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22 September 2015


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As I have repeatedly stated on SST, IMO there are no "generations" in warfare. To formulate the existence of this phenomenon was a convenience for consultants post 9/11 because it allowed generals who were "vision challenged" to believe that their ignorance of other than conventional warfare was not their fault because resistance and revolutionary war were something new. In fact, many forms of war exist simultaneously and always have. The Russians know that i.e., "hybrid warfare." pl

Bill Herschel

The Saudi's are furious at Russia for "escalating" the conflict in Syria and for backing Assad. It looks like Israel is too. For us to do business with the Russians and abandon the effort to effect regime change in Syria, we have to abandon(?) Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Is that a fair statement of the situation? It would certainly account for the lights being on late at the WH.

William Fitzgerald

The NYT today (Sept. 23d) reported that Gen. Petraeus in testimony before a congressional committee reommended setting up "safe havens" in Syria protected by American air power. He also advocated U.S. military action to stop the Syrian Air Force's use of barrel bombs. The goal would be to "encourage the formation of a moderate rebel force etc.,etc.

My conclusion from that sordid bit of drivel, assuming that the man is not stupid or demented, is that Petraeus has thrown in with the neo-cons,gambling that this will be his route back to influence.


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