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30 August 2015


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The Twisted Genius

Wow. I guess that answers Pete Seeger's question, "Which side are you on?" If she had any self respect, she would resign from her position as chair of the DNC.


With her and her bloated opinion of herself, I doubt it. She is also a weak DNC chair. As a PPCLI officer once described a not-to competent officer "a total wast of rations."

The Twisted Genius


The term I'm most familiar with is an oxygen thief.


oofda & TTG

My next door neighbor for many years was the grandson of Lt. Col Agar Adamson, DSO, who was for most of WWI the Battalion CO of the PPCLI in France. His letters to his wife who was in London during the war are most interesting. pl


The two-party system is a feature, not a bug - to the western oligarchs. DWS is a Hillary wannabe and encapsulates everything that is wrong with the 'business wing of the Democratic party.' And then they wonder why more people aren't Democrats.

The Twisted Genius


I read he wrote from the trenches every day. Were his letters ever published?





The Twisted Genius


Great. Looking forward to reading it. I enjoy these wartime journals. They give a true feeling of their times and thoughts, but you know that better than I do. I found an interesting account from the military period of my passion as a free offering on iBooks. "The Military Journals of two Private Soldiers, 1758-1775" by Abraham Tomlinson.



Agar Adamson suffered with dignity from a wife who was of dubious loyalty. She had the money. pl


VIPS noticed on MH-17, kudos:

William R. Cumming

IMO the DEMS in deep disarray allowing for possible takeover of WH by Republicans.


Yes indeed. Particularly with "Mrs. Bill Maher" as the DNC chair. The Dems simply refuse to develop candidates. The Clintons, the Rahm Imanuels et al continue to destroy the party.

It just goes back to things like trotting out Walter Mondale to run for the senate, after Paul Wellstone died while campaigning. He looked like a cadaver. How blind do you have to be to not see that?

If this keeps up, I'm going to go over the wall to Canada and live with the 'snowbacks' in Quebec.


Wasserman has been bought by AIPAC. That being said there was a fallback plan by James Zogby that apparently produced a satisfactory outcome.

Will Reks


I think the WH would be just about evenly contested after 8 years of an incumbent President even if that President's party was not in "deep disarray". Sounds like media nonsense hyping up the fears of Dem elites. I think the demographic advantage is mostly a myth and the WH is not a lock for Democrats. It only requires a small shift in voting for Republicans to win some of those crucial swing states where Latinos are less electorally significant.

robt willmann

The news that Debbie Wasserman Schultz (no hyphenated last name?) prevented consideration of a resolution backing the Iran deal by the Democratic National Committee is not a surprise. The Democrats did well only from 2005-2009 when Howard Dean was chairman of the Democratic National Committee, after Terry McAuliffe and before Debbie W. Schultz. It was Howard Dean who salvaged the situation for the Democrats in 2006 and 2008, and not the McAuliffe / Rahm Emanuel / Debbie W.S. group.

I have heard, although I do not know if it is accurate, that the country outside of Israel in the Middle East that has the largest Jewish population is Iran (20,000+ maybe?). Regardless of the number, the government of Iran does not put the Iranian Jews in an outdoor prison like the government of Israel does to the Palestinians in the Gaza strip. Despite "incentives" from Israel, plenty of Iranian Jewish people choose to stay in Iran.

Not only that, but this video from 2007 is fun, in which a group of Orthodox Jews from New York who are opposed to Zionism and the conduct of Israel met with Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at that time the president of Iran who was in New York for a United Nations meeting--



For some reason (!) this meeting and video was never mentioned on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox "News", CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg News, the Public Broadcasting System, and National Public Radio, nor did Charlie Rose or "Morning Joe" or Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin interview any of them, nor was it mentioned in the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. etc. etc.

But these remain useful bits of information.


Spot on regarding Howard Dean's attempt to rebuild the party and the ineptitude of the before and after chairs.


Talking of books, recently published (2014) is The Orphan Scandal: Christian Missionaries and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood by Beth Baron.

A well researched book that spends a few pages on the care for orphans and abandoned children in the Ottoman-Egyptian state, and the evolution of that (less investment) with the arrival of the British.

different clue


I like to imagine, or dream, that if Sanders somehow got the nomination in the teeth of DLC Third Way Clintonite Obamacrat opposition, that he and his people would then be able to do a very thorough housecleaning within the Democratic Party.


Another example of Obama's weakness and irresponsibility. It was obvious to all that she was a hack without the virtue of being loyal to the President. Her appointment a sop to the Party's Miami wing.He never has given a damn about the welfare of the Democratic Party as a whole. And he never sought to prepare the political ground for a deal with Iran. So all of this was predictable. Many other urgent matters are being neglected at this moment while he surveys glacial melt in Alaska - no doubt with the vision of an Arctic golf course on his mind (has he played golf in the other 49 as of this date?)


The Wasserman woman was Rahm Emanuel's doing when he was chief of staff. His goal was to purge the party of progressive elements who might jeopardize ties with the donor base. Remember that when he was in Congress he somehow seduced Pelosi into appointing him to head the Democrats' campaign committee in anticipation of the 2006 Congressional election. He starved or suppressed all potential anti-war candidates while encouraging the blue-dogs - most of the latter now defeated after having performed their mission between 2006 and 2010.

Babak Makkinejad

Those kinds of strengths that you are envision will not get you elected anywhere within Diocletian Line.

Who among US congressmen or senators or governors exhibits the sort of courage and responsibility that you wish?


How about this for the Mother of Terrible Ideas: http://www.inss.org.il/index.aspx?id=4538&articleid=10477&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=New%20Campaign&utm_term=%2AMideast%20Brief

So the Israelis want an "agreement" from the US requiring us to take certain actions against Iran. Nothing says "American leadership" like a client state requiring us to jump through their hoops.

Of course, I would sign a security agreement with Israel if they (1) got rid of their nukes and joined the NPT; and (2) recognized a Palestinian state.

William R. Cumming

Thanks for your comment. IMO turnout is key and neither HRC or Bernie can turn out in the needed numbers. Nor can Joe Biden IMO!



I congratulate Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz on her decision, announced today, to vote for the Iran nuclear deal. She made a tearful announcement of that on SOTU today. She may have picked that program because Jake Tapper is also Jewish and she may have expected a sympathetic interviewer. In the course of her "cri de Coeur" over the decision she said that she made this decision "with a Jewish heart,"as a Jewish mother," and that "Israel is more important to her than ANYTHING ELSE." Realizing what she had just said, she added that she was a citizen of the United States. IMO the back blast she has received for blocking a vote on a pro-Iran deal resolution at the DNC's annual summer meeting in Denver had as much to do with her decision to support as anything else. In any case, the Democratic Party should not have a national chair who professes loyalty to a foreign country above all else. pl

The Beaver


May be VP Biden must have had more influence than her mentor former U.S. Rep. Peter Deutsch, D-Hollywood,if we go by this article:


Still she is showing her divided loyalties

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