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29 August 2015


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TTG et al

Well, pilgrims, and now we have a black man who walked up behind a sheriff's deputy (for foreign people that is s real, full time policeman) in Houston and shot the man in the back while the cop was fueling his patrol car at a gas station. A week or so earlier another black man pistol whipped a policeman in Texas and all he could say about it after was that he was fighting back. The Roanoke, Virginia lunatic wrote that he was motivated by the white lunatic in Charleston, SC. People ought to think carefully about the possibility of widespread racial violence in the US. This country is saturated in guns and will remain that way. No possible combination of politicians is goin to succeed in disarming the American people. This is not Canada, or the UK or any of the other nanny states. A tide of rising violence on a racial basis will inevitably draw reprisals and there are a hell of a lot of mean white men in the USA who own guns. Be careful, people! The father of the woman reporter killed at Roanoke said on TV today that he might have to arm himself because of threats being made against him. The Clintonian demagogue, Governor McCauliffe lost no time in going to Roanoke to grandstand. On MSNBC this AM the loudmouths are having a field day trying to logroll for more gun law. Their cry is for more background checks. This Roanoke shooter bought his weapons legally well in advance of the event and was background checked. Calm down people! pl

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