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19 September 2015


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High quality is always a bug draw.
Congrats. Your blog richly deserves the thumbs up given 12 mm times.





Don't clap. Send money. Thanks pl

William R. Cumming

P.L. and ALL: Thanks for all the hard work and insightful commentary.

Sherry Long  De Mandel

Congratulations. Well deserved.


it's a pittance, b/ every little bit helps. just sent. keep up with the "lux libertas." (my alma mater motto)


Congrats Pat.

Still leading you by some 809,000 Pageviews but I started a few month earlier than you :-)

Thanks for the valuable content you and others here provide.



I don't expect to catch up to you but I don't see this kind of thing as a contest. pl


Is it possible that some grownups in the administration (there must be a few given the apparent emerging Syria policy split) have been following SST lately? And might have learned something useful..


As you well know, we had our verbal differences. Please excuse if I was slightly over the top, offline. I am sure I was at one point. ;)

But yes, instead of lighting an eternal web candle to Charles I may as well as you Americans taught me: put my money where my mouth is. Besides I am pretty sure Charles would appreciate it. May he rest in peace anyway, just as all of us pilgrims who follow after.


Since I cannot resist a snark, may I combine a comment to b with something else on my mind at the moment I read the headline, compared to b's about 1 million, you would deserve 100 as far as I am concerned.

John Ennis

Since I just started dropping in, I won't pony up the coin just yet.

But for all the others who appearto be dropping in quite frequently, remember the immortal words of Robert Heinlein.

"Anybody can clap and cheer-but applause worth while will be found in a pile of soft, green folding money"


John Ennis

"I won't pony up the coin just yet." Fine, I don't need the money, but the slush fund in my paypal account gives me a small extra ability to contribute to what I think are worthy causes and the contribution gives people an opportunity to show their appreciation. pl

FB Ali

John Ennis,

The value that Col Lang provides us by hosting this blog is priceless. Apart from the wisdom one can find here, it is (as I wrote elsewhere some years ago) "one of the few oases of reason and sanity in the wilderness that is public discourse in the USA these days".

The donations we occasionally make are a token of our recognition of this, and our gratitude, not in any way payment for a service.


John Ennis

Your money is no good on SST and I will not post any further comments from you. pl


FB Ali

I concur absolutely. This blog is an oasis of plain sense in the wilderness. Food for thought, food for the soul. Well worth the effort!


Seconded. SST is a superior site.

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