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15 September 2015


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Balint Somkuti

From a certain point of view you are right. Like Ben Kenobi telling Luke about his father's fate.


Tidewater to Kutte and charly,

Kutte, that's interesting. I am not sure why they would use 'Persian.' I do know or rather, have read, that these folks tend to keep out of politics and focus on business. Maybe the word 'Persian' avoids any friction from the current climate. I remember asking the Iranian in the bar if he had ever gone back to Iran, and he seemed to indicate that he had. But I felt I was getting into a sensitive area. He wrote down for me the old saying about Isfahan. See Isfahan...As half the world? Damn, I am getting like Bush. Anyway, I have it written down.

Maybe these people also think the whole Iranian thing under the Shah was a bit fake. If one remembers all that.

charly--that's funny about California, also, to me, scary. I didn't realize it was that much richer. So that explains it.

Thanks for your comments.

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