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18 July 2015


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Nancy K

My husband and I will contact our Senators and Rep today, but fat lot of good it will do. All 3 are Republican and are vocal in their distain of the agreement with Iran.
Uri Avnery has a very interesting article in his blog titled the Treaty. He is of course in favor of the treaty but has an interesting take on Iran.


Ask and you shall receive. Done.


Colonel Lang,

Read a piece that is somewhat related to your post. I was just wondering if you care to comment on the piece.




AIPAC is a tool of the kind of Zionism that JDledell wrote of as a comment on another thread. He is a dual national US/Israeli. I quote him here."
A couple of comments on your insightful article. First, you make a comment that "Israel has no patience or sympathy for any nation that differs with it" Let me clarify - Israel has no patience or sympathy for anyone. Everyone else is Goyim, neither requiring or deserving patience and sympathy. It doesn't matter if the goyim are Palestinian or American you are all the same. Even when Israel sends it's famed medical disaster teams to far flung natural disaster, it's not done out of concern of the goyim affected but how well the PR teams that go with them can wring out some positive publicity for Israel. I've written extensively about the exploits of my Irgun grandfather. He was a stone cold killer both of British soldiers but also Arab civilians. He used fertilizer bombs in Arab marketplaces to sow fear amount the native Arab population. His job after WWII was to clear out Jaffa of it's Arab populations so it could be absorbed by Jewish Tel Aviv. Many, if not most of those Jaffa Arabs ended up in Gaza. Yet to this day I cannot get any of the Israelis I know to admit we used terrorism to get our way, no different than Muslim terrorists. It was only late in life he realized the enormous depravity of his actions. He left Israel and spent the last few years of his life begging G-D for forgiveness. In my mind, Israel and it's people suffer from a collective mental illness. It originated in the pogroms Jews suffered over the centuries with the Shoah being the straw that broke a people. The Us versus the World permeates every aspect of Jewish Israeli life, religion and politics."

I agree with Obama's statement that the long range alternative to this deal is war, a war in which Israel would be a burden to the United States. pl


Col. Lang -

Will do, fortunately my Rep and Senators are very likely to support the deal. I don't think the deal is perfect either. It seems that if Iran was really trying to "break out" soon, it's a very good deal for us because it postpones that date by years. If they weren't, it's a very good deal for them since it removes the sanctions. I doubt we could have kept the international sanctions up much longer without some kind of agreement.

Will the Republican blow up this deal if they get the White House next year? I doubt it, but they've surprised me before. I am still surprised at how casually they discuss committing acts of war with little to no justification.


Yes, by all means! I will write and take other actions. The Administration, as I understand from some contacts close to the White House, expects that Congress may reject the deal, but that the President will be able to veto and there are not enough votes to override a Presidential veto. Next two months will be taken up by endless debate, rabid Netanyahu/AIPAC mobilization, but in the end, the deal will pass. The public mobe is crucial to offset the propaganda offensive by the rightwing Zionists and others. Obama called Hillary Clinton the instant that the deal was signed, soliciting her support for passage. She agreed and this will undercut Bibi's efforts to some extent.

This is truly an occasion for the public to weigh in and not allow well-financed special interests to exert disproportional weight. This is the beginning of an electoral cycle, so that works to our advantage.

William R. Cumming

Excellent post and will do as you request!


Colonel Lang,

Much appreciated the response. Do you think AIPAC is making noise to get more (extra) goodies for Israel or truly block the agreement?


This is a terrible deal negotiated by naive fools who can't spell "negotiate."
BUT, so what?
The Europeans live a hell of a lot closer to an Iranian nuke (and they WILL get one) than we do.
We can easily be free of ME oil and the Gulf states can find out what it's like to be on their own, with only their endless dishonesty (and decreasing oil money) to guide them.
They may have to kiss and make up with the Sunni nations.
And Iran?
"Death to America" all day, every day.

FB Ali

LOL! Here comes the Hasbara!

Will they ever learn that on forums such as SST, hysterical shouting is likely to put people off rather than anything else.

Babak Makkinejad

What are your recommendations?



Thank you, Bibi. pl

The Twisted Genius


The Europeans live a hell of a lot closer to real Israeli nukes than any imaginary Iranian nuke. If I was a European, I'd be more antsy about the increasingly bellicose and frantic Likud regime controlling those nukes.


Do you think BIBI wants the US out of a major role in the ME?
Because I do.
The ME is a disaster zone that make Vietnam look like a day at the beach.
It's only use for the US has been oil, which we can - very shortly - do principally without.
I'm neither anti nor pro-Israel.
Never been there, not likely to ever go.
Israel, like other nation states, acts in what it perceives to be it's interests
The Richard Sale essay makes some interesting points about influence of culture ovr that perception in Israel.



write your congressman and tell him that. Iranian oil? That's funny but they have less than Canada. Maybe you could persuade your congressman to ease up on Venezuela, they aren't trying to build a bomb and they've go oil too. A nice bait and switch, just the thing for a politician.


Every forum needs the little one
banging his tin cup from his
high chair, all the better to get
attention from the adults.

Buzz Meeks

Stuck with Chuck the Schmuck Schumer, noted AIPAC Fifth Columnist. Messages going out irregardless.

Buzz Meeks



Bibi wants to achieve effective command of the US through AIPAC IO and his servants in Congress. With that in hand he can act out the hyper-nationalist fantasies that jdledell writes of below. pl


I can't find the comment just now but someone said that the Izzie intelligence services are suspected of complicity in Rabin's murder. So far as I know there is no basis for that suspicion, none at all. The great majority of Israeli intelligence people would, in my opinion, have favored Rabin's inclinations. pl


How do you think the US Counterproliferation Establishment will evolve after this Iran deal passes?

One thing that is disappointing in this whole debate is that this deal seems to contradict the currently stated counterproliferation policy, as pointed out by Nightwatch and others. Does this deal represent a turning point in our counterproliferation policy and regime? Will other nuclear aspirants get a pass because they can be geopolitically useful? Or is this a speical one-off?

I understand that the sanctions regime is unsustainable as it exists, as others have mentioned, so winding it down on our terms (vice Russian/Chinese/EU terms) is a good thing. Interesting to note that the last time we faced this choice (Iraq), US invaded Iraq instead of accepting sanction's limits. Also a sad note on our state of commentary that deal proponents are not making this kind of historical argument.



I suppose that you are a colleague of tv. Unlike you I think this deal will successfully constrain any Iranian nuclear WEAPONS program that there might be, so you counter-proliferation argument is, for me, BS. Iraq is a poor argument. We faced no such choice. There was no Iraqi nuclear program when we invaded Iraq. pl



Call them out on how much money they take from AIPAC as well in forums like talk radio and Washington Journal. Make them chose who they are really loyal to.



Let me supply some ammo.

Pro-Israel donations :


Outside U.S.: (202) 748-8003
Republicans: (202) 748-8001
Democrats: (202) 748-8000
Independents: (202) 748-8002




For those in the Bible belt you may also want to send a copy of one of the books by Steve Wohlberg or suggest that they read them regarding the end times.



Concur- I also don't see Jimmy_W's point about contradicting currently stated counterpro policy. His comment doesn't make sense- "it is not logic as we know it." This agreement blocks Iran from getting nuclear weapons. What is wrong with that?



Israel's face-people (Wapo's Ignatiaus, and Atlantic's Goldberg) were at it on CBSs Face The Nation regarding the Iran treaty deal.

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