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08 August 2015


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"American media to refer to Israel as "our greatest ally." That must be a revelation for Britain, France and Germany!"

Germany for one built iirc two or three army corps (with our own money) and put them under US/NATO command for the common cause. I yet have to hear of the Israelis doing such a thing.

And as for existential threat - Germany was under existential threat every effing day the cold war lasteed, considering that it would be fought on German soil with possibly chemical and nuclear weapons and appalling civilian casualties. The Warsaw Pact had twenty tactical nukes aimed just at my garrison town, Koblenz.

There would not have been any pushing us into the sea, we'd, the civlian inhabitants of the town, some beautiful landscape and fine vinyards have been glass in a couple minutes had it come to the worst. And yet what Germany sought was an understanding rather than letting things escalate. Without Germans, there would not be a point to defend Germany, nor would there have been a point to reenact the Fallout series on German terrain. The Ostpolitik is one expression of that really basic insight.

What I think is that the Israelis are factually not threatened enough by their neighbours to come to their senses. When Syria was stong, Israel respected them. Now that they are weak, Israel tramples them. Israeli policy is one of excess born of superior strength. It is not defensive by any stretch of the word.

It isn't that Hezbollah can destroy Israel, and that is why Israel wants to undo them. It is that they limit Israeli options that is the problem. If they actually could destroy Israel, then Israel would sue for peace. Because without Jews, there would not be a point to defend Israel.

And speaking of that, given that escalation threatened to bring nuclear war to the US homeland, the US was under perpetual threat of devastating nucleqar war thoughout the Cold War also.

Alas, it was grownups in chrge then. Reagan, glorifgied for all the wrong reason by American jingoists, did come to the conlcusion that this was too dangerous a game to continue, and Gorbachev agtreed with him on that. What the US tell themselves today is that they won instead. They do not realistically address even their own history, and the cold war is to the US already ancient history.

In Israel, it appears, there live perpetual psychological teenagers, trying to push things as hard as they can at everybody eslse's expense. That sort of conduct would have guaranteed nuclear war in the cold war and understanding that made the grownups reign in the teenagers. It is precisely why Reagan kept the neocon crazies in the basement.

With the Israelis, peace or standoff with their neighbours is a psychological impossibility today, largely because they are zero sum gamers. They always think they can leverage wildcards like the odd assassination or airstrike, US or Jihadi proxies or whatnot to their advantage. In a nutshell, they're too clever by half. Someobody tell me about any of their grand strategic schemes of late actually having worked, beyond, for now, settlement expansion.

So I think that, sadly, you are perfectly correct when you say: "Russia does not want to fight us. From our actions and statements in The Borg, we seem to want to fight them." That is because the US have become like the Izzies with the same sort of outsized psychological needs.

The Izzies cannot stomach loosing their complete dominance as their neighbours, many times their populations, and many times their GDP if given the chance, develop normally, thus they must be pauperised.

The US cannot live psychologically, so it appears, in a world in which not everyone is like them and submits to putatively benevolent US leadership, and that means Russia must conform, or be undone.

Madness in both cases.

/morning rant

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