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17 September 2015


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different clue


I don't know about Cruz and Rubio, but Huckabee represents a strong tendency among the Evangelicals whose viewpoints he shares and channels on many fronts and issues. I gather from one of these tweets that an exasperated Coulter wonders why the candidates aren't referrencing the concerns of the Evangelicals, of whom there are many more than there are of Jews. But she puts it as "time to suck up to . . . ", which might be what Cruz and Rubio would be doing if they voiced Evangelical concerns. But it seems to me that Coulter has missed that Huckabee is already voicing Evangelical concerns and he is not sucking up, he is heartfeltly channeling and expressing these concerns as his own. And indeed they are.

When Huckabee referrences Israel, it is not for sucking-up reasons, it is for Armageddonist-Rapturanian reasons. I remember once seeing/hearing Huckabee on TV somewhere lecturing some semi-secular Jews-for-Lesser-Israel about the Bible basis of his support for Greater Israel. I remember his deathless closing quote to them . . . " Don't you get it? I'm a better Zionist than you are." It seemed more like talking down than sucking up to me.

different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

Where did you hear that? Any links to anything about that? Any studies?

Also, which drugs specifically did you hear that about? Specifically named drug by specifically named drug by specifically named drug? Any studies on that? Any real-time brain-scan videos showing that? And if so, for which drug(s)? Specifically, and by name?



This is hilarious projection.

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