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06 August 2015


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"things have been set in motion that cannot be undone"

INDEED. "connecting the dots between various micro-events"

Then we have, "Shots Fired at Soldiers at Military Base in Mississippi... a red Ford Ranger with “broken arrow” written across the top" And another headline that is part of the demonization process, "Conspiracy Hicks Fire Shots at US Soldiers"

As far as major events go... there are just plain too many dots.

.Iran Nuclear Deal: White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, argues that the deal is good because the agreed upon additional IAEA inspections would make war on Iran easier. http://blogs.cfr.org/zenko/2015/08/05/obamas-false-dichotomy-of-the-iran-nuclear-deal/

.Turkey Bases: War on the Kurds (betrayal AGAIN), War on Asad's Syria (NOT ISIS), Civil War in Turkey

.ISIS in Afghanistan, encircle China

.South China Sea: ASEAN summit to escalate confrontation with Beijing

.Ukraine: War in Europe

On and On and ON... I'll stay glued to my screen as things seem to be pointing toward WAR, then run and hide under a rock?

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