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28 September 2015


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David Commins

I'd like to see a column setting forth an effective course of action in the Syria-Iraq arena. If it is in the archives, please direct me there. Thank you.


David Commin


What part of that did you not understand? You need to have it in statements like "The United States should...?"



Everyone has a plan. Cameron making his case on this morning's CBS News Show (more like entertainment). Interspersed with a clip of candidate Christie calling Putin an "articulate thug". Diplomacy will always rise to the top.....

Babak Makkinejad

They already have been aggressors: once in Iraq against Iran and now in Yemen.

Ishmael Zechariah


In the link I did not see a British medal awarded to Petraeus. Is there one? I do see a British para badge, but that only means this fellow "participated" in a jump. There are three French medals. The official French narrative is still lauding the performance of their troops, such as their Alpinists, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stands to reason that some of their "perfumed princes" will identify with Petraeus and give him medals, our own Patrick Bahzad notwithstanding.
Ishmael Zechariah


Petraeus is even under consideration to replace Gen. Allen as Obama's personal Iraq-Syria czar, which would be preposterous. He was busted by Obama for passing secret documents to his mistress, then given a slap on the wrist misdemeanor plea deal AND THEN brought on as a White House policy advisor in Iraq and Syria. This pathetic groveling alone should be added to the list of things that discredit Petraeus. He is about as independent a thinker as Al Sharpton, a kind of permanent flunkey to whoever occupies the Oval Office (Sharpton inherited the job from Jesse Jackson a while back).


Ok, no doubt humor and jokes need careful editing. ... that's beyond me today.

Apparently Petraeus, did receive some type of unimportant "decoration" by the German state ... Not quite the one Queen Elisabeth II got, I guess, and in 2012 while the Q got it in 1958.

But "honors" nevertheless, apparently mixed in with some foreign military honor decorations. Would be interesting to see the chronology. Honors Section/Foreign state decorations

"Image: GER Bundesverdienstkreuz 5 GrVK Stern.svg"
Text: Grand Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

Not important really, but here is the official link. As I know the routine, you can suggest people too. ... And personally with very, very few exceptions I find it ridiculous. I am not alluding to the military, but the reality around this specific "order":



Perhaps they could have revived the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds for him. He would have loved it so and Paula would would have adored it. pl

Patrick Bahzad


I remember when they gave him the Legion of honour as I was there when he was awarded the medal in Afghanistan. It was a political decision, as there are very few of those that are delivered for military achievements. Same with the Other french medal he got, the "french military campaign medal", it's nothing special ! I got a few of those, just means you were part of operation X or Y. It's nothing of great valor here. Got thousands of troops with a bunch of those. Guess it says a lot about David P ...

Babak Makkinejad

You are wasting your time looking for "History" in any of this.

It is just this: "Arabs maliciously envy Iran."

That is about the sum of it.

In an analogous situation in Europe, such people as Poles, Russians, Rumanians and others had the correct assessment of their own place and thus dedicated themselves to copyiny France or Germany or England - regardless of any form of envy that might have obtained.


This article might interest you. http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/09/29/how-aipac-ofac-are-working-to-maintain-iran-sanctions/



Rommel would rise from his tomb in such an event.


Thanks, Babak, strictly you shouldn't consider us Germans worthy of being copied for both my own historical and your Diocletian line assessments. No?

"It is just this: 'Arabs maliciously envy Iran.'

I have a hard time to seriously wrap my mind about the distinction between Shia and Sunny. And I guess that's what's behind your Arabs versus Iran. History does often not leave the type of patterns I would like it to leave, so I can form a reliable opinion based on it. ;)

But from my own limited grasp of reality, this sound pretty convincing:

"By comparison, you are seeing the Shia capable of counteraction, not just because they are anti-Sunni, but because they have a clerical hierarchy. The Sunni conservatives will at some point have to either fight the revolutionaries or obey them."

Not least since I have seen some Sunni clericals, who obviously/apparently have a rather limited grasp of anything. Should I assume they are better in theology? Should it frighten me to see them lead others with even less understanding? It sure does.

Babak Makkinejad

Japan copied Germany very very successfully, their entire economic policy is based on one German economist's ideas: Friedrich List. Germany was that magical country that everyone went to for a visit; even during Weimar - until NAZIs destroyed it.

You do not understand Arabs - their envy of Iran is not because Iran is a Shia state, it is much deeper than that. It is a form of envy.

Between the demise of the Sassanid Empire to the overthrow of monarchies in Iraq and Egypt and Libya there had been no Arabs versus Iran. As the kids say to the school principle: "They started it, meaning the Arabs."

Most Arabs live outside of the Seljuk Line; it is not that their theology is weak - Islam does not have much of a theology. It is that Arab Culture is a profoundly oral culture - has been so for millennia and therefore lacks the written corpus for accumulation and transmission knowledge.

Now you have them in Germany; good luck with them, you will need it.

Babak Makkinejad


I am not surprised.

I also do not think that the trade between Iran and EU will go back to pre-war's levels - say the level of 2007.

Furthermore, I suspect that the Iranian leader will pursue, even more, an autarkic development model in key sectors; I heard that they have started manufacturing certain cancer drugs. Time would tell.


PB, from my own limited understanding, and observations not the French but the Czech drew my attention. Admittedly, that is ultimately a private affair, why they did.

Maybe since I at one point followed "the network" to Germany and beyond.???

This is not to suggest that the Czech honors are more important then the French or German, by the way. It had to do with my rather limited and no doubt personal grasp of the larger puzzle that made the Czech stick. ... the willing, versus the unwilling? ;)

But thanks: present, really?


Obama at UN GA did mention barrel bombs, but significantly did not mention chemical weapons, on the world stage - but talking heads will profer it as fact to domestic audiences.


Former loser General of an Empire in decline.
How many times have we seen this movie?



He is not a "former" general. He is a retired general. i.e., on the retired list and still a member of the US Army. pl

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