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01 August 2015


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It seems to me considering our continuous blunders that US political elites and policy makers are clueless about the ME and its people. Wouldn't the best situation be in these circumstances for the US to stop meddling in the ME and let them sort out their affairs on their own?

I recognize the hubris of our political elites will not allow them to understand their own limitations. I recently saw an interview of Harald Malmgren who served 4 presidents. In his opinion we are where we are due to the changing character of the American people who now prefer a Nanny State. Consequently we are getting a state run by moneyed interests that use state power to reinforce their interests. He says that only groupthinkers are allowed in policy making circles and their faith-based beliefs trump any rational thinking. I suppose when the American people have been sufficiently screwed by their own "give me cheese" attitudes then there is an opportunity to get better political leaders.

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