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06 August 2015


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Trump-Clinton 2016 3rd Party ticket.

Gonna be wild.

William R. Cumming

Donald "On the lookout for a deal?" Trump?


Two master manipulators try to manipulate each other.

Bill Clinton wants to massage Don's ego and prompt Trump's campaign run calculating it benefits Hillary.

How does Trump benefit? Trump thinks he has a shot and feels compelled to relate his run is nothing personal? "It's just business" to steal a Godfather reference?

SAC Brat

"You're in the wrong card game."

I always wondered what happened to Stephen Colbert's Super PAC. Did someone take him aside and explain he was getting into something he wouldn't be happy with? He was taking Pat Paulsen to a higher level for a while.


Now one wonders whether someone sidled up to Ross Perot with the same pitch?

Medicine Man

Col.: Do you imagine that Trump's antics could have been an orchestrated hatchet job on the Republican Party?

different clue


In this scenario, if Clinton is part of a 3rd Party ticket, who would end up being the DemParty nominee? I would assume Sanders, but could somebody else sneak by and win the DemParty nomination?

robt willmann

Not just casual acquaintances...Bill and Hillary Clinton at Donald Trump's 2005 wedding--



The media's extensive coverage of the Trump candidacy does not show that the "establishment" does not like Trump or is concerned about what he might do if elected. Candidates who might make noticeable changes if elected do not get coverage. The best bit ever done by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show was during the Republican primary for the 2012 election when he put together a montage demonstrating the blatantly obvious conduct by the major media as it deliberately ignored Ron Paul's existence--


It is still too early to try to figure out what is really going on with Trump's entry into the campaign.

However, there have been some mass media attacks based on the silly "political correctness" game, but one blew up in the face of the New York Times newspaper when it stupidly attacked Trump for a comment he made about the female lawyer who was taking his deposition and her request or act of using a breast pump at the deposition. The NY Times was so intent on trying to get women to turn on him over a remark about a breast pump that it missed the real story. The lawsuit was over a failed real estate project in which people lost their deposits; that was the story, even if the law allowed the real estate developer to keep the customers' deposits if the project went into the toilet. The female lawyer appeared on television and she seemed like an uptight type, so it would be easy to jerk her chain. Trump probably sensed that which is why he made the remark.

Medicine Man,

Here is an article by a Libertarian writer who theorizes that Trump is a false flag candidate to benefit Hillary Clinton--


Although the article is interesting, I do not think that his main reason to get into the race is to help Hillary.


I think it is reasonable and realistic to think that Ross Perot's family was threatened during the 1992 campaign and that is why he dropped out of the race for a while.

nick  b

SAC Brat,

He gave all the money to the "Ham Rove Memorial Fund", which then gave it to a number of other charities.


SAC Brat

Understood, but for a while it seemed like he pulled back the curtain too far on how political sausage is made.


As Shakespeare put it "The games afoot". Meanwhile Hilary's numbers continue to decline.



Oh no, you misunderstood me.

Bill Clinton.

It'd be pure insanity.

William R. Cumming

TRUMP IMO knows as do many that Hillary will self-destruct. But he wants her in the race as long as possible. IMO of course.

William R. Cumming

Not IMO! TRUMP believes he only wins the office if a Republican Candidate in 2016!

different clue


Thank you for explaining your meaning to me. As you may know by now, I have an "irony defficiency" and sometimes take things absolutely literally when they were not actually meant to be taken literally. I had been thinking you were maybe saying that a Hillary-Donald Third Party effort was possible and might even be a good thing. I now see I was being "off-track literal" where "ironic" would have been indicated.

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