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29 September 2015


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Babak Makkinejad

The two-tongued sword is the famous sword of Imam Ali; it is Shia symbol par excellence and is not an exclusively Alevi symbol:


Babak Makkinejad

Yol was not about Turkish and Kurdish problems; it demonstrated the extent to which the inhabitants of Turkey lived in a cultural/civilizational prison in which Decency, Justice, and ultimately Rationality was in short-supply.

And if you think it was an exaggeration you would be wrong.

And outside of Seljuk Boundary, it is 100 times worse.


We have around 5 million Turks (Kurds, Tartars) in Germany, that is correct. However, your statement that we can not integrate them is debatable. We are not able to integrate them as fast as other groups, but to claim, that there is no integration is wrong.

The reality is that Turks have no Turk political movement or political power in Germany - somebody as cynic as me may even claim that a few thousand Danes in Schleswig-Holstein have more political influence than more than 2 million Turks with Germnan citizenship. There is not even a clear affiliation of Turks with a certain German party, which would give them influence.

Most Turks are quite secular Muslims, not very interested in religion. The fact that some of the ISIL fighters come from Turkish families in Germany does not change this picture.

We see more and more marriages between Turks and Germans and the performance of Turks in highschool improves. When girls have Abitur (graduation from top tier highschool) the goal is achieved.

In case of the Bulgarian you are wrong. Most of them integrate quite well and a few thousands per year do not matter.

For me this is an social erosion process. Are immigrat groups able to maintain a social ghettos/parallel society or do they lose too many of their young to the German society, in case of the Turks "we" are winning IMHO.


Most people go where they get a job. Berlin is in this respect no so attractive when your profile fits more for the industrial or agricultural sector.

The less successful will go where homes are cheap, again not a feature of Berlin in future.


Babak, it's way too long ago to lecture me, how I should have watched the film as somewhat fitting into your "Seljuk Boundary" thesis. ;)

Babak Makkinejad

I admit that you could be right. Intermarriage is certainly the key, in my opinion.

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