa. With Russian and US support (whether they cooperate in this support or not), the Euphrates Volcano coalition will be a formidable part of the greater anti-IS coalition. And they astride the MSR for IS.



"I do not envision Russia having either the know-how, the political will...."

How did you conclude the Russian's don't have the political will to stay until this is won? Did Pussy Riot and assorted liberals stage an anti-war march in Moscow that only Russians know about? The US went and stayed in Iraq for a decade over far more resistance than I've seen evident. To quote a prominent anti-Putin Nobel Laureate, Svetlana Alexievich: "she described Russia’s new nationalism, saying: “It’s not just Putin. It’s the Putin who is in every Russian.”" Perhaps there's better coverage of the Russian man in the street opinion wherever you are.



In response to your first question,ABSOLUTELY NOTHING,hence my political views.The greater part of my education occurred in the USA, of which I am a citizen of. The plot thickens.



What are the odds this guy is going to go full on mass shooter in Canada, screaming about jihad while he murders unarmed people?

This joker is a f-cking fool.



Thanks for sharing this. Holy tits. You guys really need to see this. I think at one point the chopper is below the damn building line.

Yeah, Right

"No. The Russians and friends should keep going past Aleppo until they meet the Kurds around Kobane."

OK, thanks, clearly I misunderstood your "anvil and hammer" analogy.

"if you don't like my plan, make your own."

I'm still rather confused regarding this whole "correspondence" business, since there seems to be a considerable amount of sarcasm and dismissiveness being dished up by the long-term contributors.

I made no hint in my original post that I knew any better.

I simply wasn't sure if I had understood your comment, so I asked if I had read your right.

Clearly I didn't, and now I do.

Again, thank you.

"The Turks and Hillary want to have an Indian reservation north of Aleppo? So what."

Well, yes, indeed.

But there are two ways to plug that hole, one involving the Kurds and the other involving the Russians.

I thought you were referring to the Kurds, since you were referring to them as an "anvil".

Clearly not, but the only way I could know that is to ask the question.

Which all seemed a pretty innocent thing to do to me.

Bill Herschel

I was waiting for that. And it's got Charlie Sheen in a dramatic role. Not as great as his cameo at the beginning of Scary Movie 4, a scene that made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe, but still Charlie Sheen.


yeah, right
"there seems to be a considerable amount of sarcasm and dismissiveness being dished up by the long-term contributors" That's true. pl



Do you people in DHS know of this fellow? pl

Yeah, Right

OK, I have to say I'm now totally confused.

I took PL's post to me to mean that the Russians should sweep around Aleppo to link up with Kobane, thereby completing the "anvil".

Then the Russians would be in a position to crush ISIS, since the attack on Aleppo (the "hammer") will ram them up against that "anvil".

Patrick, you appear to be saying something different e.g. Russian forces drive into Aleppo, thereby pushing the rebels up 'n' out in the direction of their choice.

But they'd surely choose to flee up through that safe zone and into the safety of Turkey.

You admit as much.

But that's hardly the "crushing" that PL is talking about, since it means that ISIS will have escaped and lived to fight another day.

Again, I'm not claiming I know any better than either of you.

I'm just puzzled by what appears to be contradictions when you claim to be agreeing with each other.

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