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15 September 2015


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It might end up on Al Jazeera English YouTube channel. I see some other "Inside Story" segments there. Here is an example published yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ftoxm4_Gya0

Though sometimes AJE videos are blocked from viewing in the US, or at least they used to be. I don't understand the crazy thing they did w/ Al Jazeera English vs Al Jazeera America.



Any chance for a transcript?



They are going to send me a transcript in a couple of days and I will excerpt parts that I spoke and make a post of them. AJ America was evidently constructed from the ruins of "Current TV" and for some reason inherited that defunct network's obligations. I learned in bidness not to buy companies with their obligations. It is best to buy their assets only. A company has to have a hell of a lot in intangible assets like "brand" and good will to make anything else worthwhile. Robert Willman presided over one such sale at which I was present. AJ America They are distributed by various cable news providers who will not let them be linked to. Crazy. pl

The Beaver


The Q&A of the episode of yesterday may be on-line in a couple of months ( hopefully) but the introduction (~ 4 mins) of the topic can be viewed on the web site and there is also a tweet announcing the topic and the participants.


Thank you!


I look forward to the interview whenever it becomes available!
Did the colonel resemble Mr Kawczynski in his interview style?



good on you, and may you present many more.

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