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10 July 2015


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You cannot control immigration with border enforcement alone. We have to remove economic pressure on the border. One of NAFTA's stipulations required Mexico to phase out its agricultural subsidies. Unable to compete with subsidized US products, floods of farmhands crossed the border seeking employment, increasing to 12 million in 2011 from 4 million in pre-NAFTA 1993. It's around 9 million now due to border security and the 2008 housing bust.

Our own agricultural subsidies greatly benefit agribusiness corporations headquartered in cities hundreds of miles away from contracted farmers.

cville reader

So far your predictions have not come true. The whole point of community activists is to motivate the extreme part of their base, not the squishy middle.

I was just talking to a relative who lives in Southern California. There are plans currently being made there to rename certain public schools. Apparently, children in local public school systems are routinely taught about white privilege, as well.

scott s.

The "some people" who took "that military flag" would be the Congress of the CSA:

"The Congress of the Confederate States of America do enact, That the flag of the Confederate States shall be as follows: the field to be white, the length double the width of the flag, with the union, (now used as the battle flag,) to be a square of two thirds the width of the flag, having the ground red; thereon a broad saltier of blue, bordered with white, and emblazoned with white mullets or five pointed stars, corresponding in number to that of the Confederate States.

APPROVED May 1, 1863. "



We have college for all that indoctrination,speech codes and the presumption of guilt included.

Nancy K

Sidney, I saw the you tube with the judge and man she had gone to school with, it was touching. I read the link on Peggy Noonan's article and agree that she has it right.
I hope there isn't a pending disaster but there is definitely a huge divide in our country. However it seems to be not just our country but the entire world pitting itself against the other. I am not a religious person but I remember a line in the book of Revelation that says something to the effect that in the end the love of many will grow cold. It does seem that the love of many has grown cold. We seem incapable of seeing the others point of view or empathizing at all.



That is a description of the 2nd National Flag (sometimes called "The Stainless Banner") not what is called the Battle flag. pl

A. Pols

Speaking of the apotheosis of military figures, my original hometown in Maine was where Joshua Chamberlain fetched up after the war as president of the local college. His former house had been cut up into small apartments rented to students and was marked by an inconspicuous wooden plaque, a foot square at most. They didn't evn teach about him in the local schools.
And then along came Ken Burns and the TV special on the civil war. Before you knew it, the local historical society swooped in, bought the place, and "Lovingly restored" it with donation that poured in. Now it's a Mini Monticello complete with period furnishings and docents.
On the median of Maine St. stands a bronze stature of the general with his right hand extended downward as though pronouncing a benediction (he was a minister and professor of religion also). The fingers of his hand are splayed as though holding a cigarette or cigar and the local teens take advantage. But none of this was there until after that show came out..

Richard Armstrong

Yes. The states that formed the Confederacy did in fact make very good arguments in their statements of secession regarding the history of the Constitution and the compromises made in it regarding slavery. They seriously made a very good reasoned case for their secession.

If you'll read these statements (http://www.civilwar.org/education/history/primarysources/declarationofcauses.html) you will find the right these states wished to maintain were rights granted to the states in the Constitution. You'll also note that the legal ownership of slaves was the paramount right these states sought to retain. In some of these statements the subject of slavery wasn't even mentioned until the second sentence.

The former Confederate states have a right to and ought to be proud of their armies. Lee was a brilliant general but too principled in my opinion. He had the means to take Washington and did not. I believe he and many others were fighting FOR their states and not necessarily AGAINST the United States.

An earlier poster referred to the flag having been hijacked and used by unsavory characters. It was displayed by many during the early years of the civil rights movement as a protest flag. Protesting things like allowing blacks to vote. Protests against integrated restaurants. Protests against allowing blacks to attend state universities.

And yes, the flying of the flag became much more popular as barriers to voting and segregation started coming down.

I think a reasonable compromise would be to remove the flag from locations where it never flew before the civil rights movement-where the flying of the flag was obviously a hateful response to the civil rights movement. And I think it should be left to those states to decide on their own what is appropriate or not.

If they still wish to be known for fighting for the right to own other human beings it is their right to do so.


A. Pols

My wife and mother were/are from Maine. I went to high school there. I once spent a week on vacation driving around the state looking for the WBS soldier statues that are conspicuous in so many other places, most of all in the South. There are very few in Maine. the state did not recruit its volunteer regiments on a local basis. it pooled recruits instead on a state wide basis so the regiments did not have a local identity. Perhaps that is the reason or perhaps the flinty nature of the people dictated that they had no local identity as you seem to have little, no local pietas. For a Southerner the notion that the states could be treated as administrative units is blasphemy, perhaps sacrilege would be he right word. The worst example of that lack of local patriotism that I ever saw in the North was in a little Pennsylvania mountain town in which a CW soldier statue stood in the square memorializing a local unit. The town had run an electric line across the square. To support the weight the line had been run through an insulator screwed into the top of the white marble pediment at the bronze soldier's feet. pl

Sidney O. Smith III

Nancy K
Thanks. That youtube link was on the front online page of the ajc. AJC, for a major newspaper, is doing a decent job lately covering corruption in Atl and violent crime. And some heroic stories as well.

And there’s some truth in that youtube video. I remember walking in a courthouse and there, sitting by himself on a bench was a black guy. Well, lo and behold, it was someone I went to hs with and he was now a crack addict. He was a good guy in hs. We played football together and so on. But when I saw him, he was just eaten up with drugs. . I sat next to him on the courthouse bench, and we chatted for a few minutes. He knew, I knew and that was that. He is dead now.

And, yes, I have seen the same with meth and other drugs.

The following is about heroin but the words certainly apply down South and I would think it would apply everywhere too. You will recognize the singer, I would think. He is from Augusta, GA. But the photo has that look I saw in the courthouse that day. The song is brilliant:


I am totally mystified how Peggy Noonan of wsj saw the Charleston “light” first among the msm pundits. I need to think that one through a bit. But she deserves a thank you note. Wall Street Journal???? Life does trick expectations!

You aren’t religious yet you are reading book of revelations? Whew. Book of Rev. is one difficult read.

I am not religious either; I fancy myself French Catholic, in that a Trappist priest/monk (Western version of Zen monks, perhaps) would talk to me when no else would, and, if nothing else, I am loyal.

I have no aptitude for theology, so when I say French Catholic, I also mean I try to attend Saturday Vigil Mass, then celebrate Saturday night in the French Quarter (metaphorically, but in geography only). I missed Vigil Mass this week because the wife to be is in Vancouver. (Hope she comes back, she loves Vancouver!)

The book of Revelations is dang depressing to me. Too depressing. So I enjoyed very much stumbling upon and reading the following and recommend it highly if that Book of Rev. leaves you a bit on the blue (and I don’t see how it cannot…good grief). It claims that Revelations is really about Heaven on Earth.


Didn’t you and your husband just move to NC from CA? You might enjoy Conroy’s Prince of Tides too, especially if you and your husband are counselor types and I have a recollection that you are.


Enjoy NC and thank goodness we have that Southerner who started SST, Col. Lang, so we can leave the world on written notice about the rise of tyranny and the national surveillance state. And rest assured, tyranny will leave us all saying “I can’t breath.” Much mischief going on right now and many who think they know what is going on are nothing but pawns and puppets, imo.

William R. Cumming

My comment had nothing to do with the WBS itself but post-war only!


Have any specific examples, or is this speculation? I found Jefferson high schools in CA, named after Thomas, and I found Davis, named after Jerome. No Jefferson Davis schools. What schools are they actually proposing to rename? And how likely is that to happen?


no one

jonst, It's not just the reparations. Coates is loud and clear that America and its economic system are guilty and inherently unfair. He frequently quotes, in support of his ideas, apologists for the Soviet system. This is where his politics mesh nicely with the true aims of the left, and where he - and blacks generally -is one of those willing pawns for the left's political ambitions. I use Coates as an example, but he is typical of a genre that has been gaining.

BTW, Some stereotypes just write themselves; Coates, one of seven children fathered by an unemployed penniless man with four different women, but it our fault his childhood wasn't nice. Please insert money into the upraised palm.

I think the power of the myths Coates and his ilk spin are lost on those of us from the boomer era. The impact is on the politically active millennials, who seem to eat it up. These young people and the blacks are the swing votes the left needs. They think they don't need to bother trying to convince us. We're set in our ways.


"As a person of different political views from the majority of respondents to the site"

Yet another cat in a bag of strange cats. I advise you do as we all do. Before posting, make a silent pray to Lady Marguerite, patron saint of all those who comment on SST, that she may protect you from the "Saintly Side" special vintage that Col. Lang cultivates in the pleasant soil of Gorgoroth.

If you are a really deserving soul, she may even intercede on your behalf, though you would probably be half eaten by the time the "Must Be Obeyed" part settles in.

So, pray before posting. After it, if you see the bear comming, just run for your life!

Mark Logan


The issue is much more complex than lack of a fence. If we wanted an effective fence we would have had it in the form that many nations adopt, a near impossibility that an illegal alien could get a job. With E-Verify it is as close to doable as makes no difference now too, yet we don't have that condition. Why?

I suggest the reasons might be found in the story about the demise of Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback".



If you had run for office or managed a political campaign you would know who they are and what they do.



Might wanna grab your brown bag before you hyper ventilate yourself to death.

Ask your Israeli husband what he thinks of Israel's border control. Its nothing different than what Tidewater is espousing



Such an intellectual The Atlantic had to shut down his comments because he was getting torn apart.

www.unz.com/isteve has a lot more to say recently about ol TNC but I'll summarize every TNC article ever:

Blackety black black blackety black black black blackety black bodies blackety black black black black.

Up his own ass about his blackness.



I want Brown University closed since it was established with money from the slave trade.
Shut down Wall Street that was built by slaves.

Reparations now!



Not the best example, perhaps. For a time Grant had one slave of his own and several that his wife inherited from her father. He worked alongside them on his Missouri farm. He also hired free blacks and paid them more than the standard wage even though his farm was not wildly successful and he was usually short of cash. He never sold a slave even though the money would obviously have come in very handy. When he gave up farming he set his slave free.


I wouldn't disagree slavery may have been a secondary motivator, particularly given efforts to stir up fear in the hearts of average Southerners with regards to the potential consequences of emancipation.

That said, I think the primary motivators were a sense of duty and resentment at being insulted by and infringed upon by those "arrogant" Yankees.

What can I say? The South was definitely an interesting place to grow up in.


Col, next time you are in Maine, you might try Gardiner Maine...a very pretty town, on the Kennebec...


Great dinners as well.


Sorry man, I spent a lot of time in rural Louisiana growing up. I know exactly what it stands for. The confederate flag and pining for confederate culture and history was always joined at the hip with bigotry and admiration for the klan. People who talked up southern culture in public we're always the same ones talking about "the niggers" in private.

Good riddance to the stars and bars, let me play the world's smallest violin for its demise. The butthurt over it finally being called out for the racist trash it is, is candy, sweet sweet candy, to my ears.



So, which model are you? You hung out in which part of Louisiana? North of the Red River? "True Blood" country? pl

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