26 August 2015


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You are correct. The concerted attacks on Trump by both the left wing and right wing media using political correctness yardstick is leading to more support from whites. Several Democrats I know will vote for Trump over Hillary if the election were held now. I speculate that he could run a very credible campaign garnering support from both sides of our duopoly. The Democrat media is rather smug that Trump will destroy the Republicans but they may be surprised at the extent of support he could have among their registered voters.


Spot on, Pat. He's not a journalist IMO, other than by self-proclaimed title. He heckled Trump and got what he asked for (unfortunately). He can now beat his chest and, perhaps teary eyed, declare to his followers "See how I was wronged on your behalf!"


Col: It will prove to be a teachable moment. I shook my head and told my wife, "I think Trump just got a lot more votes."

I wish my fellow Democrats would stop mocking Trump and realize that the Master Salesman from New York is connecting with lots of our fellow citizens. I won't vote for him, but I sure as hell take him seriously.


Scott Adams made a similar comment about the scene:

"Now consider the visuals. Trump remained calm, put the reporter in his place, and eventually nodded to security to lead the protesting reporter out while cameras followed the entire episode...

And do you know what his core supporters saw? They saw Trump deport that Mexican reporter right out of the room, metaphorically. Those other candidates are talking about immigration but Trump has already started."



I heartily second Gerard's link to the perp-walk post. In fact, Scott Adams has an entire series of insightful posts on Donald Trump's mastery of persuasion.



I think you're keeping score in a clown fight. If Don Trump's candidacy represents good behavior in american society, then we've navigated from tragedy to farce and back to tragedy.



I deal in reality not pious hopes. pl


Pardon the second intrusion, but your RSS feed remains broken, this makes it difficult for some correspondents to monitor this blog.

r whitman

Do the bulk of the Hispanic voters in the USA actually agree with Ramos? There are great divides in the Hispanic community between Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. In addition much of the Mexican American community is split between US citizens, green carders and illegals.

Does anyone know of any reliable poll data on the political attitudes of these groups.

William R. Cumming

IMO Mexican Border issues are extremely complex and immigration of Mexicans to the USA legal and illegal really only document to me that the USA and Mexico are largely one country not two.

If the border ever really sealed tight Mexican friends have long told me that the norther Mexican states may well succeed from Mexico and try to become US states. They also state that 40-50 million Mexicans during any Mexican revolution could well mass migrate to the US.

Just noting for the record that California a majority minority state now and Hispanic of all shades now the majority.

Mexico is not the biggest problem for the US right now IMO but given the age of the Castro brothers the 2016 candidates might well be asked about their Cuban policies.


r whitman: Who knows? When I worked in South Texas, most of the border patrol agents were Hispanic. This may be an issue that resonates one way with party and press elites and quite another with everyday people.

nick  b

I watched the whole thing last night on CNN. It was great TV. Ramos was clearly trying to cause a scene and Trump handled the situation with aplomb. In fact, amazingly well for a candidate who supposedly doesn't have a bunch of media handlers all over him. Ironically Ramos's attempt to take down Trump probably did more to help Trump's image with primary voters than hurt it. It certainly upstaged Trump's rambling speech later that day.


r whitman,

"Do the bulk of the Hispanic voters in the USA actually agree with Ramos?" That's a good question. I think you should look back to the Col's original post “The coming political revolt of 2016”; to quote the relevant part: “ …. Joe Scarborough today said that "people ALL OVER THE CITY, PEOPLE WE RESPECT" have called him and Mika to chide for giving credence to the Trump phenomenon. ALL OVER THE CITY.”

The corporate media elite are running scared. So apparently is Mr. Ramos. There are close to 200,000,000 eligible voters in America, apparently they are all supposed to believe that the opinions of 11,000,000 illegals, their relatives and supporters (like Mexican Billionaire, the World’s Richest man and largest individual owner of the NY Times, Carlos Slim) matter most and they should just roll over and do what they are told. Laws, those are for those other people who want to become US citizens, not these illegal aliens. Apparently a bunch of voters are showing their displease with this party line by showing up at Trump rallies. The private polling by the media and other campaigners must be truly atrocious if they are this concerned this early in the election cycle.

a a

Every commenter focuses on the initial encounter, but Ramos came back in later and they had an extended exchange where Ramos tried hard to get him to support his own positions and Trump put on such an astonishing display of deflection Ramos simply couldn't continue without being rude, an angle he clearly couldn't exploit further.


What's your point? pl


nick b: Bernie needs to take lessons from Trump on how to control his own microphone.

a a

My point is simply that I haven't seen anyone commenting on the second, much longer, and more substantive exchange that seemed to me more revealing of them both in the way it brought out everything about the way that Trump handles himself and his campaign, and Ramos couldn't get through it in the brief moment he had and that if he had more time, in a different venue, it may well have been Trump who left because you can see them wind it down at just the moment he's wrong-footed.

That's how it seemed to me.


Well here we are: we have "American journalists" who put the interests of certain ethnics groups -- theirs -- ahead of the rest of us.

I recalled reading that as an organization Univision puts the interests of Hispanics first, ahead of America's and Americans' interests as well. Here's something from an article from last month that shows my recollection was correct:

"When the nation's largest Spanish-language television network cut ties just over a week ago with Donald Trump, Univision executives said they were acting out of "a responsibility to speak up for the community we serve.".

"We see firsthand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants ... have in building the future of our country," the network said in response to Trump's derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants.

It was a characteristic move for Univision, which, like many Spanish-language media outlets in the U.S., defines itself not just as a media company but as an advocate and defender of the Latino community.

"They openly acknowledge their bias in acting in the interest of Hispanic America," said Fernand Amandi, a Democratic pollster based in Florida."

How are the rest of us supposed to react to this kind of "I'm for anything and everything that benefits my ethnic group" mentality when the people who view the world this way also view any opposition from other Americans as prejudice and xenophobia? There's also a vocal minority of European Americans who are back up the claims of the various ethnic lobbies, no matter how absurd they may be.

I think there are a lot of young people who don't even realize they're allowed to say disagree with the people like Ramos or feel that there anything wrong with his perspective.

People like Ramos view America as a place that belongs to the world and Americans as people who are supposed to provide a new home to all comers, whether we like it or not. It's a ridiculous proposition but it's become far more popular and pervasive than I could have ever imagined.

nick b


I'm not sure Sanders helps himself by being anything different than who he is, and I know for sure there can only be one Trump.

Down the road, students of politics will have to look back and study how Trump managed the media so effectively to his benefit. He's managed to knock every other candidate off the screen like no one I've ever seen before. If he can keep up the momentum, who knows how far he can take his candidacy?


That's funny a a, cause it looked to me like Ramos got WREKT by Trump.

Ramos, a MexIcan that doesn't believe in waiting in lines. Shocking.

a a

As my earlier reply doesn't seem to have made it through the intertubes, I'll try again.

Trump letting Ramos back in takes the edge off the critique if his summary rudeness in ejecting him, though in my view it wasn't Trump who was the rude party at that point, and that's why it isn't focused upon, though it's actually the more interesting part.

It's interesting because Ramos tried to expressly pin him down to justifying his positions and Trump managed to condense into about one minute his entire repertoire of evasion and deflection, so much so fast that Ramos was unable to keep up without himself being rude and ungraciousness, the onus falling back upon him of the very behavior that in Trump is a key part of the critique he is looking to justify.

a a

Well, let me apologize for posting twice, for some reason I was unable to see my earlier second comment and re-did it, hit send, and the re-did version vanished and now I see the original.

a a

Watch it again, Trump is out of ammo just at the point he manages to get away from him but Ramos has no way forward.


a a

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