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31 July 2015


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Thank you Patrick Bahzad, nothing I can disagree here, I think we are saying the same thing and your approach to this subject is well informed and enlightening. However, things are changing here in Turkey regarding the Kurdish situation incredibly rapidly, perhaps irreversibly. And for worse, I am afraid. I am looking forward to your second installation, but I am afraid reality on the ground may change as you write it.

Patrick Bahzad

Just have to hope things won't change beyond point of no return or beyond repair.
In the short run, I'm not very optimistic either, but medium term, things are happening that may result in a gradual shift in Turkish politics and open a window of opportunity for people of good will on both sides (provided realism about possible outcome prevails ... independence and a Kurdish Superstate stretching over parts of Eastern Turkey, Northern Syria and North Eastern Iraq is not in the cards though).


That is good news. Baghdad tends to send everything to the PUK side of the Pesh.


Agreed, there is a middle way between denial of Kurdish reality and a greater truly independent purely ethnic Kurdish state. And there are more rational, level headed and idealistic people on both sides than a spot poll would reveal.


Really BM, in comparison, I have been following your posts here for many years now.

Babak Makkinejad

I am not an academic.


Dear BM, therefore you are not a wimp, because all academics are wimps. I wonder if anyone knows if that was true in WWII, Korea and Vietnam wars.

I would take a world populated by wimpy academics than macho ignoramuses though.


"How much is that German unification propaganda?"

Very little.

You should travel through Germany. You'd better understand.

A suggested route would be from Flensburg to Freiburg and then into, Basel, Switzerland. Then go to Eupen, Belgium and travel to Aachen through the Ruhrbebiet to Berlin to Görlitz. Then go to Dresden, from there to Prague and then to Vienna.


Like almost everyone else in the world, the PKK has abandoned Marxist Leninism as an ideology.
This may be difficult for people still living in the last century to accept, but it is
hardly a surprise to anyone else.

Anarchism is perfectly compatible with violence against the state,
as it was anarchists who pioneered the methods of modern terrorism.

There was a peace process that appeared to be going somewhere.
It was destroyed by Turkey's
Jihadist project in Syria.

Patrick Bahzad

Holy guacamole! Sounds like you're a strategy genius in the making ... Thx for lecturing us, think we had been waiting for intellectual mentoring from an ex communist and now anarchist supporter of terrorist organisations. Got to be pretty lonely for you out there !

William R. Cumming

WOW! 99%?

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