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18 September 2015


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Babak Makkinejad

I shall miss him; he saved me from my internal monologue.

Medicine Man

This is sad news. Only a day ago I was wondering if Charles would comment on our coming elections. Now I know why he was silent. RIP fellow Canuck.

William R. Cumming

Don't ask for whom the bells toll?

I enjoyed and learned from Charles I comments.

Ishmael Zechariah

One less pilgrim.
Condolences to all.
Ishmael Zechariah

The Beaver

That's very sad to read. Just a couple of weeks ago, he was talking about our dear Stevie in the North.

RIP Charles




Rest in peace friend.


RIP Charles. Your wit and thoughtfulness enriched my life. Thank you.


He made me think and he made me laugh. Bon Voyage, mon ami!


Condolences to his family.

The Twisted Genius

I will miss Charles, my Lithuanian forest brother. He was always good for a little humor and insight. I imagine him paddling off in his Peterborough on a moonlit lake to join the forest spirits of our ancestors. Geros kloties.


Wondered why we had not heard his
thoughts of late. My condolences to
family and friends.

no one

You will be missed, Charles. I was looking forward to your thoughts on our elections and candidates.


Condolences and užuojautos to all those close to him.

Ilsėkis ramybėje

FB Ali

I am told he had an enlarged heart. Never had any symptoms, so he may not even have known. He went suddenly (on Monday) - a small blessing. For him, though for us, his friends, a wrenching shock.

In another sense, Charles was large-hearted. He enjoyed life, especially the simple pleasures of living in his summer cottage by the lake, canoeing, growing vegetables in his garden.

His heart was also in the right place. He was generous with his time and money, supporting good causes. He would have been pleased to see Stephen Harper go down next month (as I hope). I'm sure he'll get a big kick out of that, wherever he is.

Goodbye, friend!

Johnny Reims

FB Ali’s words are reflected perfectly in the photo of Charles I. Take one look at that photo and you’ll see the face of a true and lasting friend. May God be with him, his family and friends.


My condolences. His posts were fun and interesting.


Charles overcame personal demons that have brought down many. I enjoyed his humor and insight. He had a kindness and didn't retreat from his beliefs. God bless your gentle soul.


Rest in Peace Charles. Was a pleasure to meet you here in SST, while you where still around.

nick b

Sad news indeed. I will miss his wit and candor. My favorite post of his was from an open thread dated February 3, 2014, where he wrote about addiction and recovery. To me, it was unforgetable. I reread it again tonight. It's still as powerful as the day he wrote it. Rest in peace, Charles.



FB Ali

Reading nick b's comment above, I went to the Feb 3, 2014 Open Thread and re-read Charles's long comment there. I had forgotten it. But it is, as he says, a powerful testament to his long struggle against his demons, and proof of his final victory. He was now at peace with himself, an enviable state in which to be when making the long journey that all of us must one day embark upon.

Perhaps it would be a fitting tribute to our departed friend to reproduce a comment he made in the exchange that followed his longer one:

"Thanks, FB, gratitude is what I feel. Absent faith, it's what I feel I should feel. Which is about as close to Grace as I feel I'm likely to get, never mind Wisdom, in which I defer to you, our host and the committee of correspondence in the whole. Thank you all".

alba etie

nick b
I remember that post from Feb 3, 2014 well - I am certain Charles past this earthly vale 'happy , joyous & free " .

David Habakkuk

nick b,

Thanks for reminding me of that remarkable description of addiction and recovery. There is a wisdom which comes from having demons and facing up to them, of which there is far too little in today's world.

I shall miss his comments. Ave atque vale.



Charles Degutis was here on SST from the beginning ten years ago. He was a loving friend filled with compassion and surprised to learn by exposure to them that the warrior committeemen here are thinking, feeling people. He was concerned for what he saw as abuse that I received, more concerned than I. He was not a religious man but I hope that he was wrong about that. There should be a reward for someone like him. pl

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