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09 September 2015


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alba etie

John Bolton , the Kagan's & General Boykin on the GOP side ... And knowing this I sent Senator Sander's campaign another $ 25 this week ...



Thanks for the update. The entrenched Nouveau Khans have held the Presider in check for most of his term and it is good to hear that he is ready to start kicking some fundaments. I would say that the public support for the Iran deal gives him the understanding that he has support.

Now the public relations unveiling of the path forward looks to be starting by the Global Game Players, Westside via Germany.

As for Cookie Mamma, she has to worry about a "I Know What You Did Last Summer" moment when the story of the shot down airliner is revealed to the public with word being that it will happen no later than December. Maybe she authorized it on her own?

And could it be Presider and Putin have been playing public enemies while privately working as a tag team? An interesting Autumn ahead for us.


I believe Sanders has a real chance of being elected as the Last Sane Man Standing.

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