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27 July 2015


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alba etie

MSM is reporting that Turkey is convening a NATO summit regarding ISIS . Will Erdogan go after the Syrian No Fly Zone at this meeting again ?


Likely, IMO.

I have a hunch that Erdogan will try to double down on his investment in ISIS and Syria.

alba etie

( SIGH ) ... what could possibly go wrong having Tayyip providing air support for the Liver Eaters ...

The Virginian

Another nuance is Erdogan's efforts to use Barzani to exert indirect influence over the course of intra-Kurdish dynamics. If Barzani brought Kirkuk into a future independent Kurdistan, the PUK would then have the largest demographic thus undermining Barzani. In turn, the PYD and Barzani / KDP are long time rivals, thus Erdogan uses Barzani as a counter to would be PYD leadership. Ankara will pressure Barzani for more action to constrain the PKK, which undermines Barzani. At the same time Ankara wants access to Kurdish hydrocarbons at a discounted rate for resale at full market rates at Ceyhan (Ankara pockets the difference) and to power Turkish development. Keep Erbil as an economic vassal, but short of statehood, or perhaps something akin to Somaliland's status. This may force Barzani's hand in time.

Then the issue of arming Erbil / KDP pesh at the expense of other pesh units tied to the PUK (and Gorran?) which could foment future intra-Kurd violence in Iraq. A complex mix to say the least.

Babak Makkinejad


Turkish leaders have now positioned Turkey between the proverbial a Rock and a Hard Place.

This course of action will result, in ripeness of time, in the destabilization of 19 provinces of Turkey that are inhabited by Kurds and Alawites/Alevis.

Last week, ISIS murdered 34 Kurdish youth inside Turkey. One supposes that as long as ISIS murders Turkish citizens of Kurdish extraction, all is fine with the Turkish leaders.

Likewise for the Alevis.

This will be a long and bloody story.



Erdogan has now succeeded in luring the administration of the Goat Boy Messiah (GBM) into entering a tentative deal to help him bring about the realization of his nationalist dreams of Kurdiah downfall as well as US air support for the unicorn army of "moderate" Syrian rebels. Could we be more screwed up here in the United States of Jenner? pl


Sanliurfa is where those 32 Kurds were killed and another 100 were injured by a Daesh bomb attack. Wasn't Sanliurfa known as Edessa back in the earlier times where at the battle of Edessa the Roman Emperor Valerian was captured and imprisoned by Shapur the First of the Sassanid Empire????


CP -

Any chance this is a direct quid pro quo, as in Turkey trading support for ISIS if they get the green light to attack Kurds?


Will the Kurds go the way of the Jacobites? Hopefully not.

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Killiecrankie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Killiecrankie

Here's a fabulous version of... Killiecrankie by The Picts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3Kp590Ovsw

different clue

I would imagine that Erdogan is perfectly happy, satisfied and pleased about the ISIS bombing of young secular Kurds in Turkey near Kobane. He will do just enough by way of cursory inconclusive investigation and so forth so as to appear displeased with the bombing itself. But he personally feels that the ISIS suicide bomber bombed some of the right people and none of the wrong ones. Would I be too cynical about what Erdogan is privately thinking?


Col: Yes. Congress could block the Iran deal.

 Ishmael Zechariah


It might be beneficial to read about erdogan's rise to power, and identify those who, over the years, supported/support him and his henchmen over the years. It would also be enlightening to identify those who supported/support (funded/fund) the PKK and other Kurdish groups for the past couple of decades. Wars, insurgencies and political revolutions are expensive propositions. Few such undertakings succeed without significant investment or stay successful over the long run without long term commitment of the backers. Libya is an interesting recent example. Remembering to ask "Cui Bono" might help.

Ishmael Zechariah


Four Turkish prosecutors who investigated the Turkish Intelligence Service's role in sending weapons to ISIS are facing life sentences:



Amazing how this whole scandal has recieved so little attention in the US, even in the so-called "alternative media".

William R. Cumming

Thanks for this informative comment!

William R. Cumming

Thanks Valissa and I keep my blue body paint handy!

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