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24 July 2015


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Applogises for going off topic- but Pollard is coming up for mandatory parole- that doesn't mean he will get it, but unfortunately, it looks like he might walk, which is outrageous.




Where did he get the gun? A very good question. It's interesting to note that the ABC reporter uses Mother Jones as a source, but conveniently failed to report the latest mass shooting in Detroit:
Of course the victims and the suspects are black, so that doesn't fit the MSM narrative. Chicago and Philly have problems with shootings that are just as bad.

Ishmael Zechariah

Col. Lang,
Sorry, somewhat off topic: Is there any truth to this news item?
"President Obama offers Israel an Olive Branch on Iran Deal: Jonathon Pollard to be Released by U.S"
If so, they need all the smoke screen they can get.
Ishmael Zechariah


Col. Lang,

My apologies for posting this unrelated topic, but I could not resist. Shame on Obama's administration if this is true.


The Twisted Genius

Here's what ABC reported not too long ago:

"Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said Friday evening that the .40 caliber Hi-Point semiautomatic was legally purchased at a pawn shop in Phenix City, Alabama in February 2014. Police did not immediately say who made the purchase."

"Houser had applied for a pistol in Alabama in 2006, according to Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor. But he was denied because of an arson arrest and a report of domestic violence against him in 2005. The domestic violence complaint was never prosecuted."



Tony et al

If Bibi will "call off the dogs" in return for the scum bag Pollard, good! They can have the little creep. When that happens we should make a public statement that his crime against the United States on behalf of and at the direction of Israel is in no way diminished. pl


Perhaps not so fast...DOJ is denying the reports, which may have originated with the Israel-firsters.



According to the news he was denied a concealed carry permit some years ago because of his criminal record. There were so many red flags on this man that his ability to "legally" by a gun in Phenix, Alabama looks like a failure of the federal gun check system.

On a side note, Phenix, Alabama's government in the fifties was so corrupt it prompted federal investigations into its link with organized crime. There is a somewhat famous movie about it called THE PHENIX CITY STORY.


no one

TTG, Additionally Houser's wife stated that she had him involuntarily committed to a mental health facility for a period of a month. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. That alone should have prevented him from purchasing the pistol. Of course, he could just lie on that question of the federal firearms questionnaire. The problem is HIPAA laws don't allow that information to be released even to the government.

I think we've reached the point where people diagnosed with chronic incurable mental health disorders like psychosis, bipolar, Asperger's, organic brain damage, etc. will have their SS#s logged into the database that is checked for ability to purchase and they will have to be denied. Mild or episodic conditions would not be an exclusion.

Clinically deranged people should not have guns.

scott s.

Optimax and "no one"

FBI NICS doesn't operate on the basis of "red flags", it is only to look at 10 specific criteria that are disabling plus any additional state requirements. Alabama state law has one additional criterion, conviction of committing or attempting a "crime of violence" (for "pistols"). Now one of those criteria is "who has been adjudicated as a mental defective or who has been committed to a mental institution". I don't have access to case law but I'm pretty sure the question of civil commitment has been an area of controversy. The problem in general of "mental illness" is that prospective use of psychology or psychiatry to determine "who should be allowed to own a gun" (or alternatively, "who should be stripped of second amendment rights") is pretty iffy.

A question I have is how did they determine he bought the weapon at a pawn shop so quickly. NICS inquiries are supposed to be destroyed after 60 days. I would think a trace would end at the first unlicensed buyer of the gun. The Form 4473 and Dealer's "bound book" are kept on premises and BATFE is allowed access for a trace, but would have to know to go to that pawn shop to look through the records. Without mandatory registration, the whole "background check" concept is of limited utility. IMO any attempt at imposing mandatory registration would result in massive civil disobedience in many parts of the country.


scott s

Is there a federal database that holds the registration number of all guns sold, after a date it was created, of course, and the dealer that sold the gun, or took possession of it. There must be because they always trace these guns quickly.


The manufacturer keeps records of the wholesalers and importer they sell to and, using the serial number, the gun can be traced to the dealer.

I found out the double barrel 12 gauge I inherited from my grandfather was manufactured in july,1946 from a list of serial numbers on the interweb.

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