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25 September 2015


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Watching Boehner's demeanor as he listened to the Pope one could almost see the gears in his head turning. Thus, today's announcement is not at all surprising.

Jill is on-target.

Department of Tin-foil hats: given that Boehner's 20-year dream was to see the Catholic pope give a speech to joint congress, one wonders if the 'price' was inviting Netanyahu first.

related tangentially:

I'd still like to know more about how Juan Zarate, Stuart Levey's man, got inside the Vatican's finances --

"In June 2014 he accepted an appointment to the Board that oversees the Vatican's Institute for the Works of Religion ("IOR"), a move announced by Cardinal Pell of the Vatican Finance Ministry as part of Pope Francis I's efforts to clean up the finances of the Vatican."

btw while you were ogling Francis, Adam Szubin, another Israel-firster, was confirmed as under secretary of the treasury for Terrorism and Financial Crimes. http://tinyurl.com/pkh883o

That's the shop that Levey created and of which Zarate was a charter member. It merges all the intelligence capabilities of NSA with all the power to control US financial affairs as well as international finance via access to US dollar.


Medicine Man -

No Speaker will serve depending on the support of the minority party. It's simply not a stable situation.



The party adopted Reagan's thoughts,enough of them decided compromise was, in and of itself, a denial of the Randian principles upon which Reaganism was based and decided that the only way their nihilistic kin can succeed is to maintain a "Warrior ethic" hence, only slaughter is acceptable. See the book Warrior Politics by Robert D. Kaplan as an example of the abominable thought process that has taken Reaganism to such extremes.

The Twisted Genius

Margaret, Stephanie and Jill,

I think you're all right. I just saw the film of him walking to the podium smiling and singing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" to announce his resignation. I also found his telling of his one-on-one time with Frank the Good inspiring. I'm not a particular fan of his, but I wish him well and I wish him happiness. Perhaps Frank the Good has inspired him to do something even greater with the rest of his life.


I don't think of Reagan and Eisenhower together either.

How often do we hear anything done by Eisenhower or Nixon or Ford praised by Republicans these days?

In addition, as the years go on and Reagan is mentioned with such constancy and consistency as the Republican candidates' one and only presidential ideal, the situation becomes more and more curious to me.


I think Boehner was pushed out of his seat. Many R candidates speak of him in the vilest terms as part of their campaign. I imagine he is disheartened and disillusioned from fighting his own people for his political life, not to mention exhausted from pulling their knives out of his back. I think the Pope's visit was a good circumstance and opportunity for him to announce his resignation with just a little dignity.


Love all the baby big statists waddling in to declare compromise is "you give me everything I want".


Seriously, I love the schizophrenia in people who denounce the FP of their party on here then act as if they're the reasonable ones domestically.

SAC Brat

A classic from The Onion: "Embarrassed Republicans Admit They've Been Thinking Of Eisenhower Whole Time They've Been Praising Reagan"


I'd like to see the Republican Party accomplish a few things they could be proud of, instead of trying to bury their past like a cat on a linoleum floor. When did the patriots and statesmen get edged out by used car salesmen and grifters?

I'm also looking forward to Mitch McConnell (R-PRC) moving on to greener pastures.



Great! Denigrate the man's inner and spiritual life. Its all expediency and excuses,right? Except maybe for you and yours. pl


" I imagine he is disheartened and disillusioned from fighting his own people for his political life,..."

He wouldn't have had to if he had not betrayed his own to transnational interests.

" ... walking to the podium smiling and singing ..."

Yep, now it's time for him to cash in and get paid for his treason.


As far as I know Cuck is short for "Cuckold". Originally the abbreviation was a slang term relating to men who derive pleasure from sexual humiliation; typically a fantasy or role play scenario of being forced to watch their wife or significant other having sex with another man. Recently, It's been picked up by certain conservatives as an insult for anyone they deem insufficiently conservative, implying they are weak and emasculated.

For me it's immensely helpful. It's one of those words, like 'triggered/triggering' or 'islamofascism' that if used seriously means "Ignore everything else i have to say, I am living a fantasy where my tweets/posts/whatever mean I am participating in a glorious struggle against evil."


"now it's time for him to cash in and get paid for his treason." What is the basis for this insult to the man other than your own hatefulness? pl


Origin -

Hey, I lived through it just like you. I see it a bit differently, though, what I see is that the GOP finally got captured by the various disaffected that they tried so hard to pander to over the years. It did start with Reagan, but more his rhetoric than his actions. First the Southern Strategy, then the courting of evangelicals, then the Randian themes to attract the libertarians, the excessive militarization and hawkishness to pander to the military suppliers, then anti-environmentalism to attract the worst of the extractive industries, finally a reflexive opposition to anything proposed by liberals no matter the merits. It's become a giant machine to collect donations and redistribute money to the wealthy and well connected.

The Twisted Genius


Exactly what treason are you talking about? I know treason is a term that is thrown around quite casually today. As far as I'm concerned, such casualness is un-American, childish and just plain ignorant. I have no evidence whatsoever to believe John Boehner is anything other than a loyal American and a good man. I may not agree with everything he did, but that is no reason to not respect the man. As far as his motivations for resigning, I seriously doubt the Pope told him to go out and make a buck when he had his arm around Boehner's shoulders. Given this experience and his Jesuit education at Xavier, perhaps he may "ite, inflammate omnia."

dilbert dogbert

Cuckservative is used by those of the more radical factions of the Republican party to slander their proponents.

dilbert dogbert

On reading of Boehner's decision the words of the old song came to mind: Take This Job And Shove It.
Another was that the Tea Party wing, like the dog chasing the car and it stops, has to figure out what to do next.


Sir? It was not in my mind to comment on Boehner's spiritual life. I've no idea of whether he has one or what it might be. I've had occasional sympathy for him just as a fellow human being. It appeared that he would be pushed out as Speaker and I expect he is quite ready to walk away from the toxic atmosphere. The papal visit is a high point and the circumstances allowed him an opportunity to resign on his own terms. If that is maligning his spirituality then I am far too dense to understand that.


thanks Larry, I was wondering Grimgin's defintion.


Hank, I had the impression while studying a top ARI representative, it may be a strategy to win over libertarians (of the Randian type or "Objectivists") to militarization and hawkishness in the ME.

Once you use religion in politics it may suggest you should look out for other "interest groups" too.

that said: Since the subject lately caught my attention, is there any historical approach to economics and its usage over the decades in the US, publication wise.

Problems and the resulting government approaches from Nixon to Obama?

Or, since the little economics I was taught, beyond the no doubt useful mathemathical formulas, gave me the impression it surely is no hard science. Now that I wound up here: econonomics, theories, ususage in US politics over the decades. ;)


Since John Boehner has now term limited himself, he can avoid a disastrous government shutdown (for the GOP), the crazies got a scalp and now the one year ban on lobbying starts, thus bring him so much closer to substantial wealth.



"thus bring him so much closer to substantial wealth." IMO a despicable thing to write. you do not know this man. How can you judge him like that? pl



It accurately describes their behavior to a T.



This from a president who governs via EOs? Okay doke.



I've moved in the opposite direction for the same reasons. As Reagan put it "My party left me".

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