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07 September 2015


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Charles I

Cheers from the Work Less Party.

John Minnerath

Sorry Charles, I thought it said "worthless party", current political circus is getting to me.





My dear old dad (not) got out of the army after the Mexican Punitive Expedition and WW1 on the Mexican Border and stayed out four years or so. In that time he was a forester for the US Forest Service, worked in a cousin's lumber yard in Chicago and was a "Wobbly." pl


Good on your father! There are plenty of jobs that would make me a Wobbly.



He went back into the cavalry in '22, served in the Philippine Scouts Cavalry (26th Cavalry Regiment), then the Philippine Constabulary as an officer, then said the hell with, got an accounting degree off duty, switched to the Finance Department and retired as a major in '53 when he got sick in Korea. He was promoted on retirement to Lieutenant Colonel what the French members of our brotherhood would call a "tombstone promotion." He was not a pleasant man. pl


"not a pleasant man" can have huge upsides:

1, empathy is rooted in vigilance; vigilance is rooted in threat.
2. raises awareness of arete.
3. etc. etc.


I gathered he was a difficult person. However, at this safe remove, I think it's o.k. to give him points for having drive and an utter lack of complacency. I also realize it is easy for me to be generous when I didn't to deal with him. Still, an interesting career/life.



Do you think that Saudi's cutting their spending in the public realm, will affect their spending under the table? Hmmm......



I am thankful (but a little sad) at all the people working (and driving big rigs), who helped everyone enjoy a labor day of not working up in the Mtns.

Once upon a time I recall when businesses were closed for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

Charles I

Funny thing, I made a lot more dough not working than I ever did working, albeit with less partying but I digress.

We are in the midst of a 77 day election instead of the usual 37 days, after Dear Leader tweaked the spending rules to get a bigger rebate for a longer writ period. We are heading towards your permanent campaigns. How does your populace stand it, makes my head explode if I watch?

ps, John can you see the Perseid's meteor shower Aug 11-13 from where you are? My dad died on Aug 11th, and it has been overcast several years running but this year was clear and spectacular, the Earth was in a denser part of the storm than usual, and the Moon phase co-operating. Floated around the bay on an air mattress and champignons in utter darkness all night, pure magic.

John Minnerath

This year in this part of Wyoming we were blanketed with thick layers of unusual clouds during the Perseid's.

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