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25 September 2015


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ex-PFC Chuck

What you're implying, Origin, I'd make explicit. The party of Eisenhower was long gone not too far into Reagan's presidency, if not before.

SAC Brat

I'm hoping the Pope suggested to John to flip the swamp the bird and go help out Jimmy Carter's outfit. Carter's getting up there in years and John is still young enough to swing a framing hammer. It would fit with the Jesuit judo the Pope keeps demonstrating.


Time will tell if he will be the first Speaker in a long time who did not eventually become a lobbyist. I suspect the odds are with me and he would make a lot of money, if he decides to do so.

different clue


I know State is not Federal, but a Rational Republican has made the news recently here in Michigan. A State Legislator, whose name I forget, has introduced a bill to ban aquaculture ( fish farming) anywhere in Michigan's part of the Great Lakes, because of the pollution and infection and risks of invasive species escapes that aquaculture brings in its wake. He is concerned for the safety and survival of commercial fishing, sport fishing, water drinkability and freedom-from-disease, etc. of Michigan Great Lakes water. And that is highly rational. So "Rational Republican" can happen, and this legislator is living proof.


I simply don't care for Boehner, and never have.

Margaret Steinfels

Speaking of those sitting behind Francis at the podium.

Biden, what was he thinking? "Hey, that's the kind of government I'd run." Just speculating.



archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia just made another sheriff's presser speech. He thanked everyone especially his sponsors and donors. I suppose he thinks his "brand" as a Catholic prelate is much improved. pl


"Believe he will be missed once his replacement elected." - To my dismay, I think you're right. It'll be an "N" either way - a nut or neocon.

Margaret Steinfels

This practice has seeped down into the parish. Have you ever been to an Easter Vigil...deep into the night, after which the pastor thanks the choir, the ushers, his fellow clergy, the altar boys and girls, the florist, the cleaners, the parishioners, etc., and everyone who helped make this a wonderful celebration. (No particular mention of JC; guess that goes without saying.) Each thanks invites applause. It's appalling. A bit like Dancing with the Stars. OY!

Richard Sale

That's a prejudice, not an argument.

Richard Sale

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