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03 July 2015


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William R. Cumming

The Pamunkey and Mattaponi Rivers join at West Point, VA to form the YORK River!

In 2012 legislation was enacted to conform federal disaster relief policy to American Law generally concerning federally recognized tribes. I am opposed to all forms of gambling not for reasons of religion but belief they are really hidden taxation of the gambling public to benefit those owning casino stock and running public lotteries.

Federally recognized tribes can now receive federal disaster relief directly from FEMA in a Presidential declared disaster or emergency. It no longer gives STATES veto power over such relief by requiring the Tribes to be State sub-grantees.

I once long ago while working at Camp Whitehall on the Mattaponi River at Walkerton, VA, met then Chief Custalo of the Mattaponi!.

William R. Cumming

Virginia Law long contained a provision that if any were 1/16th or less Native American you were legally WHITE. This was to preserve the heirs of Pocohantas who became an English Lady in her marriage to John Rolfe from bweing labeled non-white.

Marriage between whites and non-whites was banned prior to a SCOTUS decision in 1967!


"I am opposed to all forms of gambling not for reasons of religion but belief they are really hidden taxation of the gambling public to benefit those owning casino stock and running public lotteries."

So you have a certain puritan strain? Or is it only about private ownership?

Could you tell us foreigners anything about US laws on gambling? The most prominent gambling systems over here seem to be controlled by the State and the federal state, with 50% of the gains redistributed among the average gambler.

I have no idea how it could happen, but I occasionally encountered gamblers in the US. I have to admit I love to watch them, maybe that´s why. And thus, was introduced into places I wouldn't have thought existed. Now of course I would ask different questions then I did at the time. Maybe they were all under Native American control? E.g. California?

Any information concerning gambling related addiction rates? What would be your guess?

I have to admit, I enjoyed watching both the illegal and legal gambling scene here in Germany and incidentially in France.

Sidney O. Smith III


The Loving decision?

Yes, but just to keep everyone honest, there is significant anti-miscegenation laws from other places outside of the South, including California. In 1945 a California law was passed banning marriages between blacks and white. They were all repealed in 1947, 20 years before Loving, but still...Here's a timeline:


Nothing against California. I would live there in a heartbeat. The natural beauty abounds.

But much mischief can take place when certain political and academic types project racism all onto one a region and onto other people instead of looking at one's neighborhood and within one's self, no matter the race. Plus race relations is not static, it is an evolving US experience, witnessed by Virginia's election of an African American in 1989.

Nor am I arguing the South is some kind of utopia. Difficult to find anything more beautiful than King's Canyon's CA.

The Twisted Genius

I hope the Patawomeck tribe follows soon with federal recognition. This tribe now numbers around 1,500 and is centered in Stafford, Virginia. I remember when Wayne Newton, who grew up in the White Oak area of Stafford, went to Richmond in 2010 with his cousin, Patawomeck chief Robert "Two Eagles" Green, to advocate for state recognition. Just think what the Patawomeck could do in Stafford with the backing of "Mr. Las Vegas" and the advantages of federal recognition. "Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen"


http://tinyurl.com/njakb2c (Wayne Newton in Richmond)


That ban sure didn't stop it from happening.

Sidney O. Smith III

Ain't it the truth. Thomas Jefferson may had more French Catholic in him that he realized. LOL.

For more info, see New Orleans. Vigil Mass at St. Louis Cathedral followed by a stroll to the French quarter seems to have brought mixed results over the years. LOL.

One day I'll make back to Montmartre. Something about French Catholicism...

ex-PFC Chuck

In re US Gambling laws, I'm no expert but it's my understanding that whether or not commercial gambling is allowed (as opposed to casinos owned by Native American tribal organizations) is up to the individual states. States, however, have very limited sovereignty over Indian (i.e. Native American) reservations. My home state of Minnesota does not allow commercial casinos but there at least a half dozen Indian casinos. How well these do is mostly a matter of the luck of geography. There's a small sub-group of Sioux in an exurb of Minneapolis from which each enrolled member receives high six figures a year. Casinos owned by much larger tribal groups in far northern Minnesota don't do nearly as well either in total revenues or especially per capita renumeration.



"But much mischief can take place when certain political and academic types project racism all onto one a region and onto other people instead of looking at one's neighborhood and within one's self, no matter the race."

The news anchors here in Detroit are jumping all over the ban the flag hype but won't take a serious looks at the 40 people shot and half a dozen dead in the last two weekend. (I'm probably under counting). Nary a Confederate battle flag to be seen. They are scared to death of pointing out that it is black on black crime (no surprise at all in a city 70% black). It's easier to focus on distracting the public by pointing fingers South rather than rolling up the sleeves and addressing the very difficult task of pulling the city out of the pit it has been run into during the last decade.



I recommend you make a lunch stop at Le Moulin de la Galette.


I wonder why colonel Lang hasn't yet made a comment on Jim Webb former Virginia senator announcing he's running for president 2016?



Webb tried this on six months ago and it fell flat. I don't think he is a serious candidate. I suppose he is working on a cabinet post in HC's regime or on a line for his epitaph. pl


thanks, ePC.

Does Powerball sound familiar to you?

Not too long ago, I realized that there is an online site claiming to be part of our main state lottery "Lotto", but if you look closer they only claim to have joined close to any European lottery including the German. Not 50 percent of the money is good enough I guess.

They pay the same return rates as the official, thus I doubt people realize its a London based Ltd with no connection at all to any of these state lotteries they offer.

The American lottery ycu bet on is powerball see here:


Seems you have this state lottery system too.

At least on first sight. Am I wrong?


Thank you Colonel, if that's the case, I wish he was more serious I like him better than the rest specially HC. For him I might have changed my last 16 years refusal to vote again.

William R. Cumming

My first casino visit to one in Bavaria--GARMISCH!

William R. Cumming


The DC area has many many single Asian women as opposed to pre-1964!

The elite prostitution rings in DC largely Asian. IMO of course.

LOVING was an ISSUE a subculture in VA's NNK where I live consisting of whites, freed blacks and runaway slaves and Native Americans.

And Sally Hemmings passed WHITE while in France.

William R. Cumming


William R. Cumming

Is BERDUs still open in ALGIERS?

William R. Cumming

IMO although underfunded WEBB scares you know what out of the REPUBLICANS for many many reasons.

Despite what some think WEBB know there are still human lions and tigers out in this world.

William R. Cumming

Those with totally African DNA almost insignificant if here in the USA since before WBS!

Can SEX drive some kinds of warfare?


Hi Pat,
The Washpost article made the point that “The recognition was also opposed by the Virginia Petroleum and Grocery Association, which expressed concerns about the tribe selling gas and cigarettes tax free to non-tribal members.”
This is an important concern for local business. Eva grew up in a small city in western New York (Salamanca) in which most of the city’s land was leased from the Senecas. The location owed its original importance to being a railroad junction. When the 99 year lease was up in the 1990’s, the area was no longer a rail center and its industries had moved south (literally). When the Senecas demanded much higher lease payments for those properties built on their land, the town already had a very depressed economy. Those inhabitance who could moved elsewhere, abandoning or getting almost nothing for their homes and businesses. The tax base for the town was further eroded when the Senecas (who don’t pay taxes) took over many residential and commercial structures. Those who couldn’t move were often on public assistances. When we were last there about 5 years ago, the tobacco stores and gas stations were thriving and the only other businesses doing well were a local grocery market and, of course, the casino. So they have a reason to worry….

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