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13 August 2015


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alba etie

We must make calling out AIPAC and other BiBi enablers an election issue for 2016 . Short and to be the point question can we keep BiBi from running our foreign policy ?


Col. Lang,

Thank you and people on SST for being the Tips of the Spears.

Bibi is only doing what has been done in the past.
I was just reading this AM that Bibi is trying to scare Canadian Jews too.

People better speak up against this loud and long!

Pre Zionist writings by Herzl suggest that the promising Viennese Journalist was convinced that Anti-Semitism was actually good for the Jews : He thought that it would mount pressure that would lead Jews eventually to “adapt” and transform into Goyim by means of conversion (5:49).

Later, when Herzl, changed his mind, and decided that Zionism was the ‘way forward’, he still thought that anti Semitism was a good thing, since it could only push Jews more urgently towards establishing the future Jewish State.


And this show what happened to Jews in Iraq

Iraqi Jews reject ‘cynical manipulation’ of their history by Israel, Zionists, writer Almog Behar tells EI



Bibi talks about Iran so he doesn't have to talk about Palestine.

The media are already preparing the "consolation prize" for Likud by creating the next Big Truth, "If only the Palestinians would accept nothing, we could settle this mess."

See https://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2015/08/11/padraig-malley-israeli-palestinian-conflict-two-state-solution-dead/zyeoVIlA0iLlQ0hPwzWpBI/story.html#comments

If the ANC had listened to Westerners, Nelson Mandela would have died in jail.

robt willmann

Moving a little closer geographically to Israel, as in Syria -- although since Israel has not declared its borders one cannot be sure what is closer and what is not -- there was a meeting in Russia earlier this week between Sergei Lavrov and the baby-faced foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, Adel al-Jubeir.

For the Arabic and Russian speakers, here is a press conference they held on 11 August 2015, and it is just about an hour and 20 minutes. At around 41 minutes and four-plus seconds, Lavrov says something under his breath in Russian while al-Jubeir is talking, but it is hard to hear. Maybe someone is able to lip read in Russian.



Pat says: "IMO Natanyahu, in his rejection of a life for Jews outside Israel is actually fostering antisemitism in the world and most especially in the United States, a country that had freed itself of this historic incubus."

That is likely his intent. Since the beginning of Zionism instigating and emphasizing antisemitism has been used as a tool the Zionists used to press for emigration to Israel. In Iraq they allegedly even used false flag terrorism against Jews to push them to emigrate to Israel. Netanyahoo wants all Jews in Israel and none, except his spies, anywhere else. The method has worked well so far so why not continue it.

different clue

alba etie,

Well, Senator Sanders tried getting other Senators to join himself in boycotting the Boehner-plotted Bibi-appearance before Congress. So Sanders has already shown himself to be operating out of proper respect for American governance channels and also a personal distaste for Netanyahu. And he is running for DemParty nomination for the General Election. So getting Sanders nominated would certainly help make Bibi and AIPAC an issue, and would be a first step towards maybe getting a President who is a genuine obstacle to Bibi and AIPAC.

different clue


As I remember my history, it was the Dreyfuss affair which disillusionized Herzl from thinking that European Jews could escape anti-semitism by assimilating. After all, Dreyfuss had totally assimilated and the Movement Antisemites of France brazenly lied about him and kangaroo-courted him to advance their antisemitic agenda anyway, totally independently of anything Dreyfuss ever did or ever could have done.

So Herzl didn't change his mind on his own. He had his mind changed for him by real outside events.

Allen Thomson

Sorry, the audio was good and Lavrov had been speaking reasonably clear Russian, but I couldn't get what he muttered. Clearly it was something negative concerning what al-Jubeir had just said. Perhaps an Arabic speaker could supply that.


Netanyahu has isolated Israel, particularly from Europe. The American Jewish community is now as deeply split as ever, and all the table-thumping about the Iran danger and other diversions will not reverse that fact. Yes, the voices of Israeli institutions are silent for the moment--but that is because they failed to muster the courage to go publicly after Bibi when he could have been defeated in the last elections. He should never have been returned to the prime ministership, and there had to have been some collective decision to hold back on the dossiers on Bibi and his thieving wife, to have allowed that to happen.

Babak Makkinejad

Israel is not isolated from Europe; the Cult of Shoah is impossible to overcome - which is what it takes to isolate Israel from Europe.

Netanyahu knows that there is no peace possible with Arabs, Palestinians, Muslims - they all know that in Israel.

The only people who think is possible evidently live outside of the Middle East in Europe and North America.

The best that can be done is a cease-fire across several borders; Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza.

Such a ceasefire deal will enable the Arabs to live their lives in tranquility and not to be consumed in the flames of war.

A hundred years from the time of the ceasefire, may be the world situation would be different.

In the meantime, Israelis can dance and sing "O Jerusalem" and Americans can have "Prayer Breakfasts" and Europeans can make their usual offering at the altar to the Cult of Shoah - everyone indulging fully in their kitsch.


To understand Bibi, you first have to understand the father, Benzion. As far back as Jabatinsky's Zionist leadership, Benzion viewed himself as kind of messianic figure. He was a true believer in Jews as the chosen people who would rightfully return and establish the Greater Israel. He was very open about transferring muslim Arabs out of Palestine and establishing only a temporary tolerance the resident Christians. In a word, he was a super hawk.

Bibi has always worshiped his father. To see the two of them on the same stage with Bibi fawning all over his father was barf inducing. When Benzion would correct something Bibi said, Bibi would meekly acquiesce. Benzion claims to have foreseen the Shoah, the 1967 and 1973 wars, 9/11 terror attack etc. Bibi has taken the Iran issue as his claim to messianic abilities like his father, Benzion. Bibi will not let go of this issue regardless of what the US or UN do. Iran is Bibi's claim to greatness.

If the deal goes into effect watch Israel try to torpedo it by returning to the assassination of nuclear scientists, digital and physical sabotage etc to induce Iran to violate the deal. Israel has solid ties into the MEK to do their dirty work in Iran.


According to some accounts, Lavrov said "f**king morons" under his breath and the mike picked it up.


"The idea that the trial of Alfred Dreyfus inspired Herzl to write The Jewish State is "simply not true" Shlomo Avineri declared in a fluent and well recieved lecture that opened the first full day of London's Jewish Book Week." Forward - February 24, 2014.



And according to some accounts (I don't speak Russian), there's no such expression in Russian.


"Benzion viewed himself as kind of messianic figure. He was a true believer in Jews as the chosen people who would rightfully return and establish the Greater Israel."
Would not it be wonderful if this messianism were unrelated to the United States of America? By all account, the "messianic figures" in the US have been behaving like trivial traitors.

Here is a post from Unz Review:

"ZOA ordered to register as Israeli foreign agent seven times – declassified Justice Department files

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The following is being released by Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy:

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) was ordered on seven separate occasions to register under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) according to newly declassified Department of Justice (DOJ) files. On October 17, 2012 the National Archives and Records Administration released under FOIA the long-secret files, now available online at the Israel Lobby Archive.

ZOA incorporated on April 14, 1920 in New York. DOJ officials determined in 1947 that ZOA was controlled by the World Zionist Organization (WZO), a global entity composed of dues-paying members committed to the Zionist program for a Jewish state in Palestine. ZOA activities, negotiations with governments and NGOs were all subject to WZO approval. ZOA regarded WZO as the ultimate disciplinary and dispute resolution authority. ZOA was also beholden to WZO orders for unspecified “political actions of another kind.”

In 1956 ZOA Pittsburgh chapter President Zalman Shapiro incorporated the Nuclear Material and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) which operated a nuclear processing facility on the Apollo Industries steel site. Future ZOA national president Ivan Novick was an original Apollo Industries founder. The FBI investigated excessive NUMEC losses of weapons-grade uranium and Shapiro’s 1960s interactions with Rafael Eitan, an Israeli spymaster who later ran Jonathan Pollard against the United States. NUMEC established a joint venture with the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, later revealed by researcher Avner Cohen to be a front for Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program. A 2001 Energy Department audit found that NUMEC lost more weapons-grade uranium (337 kilograms) than any other facility in U.S. history. Declassified CIA and FBI files reveal US officials believed NUMEC illegally diverted nuclear material to Israel.

The newly released DOJ files reveal a secret 1948 meeting where the Attorney General promised to exempt ZOA from all FARA registration and prosecutions in exchange for changes to ZOA/WZO governing documents. However reports filed by Justice Department staff responsible for FARA enforcement reveal that even by 1960 the promised changes had not been made. ZOA is currently attempting to regain tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS in 2011.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nation’s record keeper. It retains 1%-3% of the most important documents of business conducted by the United States Federal government. The Israel Lobby Archive, http://IRmep.org/ila is a unit of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington.

SOURCE Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy"


jbledell: IF Israel does start committing new terrorism in Iran to spike this deal, it will be interesting to see if the Europeans and Russians and Chinese decide that Iran can modify the inspections process because of this Zionist terrorism.

The deal is a game changer because the USA will not be to reconstitute this effort. And Saudi Arabia has miscalculated the ability of the American petroleum industry to adjust to new economic realities. Saudi Arabia hoped to break Russia. They will only succeed in breaking OPEC, which frees Iran's other Arab neighbors to deepen their economic ties.


Different Clue,

I'm glad you brought this up. Look who set him up!

Although Dreyfuss was later acquitted, the damage had been done - France and Germany remained at odds. It turned out that Count Ferdinand Walsin-Esterhazy, the person responsible for planting false evidence against Dreyfuss, was in the pay of the Rothschild banking family.


The same scoundrels create chaos "outside events" to divide, conquer and profit themselves.

The Beaver

A question to Mr R Sale if he is reading this thread:

Does he know the author of this long article in the Forward?


"my visit was special for another reason. I had lived in Iran for almost two years in the late 1970s, just before the revolution. There, shortly after having finished college, I taught English as a second language in Shiraz and Isfahan,"


As with so many event, the Dreyfuss affair was different in reality than in the PR use made of it.

First, Dreyfuss was born in 1859 of German lineage in Alsace-Lorraine, which was French in 1859 but which Germany 'won' in the Franco-Prussian war. The Dreyfuss affair had as many overtones of French-German animus as of antisemitism.

In addition, there were bankers involved, more specifically, a banker with an axe to grind who latched onto the situation to pursue his own agenda, that of destroying the power of the Roman Catholic church and especially of the Jesuits, in France.

Ruth Harris explains in her book on the Affair that French bureaucrat Auguste Scheurer-Kestner was able, willing and even eager to resolve the miscarriage of justice through quiet back-channels, but banking magnate Joseph Reinach discouraged him from doing so. Instead, Reinach financed the Dreyfussard movement to keep the issue in the public eye and to somehow cast blame for the affair on Jesuits. That the Reinach family was at the same time in the center of a banking fraud controversy is a side-story.
The outcome of the Affair is, of course, that Dreyfuss was released from prison and restored to his place in the French army, but also that French legislators secularized France; no longer was France 'officially' Roman Catholic.
Thus, the Dreyfuss affair, which could have been settled quietly and quickly, was deliberately inflamed to serve one purposes and ultimately served two: it secularized France, and it provided a 'bloody shirt' for Herzl to wave in the name of "antisemitism."

Incidentally -- according to at least one biographer, Herzl had enjoyed a promising youth but, together with the rest of his family, was "scarred for life" by the death of a sister -- she died of some disease. The family never recovered, psychologically, from her death. Herzl was never considered a first-rate writing talent. Phyllis Bennis, an activist in Israel-Palestine conflict circles, refers to Herzl as "a nut case."

David Habakkuk

Babak Makkinejad,

'the Cult of Shoah is impossible to overcome'.

As far as Britain is concerned, this is just plain wrong. There are periods when a cult dies as a living system of belief, but the fact that the words continue to be mouthed means that people do not see what is happening. A classic case is Marxism-Leninism in the Soviet Union.

A forseeable problem with the manipulative use of the 'Cult of the Shoah' is that it has largely destroyed the sacred status of the Holocaust, while hiding this fact – because the thoughts growing in the back of people's minds are not articulated.

Imbecile Zionists like Jeffrey Goldberg then conclude that the 'goyim' go home at night and dream of refinding their inner Nazi and hurrying Jews off to concentration camps – which really is 'kitsch', to use your apt phrase, and increasingly simply irritates people. These people really are practically brain dead.

A further problem is that those who I have called 'Dreyfusard Jews' naturally, over time, disappear. Those immensely talented Jewish immigrants from the disasters of continental European history who had a shaping – and generally immensely beneficial – influence on twentieth-century British culture tended to be snapped up by gentile girls. (They were, commonly, simply too interesting, as well as being, in general, implacable enemies of 'kitsch'.)

At the same time, the thoughts of a lot of descendants of Jewish refugees are also obscured. The tension between an identification with Israel, and the fate of fellow Jews, which is it very difficult to surrender, and the impossibility of identifying with what Israel has become, is very difficult for many people – immensely painful, in fact. Not uncommonly, it produces a kind of catatonic silence.

So one ends up with a very visible and vocal 'Jewish community', which is largely religious, distinctly tribal, strongly Zionist, and has little of the immense cultural creativity of the old Jewish immigrants. (Just look at the 'Jewish Chronicle' website, if you want to see what I mean.)

Unavoidably, it affects people's perceptions of Jews, leading to a – so far, thankfully, mild – revival of anti-Semitism.


1. An additional psychological dimension to Bibi's worship of his father, Benzion (whom Israeli psychologist Avigail Abarbanel has called "not right in the mind") is Bibi's status as the less-favored son, eternally in the shadow of his "martyred" older brother Yonathan. Yoni was the only Israeli commando to die in the raid on Entebbe, July 4, 1976. Sibling rivalry is a major theme in Jewish literature, of course.

On July 2, 1979, Benzion and Bibi hosted the Jerusalem Conference in the Yonathan Institute. Titled "International Terrorism: Challenge and Response," they rolled out their blueprint for a global war on terror -- terrorism having killed Yonathan, the apple of Benzion's eye. Participants at the Conference included George H W Bush, George Schultz, George Will, Midge Decter, cast of other neocons.

2. re MEK and assassinating Iranian scientists -- at the risk of repeating myself -- Wendy Sherman offered to disclose otherwise confidential information about the IAEA-Iran agreement to Sen. Corker's committee "in closed session." When Sherman made that promise, members of MEK were seated behind her in a US Senate hearing room.


The people of the USA have not only the right but the obligation, I believe, to insist that the people who manage our foreign affairs do so with at least the minimum of integrity. Sherman fails that test.



You are being BSd. It is possible to spin this away but that will depend on the president's willingness to do so. pl


Foreign Policy Journal has an article titled "Nobel Prize for Bibi" in today's issue. It's paywalled so I don't know if it's tongue in cheek. ... (too cheap to find out).


I hope al-Jubeir was adequately protected against them Iranians who plotted to kill him in a DC restaurant.

Babak Makkinejad

Iran will not respond to Israeli provocations such as assassinations and so on, in my opinion; just as she did not during the past decade.

MEK is a spent force and its members are considered traitors, even by the monarchists in Los Angles.

The NATO states, Russia, China, and India collectively managed to insult all Iranians - regardless of their position on the Iranian Revolution of 1979 - by telling them that they are inferiors to and a lesser people than the Israelis, Japanese, Pakistanis, Brazilians, Argentinians, Russians, Europeans, and Indians.

They then proceeded to add injury to the insult.

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