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16 September 2015


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Will Reks


Those are relevant factors as to why one might adopt American citizenship other than purely administrative convenience. I don't care about the woman's personal hangups. I think perhaps a comedic talk show is the not best venue to interrogate Blunt on her true views.


Will Reks

Absolutely not! If the woman displayed the slightest respect for this country or its people I might accept that but she does not and there are no material advantages at all. We have eliminated all of them. Are you an immigrant to the US? My guess is that she wishes to become politically active. As to the venue for her diatribes against America, the woman is an actress. pl



So what? I have a lot of distinguished ancestors including several of your kings and three sureties of Magna Carta but I am not my ancestors and neither is she. pl



" Is she a liar and a dumbass..."

Well she lives and works in Hollywood...... Of course the biggest complaint those folks will have is that upon assuming US Citizenship she immediately denigrates the Republic and her now fellow citizens but makes less than the male UK actors who denigrate the US after becoming citizens. I wonder which corporate sponsors of the Jimmy Kimmel show think US citizenship is as worthless as this millionaire actress.

nick  b


Don't feel bad. I had no idea either. After looking her up, it turns out that I have seen some of the movies she has been in. Obviously she left no great impression.


Tidewater to London Bob, johnf, Turcopolier, and All,

I understand the issue here, but for a moment I found some sort of escape from my usual tension in pondering loyalties in Henry IV Part II and realizing I had forgotten a huge chunk of it. Peasants? I thought Britain had only yeomen. It's Europa for peasants. Anyway, Falstaff is a townie. He was based on the innkeer of an inn on the road from Bristol to London, was he not? (John Aubrey,'Brief Lives.' A charming little book written from one hangover to the next by a well-received and frequent houseguest who heard interesting stuff the evening before and managed to preserve some of it with trembling hand, sometimes just one line.)

Recently I discovered that it was Richard II, not Hamlet, who said "I wasted time..." So it's back to the old drawing board for me, so to speak. Thanks for that, British scholarly guys.

I was reminded of Archibald Macleish. In 'You, Andrew Marvel' he describes the course of a day. The poem has its little bit of melancholy, but I am leaving that out. I suppose there are many here who have made this journey by aeroplane...

..."And strange at Ecbatan the trees
Take leaf by leaf the evening strange
The flooding dark about their knees
The mountains over Persia change

And now at Kermanshah the gate
Dark empty and the withered grass
And through the twilight now the late
Few travelers in the westward pass

And Baghdad darken and the bridge
Across the silent river gone
And through Arabia the edge
Of evening widen and steal on

And deepen on Palmyra's street
The wheel rut in the ruined stone
And Lebanon fade out and Crete
High through the clouds and overblown

And over Sicily the air
Still flashiing with the landward gulls
And loom and slowly disappear
The sails above the shadowy hulls

And Spain go under and the shore
Of Africa the gilded sand
And evening vanish and no more
The low pale light across that land..."

Ah, the great sweep of things, Shah Je.



I feel you. I tire of the British leftist idiots who made their island into a socialist hell, flee here, and then complain about how we need to be more like Europe.

Deport em all I say.

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, things have not been the same since the demise of the Great King - and later, the great Alp Arsalan.

Will Reks


You are forcing me to put more thought into this woman than she deserves. She used her public forum on Jimmy Kimmel's show to take some cheap shots and rightfully earned some contempt. Agreed.

I am not an immigrant but I do have relatives that have recently become citizens. I do not think that they consider themselves to be culturally American but citizenship made sense to them for practical reasons that may not be understandable to natives. They, of course, do not make it a point to offend people for no reason.


Will Reks

"For practical reasons?" What were they? pl


All real Americans have nothing but disdain for any kind of hereditary titles. We may be polite about it when talking to foreigners but we realize that monarchy is no real basis for a representative government, even in ceremonial form. I'm not sure she understands what it actually means to be an American.

That being said, watching the Republican debates is rather dismaying for anyone who believes in the whole self-governing thing.

Will Reks


I think having children who were citizens by birth was the biggest reason. The children will be culturally American and have limited ties to a foreign nation or culture. Acquiring US citizenship provided a measure of security and doing so won't prevent them from owning property in or retiring to their native country.

JM Gavin

I suspect her comments will make her quite popular with a certain segment of our populace which shares her opinion. Since those are the folks she hangs out with, there is no real downside for her public display of vapid idiocy.

If dealing with tiresome Colonials here becomes too burdensome, I recommend the young lady to travel east or west, until she finds saltwater, and then swim to the country of her choosing. Maybe she can find a people less offensive to her sensibilities.

JM Gavin

Every people has the government they deserve.


Tidewater to Babak Makkinejad,

I just found out that Thomas Jefferson was channeling The Great King!

You're winning!



I wonder how the slaves in all those slave societies felt about the benevolence of the Great King.

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