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07 August 2015


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From what I stitched together the Saudis are not just bringing in equipment but probably a brigade of their troops with some just newly trained Yemeni infantry attached to them.

The new recruits would hardly be able to use and maintain the equipment the Saudis have. Likewise the UAE troops that landed in Aden are about a brigade in size. Those very well equipped Leclerc tanks, dozens of them (i.e. 1 battalion), ain't operated by freshmen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd5t28HkLqk

The UAE group moves north from Aden while the Saudis are said to go south and then west to Marib.

The UAE landing and the overall campaign plan look U.S. (or British) influenced to me.

The strategic target is Sanaa but the way thereto is uphill into the mountains. I would expect lots of roadblocks and ambushes especially for the heavy tank forces. And behind their back AQAP is infiltrating Aden right now and ISIS just blew up a Sunni mosque with Saudi security forces in SA near the Yemeni border. Those invaders will have to watch their back while confronting the Houthis.

A question to the colonel. How the terrain on the way to Sanaa. Are the roads good enough maintained to take all those heavy UAE tank columns?

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