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29 September 2015


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William R. Cumming

Perhaps time came to stop beating her head against the wall?

William R. Cumming

Apparently NATO has some kind of basing in Lebanon? If true what is this about?


Afraid Trump still seems to be the only one taking your advice going by his Bill O'Reilly interview...

The Beaver


Breaking News:


Russian Parliament approves military move and the air strikes have started.

[quote]The US defence official said: "A Russian official in Baghdad this morning informed US embassy personnel that Russian military aircraft would begin flying anti-Isil [IS] missions today over Syria. He further requested that US aircraft avoid Syrian airspace during these missions.

"We've seen media reporting that has suggested Russian missions have begun."[eoq]



It will be interesting to know what targets they are hitting. pl

no one

TB, I'm really curious how the Borg will spin Russia killing the head choppers as being a bad thing. A premiere live case study in cognitive dissonance.

The Beaver


So fat that's the only "LIVE" info coming in:




Babak Makkinejad

There are no theological disagreement here; you are dignifying with a distinction that they do not possess.

Babak Makkinejad

Look, they could not resolve their problems in Syria peacefully, what makes you think that they would do so now that they are in Germany?

Patrick Bahzad


Word is they hit targets North and West of Homs (al-Rastan, Talbisah and al-Zafaraaneh). This is an area controlled not by ISIS, but other rebels groups. However, contrary to what we are going to be hearing soon in the MSM, these groups are no "moderates" at all and possibly belong to the AQ/JaN/Jaysh al-Fath nexus in Syria.

It looks to me like this could be part of an operation that will aim at destroying pockets of anti-Assad insurgents within government controlled territory in the first phase (Homs area with Russian help, pockets of JaN presence on border to Lebanon with Bezbollah, border area of Quneitra), possibly followed by a push into territory previously lost by SAA (in particular Slinfah area South-West of Idlib, and area South of Damascus, on road to Deraa).


Probably a policy shift regarding Russia.

Then I found this article. I disagree with the title, but it had some interesting info http://www.westernjournalism.com/what-happened-right-after-obama-met-with-putin-is-not-a-good-sign-for-the-u-s/

While the Obama administration has been criticized – even by some former insiders – for its perceived permissiveness regarding Russia’s aggressive military action, Farkas has maintained the Defense Department’s more aggressive stance. During a 2014 Senate testimony, she described Russia’s occupying forces as “an affront to the international order that we and our allies have worked to build since the end of the Cold War.”

Though early reports do not offer any official reason for her departure, there has been speculation that her motivation lies in a disagreement with the administration’s foreign policy positions.

My inner optimist is hoping this resignation portends some de-escalation with Russia, and that perhaps that deconfliction office will be set up soon.



"Inhabitants of majority-Muslim countries are busy destroying that which had been built, at enormous cost, over the last 70 years in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan and Egypt.".... "The United Sates will not experience anything at this scale as a consequence of her policies in the Islamdom. .... Neither would European Union."

I disagree with your conclusion. The 4,000,000 strong and growing "refugee" invasion is going to destroy the social order in the EU.



"There are not a lot of Europe experts in this administration who have a long record of accomplishment," the official said. "There's no doubt this leaves the Pentagon weaker in terms of its policy-making on European issues." ... "As assistant secretary of defense, she traveled widely as part of the ongoing international standoff with Russia over Ukraine."

Wrong on Ukraine and wrong on Syria. Good timing to get to a think tank sinecure.

Babak Makkinejad

Al Mayadin (المیادین) reports:

The following cities around Homs were attacked 5 times:

"تلبیسه"، "الرستن الزعفرانه" و "المکرمیه"

FB Ali

I quite agree that the various AQ franchises (masquerading under the Jaish al Fatah label) would happily join a post-Syrian order, supported by the West, with so-called "liberals and secularists" as front men. Knowing they would call the shots, and, when suitable, take over.

Nor would IS mind too much. It knows that they are all working towards the same end, and hopes ultimately they will all join under its leadership.

The Saudis and Gulfies know this, too. The only ones who do not know, or choose to pretend not to know, are the US and its supporters.

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

Judging by reports on the first missions, they will be concentrating on the immediate threats to Syrian government positions. At the same time, those targets present the least chance for encountering U.S. aircraft in the target area. The CNN spin was (of course) that those nasty Russians aren't attacking ISIS, they're propping up the "regime".


Babak Makkinejad

EU consists of 700 million souls. I rather doubt the refugees being more than a headache.


Vladimir had to ruin the jihadi fun. No longer is the jihadi gig a Saudi/Emirates-supporting, US-protecting, sinecure. Last year when the Russians tried to talk with U.S. State Dept. about destroying ISIS the U.S. told the Russians to go pound sand. The Russians obliged, their aircraft are returning with empty bomb racks. Go Ivan!


And what is truly sad and concerning is that we will not hear any of our vaunted presidential hopefuls utter anything close to being this clear, this truthful, and this principled.

Eric Dönges

Because it lacks the political will to do so. Instead of creating a common European foreign policy (which would be very hard !) we take the easy way out and rely on American protection for our security - never mind that our current security threats where largely brought about by American stupidity.

Back in 2006 Colonel Lang suggested NATO be disolved. I thought he was nuts. I've since changed my mind - it's become abundantly clear that American and European interests no longer coincide. An amicable divorce would be best for all parties concerned.



That depends entirely on where they wind up and the response of current EU residents. Sweden sure doesn't look very much like the Sweden of the past and it took less than 40 years to get that way.

FB Ali

I think you are your correct in your expectations.


Has the Great General Staff on the Potomac put the Middle Eastern Lenin on the sealed train yet? Maybe Czar Assad and his family will die violent deaths, but that will not end in the victory for the new Kaiser, perhaps...

The Beaver

@ no one

Don't have to go far , he is their mouth piece:


He is as bad as the Borg and the two European countries as far as the removal of Assad is concerned.He is getting paid by someone representing an organisation from within the beltway.


"Look, they could not resolve their problems in Syria peacefully, what makes you think that they would do so now that they are in Germany?"

Counter examples:

1) The various groups in the former Yogoslavia killed each other there, in Austria and Germany they are almost perfect citizens, my colleagues from the Netherlands and Sweden made the same observations.

2) Kurds and Turks are able to peacefully co-exist in Austria and Germany.

3) The same for Pakistanies and Indians.

4) In Romania and Bulgaria you see often rampant corruptions, in Austria and Germany the same people do not have these issues.

My working model is that immigration in moderate numbers from various countries is something we can handle, the dilution of the immigrating groups must be sufficient.

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