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24 August 2015


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William R. Cumming

Thanks P.L. for a poignant reminder! SELMA?

Edward Goldstick

Thank you for sharing your personal experience via this this poignant tribute...

... and for reminding us not to forget the unsung heroes from all azimuths.


Thanks for reminding us of this. A great lesson.


Here;s the wiki on Mr. Daniels. Well worth reading. He gave his life saving the life of a young woman. and his murderer was aquitted by an all-white jury.


The Twisted Genius

A moving and inspirational essay by Jeff Shapiro. VMI and her graduates have ample reason to be proud of Jonathan Daniels and his demonstrated decency and nobility. It says a lot that his classmates selected him as their valedictorian. Colonel Lang, he was just a year ahead of you and a fellow New Englander. What do you remember of him?



He was a New Englander. I lived there four years when in high school, left and never returned. We were both English majors and in several courses together. I saw him at departmental functions but there is not or was not any social interaction between people of different year classes unless you are relatives or some such thing. I gave him a ride once returning from leave in Maine. I had been up there to visit my future wife. He was from Keene, New Hampshire. I had a rental car and arranged to pick him up and carry him to Virginia. He did a heroic thing that was in the best tradition of VMI, but I can't say I liked him. I will let it go at that. pl



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