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07 October 2015


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You SHOULD study the VN War. It always helps to have some idea what you are talking about over and above the emotions of youth and resentment. I can suggest a reading list. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Must have been nice; the girls and the lei...

alba etie

Col Lang
Kris Kristofferson - who wrote that song you just quoted is one of our Great American Poets .


TTG, Any chances of photos of a 1990 vintage German (I presume) kitchen?

The Twisted Genius


I'll throw a photo up next to Rip Van Winkle.


Rip Van Winkle the rye?

The Twisted Genius


No, the Washington Irving character. I was referring to the small photo of Rip's statue at the end of my post. But I do see that Van Winkle rye and bourbons are rated fairly high.

Babak Makkinejad


You need something on those bare walls of your living room; anything: a poster, family pictures, flag, painting anything....

The Twisted Genius


Those walls will be repainted in one of my next trips up there. That house will be on the market in a year. Thus the bareness. The walls of my house in Stafford are covered with paintings and drawings of several local artists.


Nice work. Like the dragon on the 'fridge too.

The Twisted Genius


Thanks. That's actually a gamecock from the University of South Carolina. I went to grad school there and sent that to my in-laws back in '88.


There I was hoping ... hoping in fact to get a first-and-a-half hand verdict on the Rye or Boubon. Yes, rated pretty high, pricey, and somewhat hard to get in Europe at a reasonable price. Hyped? Never tasted it myself. Thus my curiousity.

I am quite fond of Bourbon and Rye and hold some of your better bourbons in the same regard as some of my favourite scotches and have come to prefer them in the summer. Take for instance Elijah Craigh. Bakers and Bookers redeem Jim Beam etc pp

The Brits have IMO gotten off the rails with some of their designer whiskeys: 'Distilled on a monless night of the 2. of March, stirred right, and only right!, by a left-handed master-distiller with 19 years of distilling experience under his belt, and then allowed to mature in 5 casks made of 7 woods for 11 years for true prime quality and prime quality is why this bottle no. 17 of lot 13 is 101 Euro extra (and when you don't taste it you're a noob)'.

Don't get me wrong, mostly that's all good stuff, qualitatively, and a lot of marketing. But is it worth the price?

That said, Washington Irving is wonderful reading.

And that is a very nice kitchen that you built there. I envy you for being able to cook with gas there.


Tidewater to TTG,

I will bet those cabinets are well made,too. Those ten kitchen drawers all in one place is a very sensible idea. Unusual to see the Gamecock logo. I did graduate work at USC, too, earlier though. Nice kitchen!


Thanks. Not quite what I was expecting, (maybe more Danish modern) but nice counter tops.


It is becoming increasingly clear to me that I must need glasses. Thought the resting guy to be a confederate soldier. Only today saw that it was indeed Rip van Winkle resting under his tree.

William R. Cumming

P.L. and ALL: wondering what others think about the skill of the Russians in the Syrian deployment and effort and what has been revealed about Russian military competencies?

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