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27 July 2015


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And the bad news is that there are too many who want to pucker up and get behind him. Trump belongs on the entertainment pages. Unfortunately, many political journalists are unable to fathom this.

Paul Escobar

Mr. Sale,

I feel that Trump is actually brave in his opposition to illegal immigration. If he was the shallow charlatan you describe him as, he would have run as Jeb Bush has...and coasted on the applause of the MSM and Borg infrastructure.

He is catching hell and fighting an uphill battle. Even if you don't like his position, you should at least respect him for taking the hard route.

I feel that your criticism on his immigration position is rather shallow. So what if this "sounds like" things that were said before? Was it necessary to allow all those immigrants of past years into the country? Did they not end up living in squalor and commiting crimes? Is it written in some Godly law that every immigrant group is destined to improve itself with each generation?

I have heard a respected Canadian demographic researchers argue that there is no need for accelerated or sustained immigration (this in a country with mostly legal immigration...so you can imagine how insane the US position is in this regard). I have heard respected American economists argue that markets are supposed to respond to decreased labour supply by increasing wages...and that purposefuly & artificially inflated immigration is a violation of market principles.

Contemporary politics requires simplicity and passion. You are attempting to alert people to dangers the powerful wish to be kept hidden. You are attempting to motivate people to wake up from their comfortable slumber. I understand why Trump attempts to incite. If he was timid, he would have been ignored by the masses and steam-rolled by the Borg infrastructure. So your criticism in this regard strikes me as unfair.

Paul Escobar

no one

Richard, And all this makes Trump different from the other candidates (excepting maybe Webb and Sanders)how exactly?

I take bombastic over the typical weaseling and craven any day. It seems that a significant proportion of Americans agree with me.

I think we should welcome Trump's style and his bashing of the sanctimonious weasels. It's refreshing.


I find myself in strong agreement with no one

Sadly, I find Trump refreshing. Sad that it should be so. Bernie inspires, but seems certain to loyally pass all his voters on to Hill, who carries the masters of the universe water - he limits himself considerably. Rand Paul is not his dad, and his dad never really got anywhere. Mr hopey-changey changed his tune instantly and gifted trillions to the uber rich and the banks and he remains a wonderful speaker of empty meaningless words. Trump actually states there is rottenness in the state of Denmark and he is the only one saying so (Bernie dares not go that far).

If you are expecting deep thought provoking conversations in the upcoming multibillion dollar election season, well, maybe a few decades ago.


The Donald is exhorting the rabble
to attack the Bastille. Unbeknownst
he will be the first to feel the blade.
We are all Jacobins now. 👍😱😎👀


Let's take a look at the "results" of years of focus-group driven, poll driven, corrupt mediocre weasels whose only accomplishment has been to suck on the public teat.
This country is being run - into the ground - by assholes who'd mess up a lemonade stand.
If Trump, for all his narcissism (we've endured 8 years of a petulant, immature narcissicist, BTW) and obnoxity can drive the establishment (and their media lapdogs) nuts, that's good with me.

Mark Logan

Mr. Sale,

Humor alert only, this reminded me of a rather funny discursive by David Roth of Vice Sports on "a-holes" which I suspect you might enjoy.

https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/david-roths-weak-in-review-the-importance-of-not-being-an-a-hole A snippet:

"A world in which people feel not just okay about but a certain smug pride in behaving like assholes is not a world that anyone would really want to live in, really. Because the defining trait of assholery is an unwillingness or inability to deal with the reality of a world that contains other people, an asshole-positive culture is an unworkably narcissistic one. That culture is aggrieved and fact-averse and tribal. More than that, though, it's warped and stunted and incomplete—every insufficiently flattering or convenient perspective is filed under "BS/Whatever," every trial or tragedy or triumph is run through the filter of the self until it makes the sort of sense that the asshole-in-question wants it to make."

William R. Cumming

Nice post Richard with which I largely agree. But you left out the words SELF DELUSIONAL.

Many brilliant minds in asylums are SELF DELUSIONAL.


There are many who've noted there's something rotten in DC. Simply trumpeting the fact obnoxiously, ampliified with cash, does not not endorse the trumpet as conductor. Also, he's an insufferable ass even by modern political standards.


A Trump Consensus [that the man is an asshole] would be a way to neutralize the Sowers of Discord and the forces of Divide & Conquer/All Against All.


Richard Sale

that is well said.


but beware of being shallow, as Mr. Escobar described me.


Richard, you aren't, but at one point I found Babak's critique pretty close to mine. And yes, I struggled with Babak.

I appreciated one of your stories on The Athenaeum a lot. Since in a nutshell it said: don't trust appearances.

I cannot tell you to what extend Yanis Varoufakis, the martyr of European media libel reminded me of it. .... I never would have noticed but stumbled across it here.

To what extend as a journalist did you ever have complete information, you couldn't have. How can it be otherwise

I did wonder a bit about this character, he couldn|t have been you. But what made him surface?



The "results" "... of years of focus-group driven, poll driven... " politics. Here's a summary:

The unmarried girlfriend of the Democratic Party's front runner's husband received a million dollar payout for a tv interview in the '90s and is now in the public eye decrying 'bullying' (a new new crisis in the culture).

Said girlfriend's paramour - the husband of the front runner- is front and center in a "Global Initiative" that is the main effort of a tax exempt multi-million dollar enterprise that influences government policies around the planet (not just our own). The Democratic Party just loves, loves, loves the adulterous gentleman and his wife.

Their daughter is married to a hedge fund manager and is (shock!) an employee of said tax exempt organization working on implementing that tax free Global (so much for America being the focal point) Initiative.

Trump? He's a NYC based blow hard screwing people the old fashioned business way. The Clinton's, why they do it the New New York City way.

Richard Sale

I would agree. We learn nothing from what he says.

Trump is simply an outdated populist right out of the late 19th century who feels that the stranger from a different land is corrupting the pristine national character. It is outdated paranoid rubbish.



Mr. Sale

I have to disagree with the thrust of your post. You could replace Trump with Hillary, Jeb and the other candidates in your second and third paragraphs, and it would apply equally. I would except Bernie although he's not going to challenge the establishment in the general election.

The Borg wants people like you to do their job to discredit all those that threaten Borgistan.



"Borgistan" The Purple Assed Mandrill Of Peace (PAMOP) tells me that he likes that and asks what a group of Borgistas would be, perhaps a Murder of Borgistas or a Pod of Borgistas? pl


A fundament of Borgistas?

Richard Sale

In the first place, I am not a part of The Borg and never have been.

You clearly misunderstood what I was trying to say. Trump, Hillary and Jeb are not people I admired. Trump is merely the most untruthful and obnoxious.

but the whole field is a field of non-entities.



The Borg Brotherhood which can be simplified to Borg Brother.

And since resistance is futile, it provides a great challenge to knock Borg Brother off the pedestal.



A "fundament of borgistas," The PAMOP says he likes that but would like other suggestions. This reminds me of the occasion on which I gently told a German professor of Islamic Studies that "fundament" and "fundamentals" were not the same thing and that talking to people of their fundaments was not a good idea. The PAMOP has finally told me that he was named by his sweet momma for Marcus Aurelius and wishes to be referred to as Marcus. He says his dam did not know Marcus Aurelius. pl

no one

Richard, how can say the trump is most untruthful? Isn't that like arguing that your calculation of how many angels can dance on the head of that pin is more accurate than mine?

Obnoxiousness is in the eye of the beholder. In this case would you like the conductor to quietly smile and tell you that the smoldering wreckage at the bottom of the canyon is not the train or have him brashly state that he is the best damn conductor in the world (as he begins to take the turn at 120mph) and not at all like the liar that crashed and won't admit it? Who knows, maybe he is pretty good and the train won't come off the tracks.



I'm glad PAMOP likes it. I would suggest to the nominating committee that it should be a "Murder of Borgistas". After all they are like crows - "the bird of death". Having killed our republic they are now scavenging the remaining carcass.


Hey Marcus...

How about…
a scourge of borgistas (mosquitos)
an unkindness of borgistas (ravens)
a scurry of borgistas (squirrels)
a lamentation of borgistas (swans)

List of English terms of venery, by animal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_terms_of_venery,_by_animal

"Nature is never less than art, for the arts are simply copies of natural things. This being the case, how can the perfect and overarching nature of the universe be any less artistically skilled? In all the arts, it is the vision of the greater that inspires the manufacture of the lesser, and so it is with nature. From this fact springs justice, and from justice all other virtues trace their roots. We cannot be just when we are distracted by lesser things or deceived by them into making rash or fickle judgments." -- Marcus Aurelius

no one

A blattodea of borgistas?



Trump is merely a reflection of Citizens United taken to its logical endpoint.

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